You Belong

My Dear Colleagues of Light and Love,a leaf against a blossom

Know that I am Gaia, your sister, your equal, your ever-present source and reminder of the love of home that truly lives within each and everyone of you.

Do not be mistaken. Even the most calloused and distant members of humanity–those who embrace the role of the densest darks, carry the love of Source within them. Each cell vibrates with the knowledge that all is appropriate. Each cell knows every single second of every day and night that a much bigger and vaster picture is playing out. Each cell knows that the human is never ever cut off from the love of Source because that very love always dwells within him or her. Do you not see that this is the miracle behind the illusions of earth? Continue reading


Stepping Outside of Chaos

Gaia Message April 12, 2014

My Dear Colleagues of Love and Light,

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.30.35 AMI am Gaia and I wish for you to hear me this day with your hearts. Know, Dear Ones, that the happenings upon my body are not travesties at all. By human standards, they may seem to lack integrity for the good of the entire planet. Know that there is a purpose in the great clearing of energies that is currently happening all across the globe.

As you look across the planet, it easy for many of you to fall back into fear and to despair that love will never return as a a guiding force upon this experience of earth, but know, Dear Ones, that divine love is already here. It has never left you. It has been around you, supporting you at every juncture of your experience. It is true and I desire that you breathe deeply into this knowing and to allow that truth of this to fill your consciousness. Continue reading

The Human Ego and Divinity

Gaia Channel 3/13/2014

Dear Ones,

Many of you feel weighed down with the day to day drudgeries of life. At times it feels to you as if the walls of time stand still and you do not know where to turn or how to pursue the higher energies that will surely bring greater enlightenment. Where do you turn, Dear Ones? The answer is within, always, always within. Take a deep breathe.

You see, Dear Ones the forces that shape your earth are losing their grip on furthering the Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 10.55.09 AMenergies of force, divisions, and limitation. It has been said by many on the forefront of change that these energies are something to be feared. I tell you they are not. Your media portrays the events of change as lack and inhumanity, but do you not feel a subtle difference taking place? It may not be so obvious in how people react to what they see, but when you step back and observe, you can feel the changes in attitudes that are taking place.

Continue reading