The Healing Breath

My Dear Cohabitants of Earth,

I laugh at my partner because she often does not know how to begin the channeled message, as it takes a bit for her to transition to the energy that I convey for communication. Yet there is a larger truth in this action, or hesitancy on her part, because it reflects a misconception that is widely held by human beings, particularly those who have been taught to cut yourselves off from the flow of love and life that comprise the fundamental constructs of your physical reality. For you see, Dear Ones, that you have been taught on every level to see yourselves as separate from the love of the Universe.


You do not realize that the very breath, every breath connects you to the fundamental structure of the universe’s loving influence. Yet even though you connect many times through the day via your own breath, you still continue to be unconscious as to what that means. I sometimes smile at my partner because she thinks that she must stop and set her energies to receive what I have to communicate to her. It is true that in other times, setting much time aside to prepare for communication was the accepted protocol for communicating with the divine. But it was a silly notion, because in reality the divine is you, and has always been you, and to see yourselves as separate from that in any way is part of the grand illusion. Continue reading

The Challenges of Religious Belief

My Beloved Colleagues if Light and Love,

I am Gaia and indeed I embody a collective energy that includes every soul who has ever taken human and other physical form on earth. Every breath that you take resonates with this connection, Dear Ones, every heartbeat declares to the universe that your life on earth is a blessing. Is it not grand, Dear Ones, to know, to feel, that you are a blessing to this planet, indeed to all of Creation?

leaf face

So many of you carry the wound, generated across many life-streams of struggle and illusion that your lives do not matter so much. Many of you have turned to religions to give you a sense of identity that already resides within your cellular structure and within the many aspects that comprise your emotional body.

Many of you have been taught to see life from one specific religious identity, as the most preferred, and the only group that is truly aligned with the highest truth of Source. But yet that belief has encouraged separation and division from the rest of earth’s inhabitants. This belief, although it is claimed as the love of God, is not a love that unifies and seeks universal connection. Continue reading

Your Shared Consciousness

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I carry the energy and heart of the Divine Mother within my being. What does this mean for all of you? The answer is simple, Dear Beloveds; you also carry the love and light of the Divine Mother within your beings every moment that you draw breath.water reflection

Yes it is true that even after you leave your body of flesh and carbon-based reality, that the love of the Divine Mother and Father continues to work with your discarded essence, as it reforms and manifests in different life forms.

Many of you have lost track of the truth that all of physicality carries the love of the Divine Mother and Father within it. Many of you have been taught in your religions that being in a human body of flesh is paramount to all other life-forms and that is simply not so, Dear Ones. The love of the Creator permeates, intermingles and moves throughout all of Creation with the breath of unconditional love and compassion. This love, this energy is in the particles of sand, the molecules of air, the atoms that comprise the vast rivers of blood that course through your bodies and also through the bodies of the animal and plant kingdoms. You can no where in your experiences where the love of the Creator is not already there. Continue reading

How to Optimize the Highest Good for All in the Coming Year

Dear Ones, I am Gaia, and it is all about love; is it not? Some may notice a theme in the messages I deliver via this channel. They are often about loving and releasing old patterns and habits of seeing the world in ways that prevent you from shining within the beauty of your own light, as divine souls having a filtered human experience.

heart cloudMany of you now understand the basics of the plan for humanity where you willingly seem to separate yourselves from the light of Creation, believing that you are separate from Source and each other; when in reality there could be nothing farther from the truth. You are deeply and inherently connected in ways that you may not fathom. Each cell within your body is patterned after the same divine blueprint that shapes the cosmos. Continue reading

On Being the Wisest of Stewards

Dear Ones,

lakeI am Gaia, and I offer my heart and everlasting love each day, and indeed through every moment and breath that you take on earth. You see, do you not, that the seasons of earth have a purpose, if you will understand them from more than just a perspective of how they serve the human being. Oh there is much, much more afoot in how physicality renews itself in the effort to also meet the measure of its own creation– in service to all life and All That Is.

Many on earth do not realize the connection that they have to the physical world. They see the plants and animals as separate from themselves, choosing to see life as a paradigm that allows life, but at the same time also allows for a sense of superior division between humans and the rest of physicality.

Dear Ones, I want you to hear me with your hearts on what I am going to say. This is a very arrogant and foolish way to perceive your connection to the universe, because it cuts you off from the very connection that you share with the most minuscule particles in giving you life. You are all interdependent on the life forms that inhabit the earth. All are loved equally and unconditionally by the Creative Force that gives life to all beings. Continue reading

Understanding Hierarchy

Dear Ones, I am Gaia and today I want to talk to you about hierarchy. Now, from the human perspective, you seem to think that hierarchy means power and dominion over the lesser life forms. It is so much a part of your limited existence that you tend to create everything with hierarchal labels.

stepsThere is a good and a bad, and then greater and lesser versions of these labels. Your religions have created heavens and hells, where the “good” and “bad” and those in between will be categorized and placed into neat little human boxes. You tend to create a vision that is quite limited and often does not accurately reflect the highest energies of Source. And yes, I just used a qualifier that could also be seen as hierarchal, but it is not really the case at all. The highest energies involve making the highest choices where love and growth are freely provided to all. This unifying connection to Source is ever-present and consciousness reflects that. Continue reading

Our Inherent Connection

I am Gaia and my heart extends to all of the sentient beings of earth. Now some of you may ask what are the sentient beings of earth? There are many–both seen and unseen with your physical eyes. They are always felt with your heart. If you will open and receive the waves and particles of love that are emanating all around you, and that indeed move within you, even though you may not be aware of them so much, you will feel their sentience.

The Importance of Feeling

leaf face

Sentient beings have consciousness and every creation on this planet carries the light of the Creator within. There are many levels of existence on this planet of which you are not aware, yet all serve a divine and grand purpose in supporting the experiences of earth. Continue reading

Beyond Violence into Love

sun through treesMy Dear, Beloved, Colleagues of Light,

We are indeed a great family of light. As Gaia, the vast bearer and grounder of love for this physical earth, I am indeed aware of each and every soul who has human form upon this great living being that is home to all of you. How can I maintain this awareness, you ask? You see, I do not see as humans, for you only see the end result of coming to earth and living for a very short time and then the cycle resumes and you are birthed anew. Continue reading