A Message for Turbulent Times

Gaia Group Message

When we present insights to you and the challenges you face, we speak as a unified whole. Indeed we are individual pieces of Creation with conscious thought and will, yet we come together in solidarity to offer support to you in these very confusing and turbulent times. Many of you are burdened by what you see happening in the world.

You do not like what you see, how those in power, which have run the roots of your monetary systems for decades, seem to be gaining even more strength.  This is difficult for many of you to see because you know the importance of working together to maintain a healthy environment, where all creatures may live optimally.  Yet when you are faced with decisions by officials that wantonly discard the common good for all beings, in an attempt to profit off of the populace of which they are supposed to serve and protect, it creates huge dissonance within your being. Continue reading

The Face of Love in Turbulent Times: Gaia Speaks

Dear Ones,

Many of you carry a deep sorrow within your hearts at this time, for the perceptions exist that your benevolent world is imploding more and more, even as each day passes. It appears as if the forces behind greed and subjugation of your cultural minorities, and of those that your societies have framed as not mattering, are silencing the calls for greater good.sun

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