The Healing Breath

My Dear Cohabitants of Earth,

I laugh at my partner because she often does not know how to begin the channeled message, as it takes a bit for her to transition to the energy that I convey for communication. Yet there is a larger truth in this action, or hesitancy on her part, because it reflects a misconception that is widely held by human beings, particularly those who have been taught to cut yourselves off from the flow of love and life that comprise the fundamental constructs of your physical reality. For you see, Dear Ones, that you have been taught on every level to see yourselves as separate from the love of the Universe.


You do not realize that the very breath, every breath connects you to the fundamental structure of the universe’s loving influence. Yet even though you connect many times through the day via your own breath, you still continue to be unconscious as to what that means. I sometimes smile at my partner because she thinks that she must stop and set her energies to receive what I have to communicate to her. It is true that in other times, setting much time aside to prepare for communication was the accepted protocol for communicating with the divine. But it was a silly notion, because in reality the divine is you, and has always been you, and to see yourselves as separate from that in any way is part of the grand illusion. Continue reading