Navigating Through the Collective Fear

Dear Ones,

It is not possible to exactly foresee the future in how humanity will choose to take the many options available at this time, and to act on them.  As much as many of you want to be told that the future, as you say, is set in stone, it is not.  Free choice determines the outcomes of your lives as limited-consciousness humans sharing this beautiful earth as your beloved home.

Indeed, it seems to many of you, as if the powers of darkness and limitations that have controlled numerous aspects of your reality are surging and being reinforced. Many lies are being told that continued subjugation and control are the only acceptable realities available to you–that the strong-arm of force will continue to enslave you to serving those whose actions do not have the common- good in mind.

This is an illusion, Dear Ones, but a good one, as it has been used across time to subjugate humankind through fear.  The sense that you are essentially powerless to change the aspects of your world, especially in benevolent ways, which matter to ALL people, has been a common theme used to lull you into a sense of acceptance of these lies.  Continue reading


The Consciousness of Life

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I encompass many different energies and life forms that comprise the infrastructure and living body of earth.  All elements and structures on earth have consciousness. They serve the sacredness of Creation in living in physical form, which in essence, or in a different way of seeing things, manifests via sacred unity and the breath of life.

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A Benevolent World

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia, and I have often stated that you live in very interesting and turbulent times. Indeed the very fabric of your societies seems to be fraying and coming apart from many different directions. Old patterns of fabric are fading and some completely disintegrating as new and brighter patterns emerge out of the old. Many of you are taking old threads and reweaving them into brilliant tapestries.

The increased awareness brought about by the internet makes things seem even more difficult and evil than they sometimes are, yet this increased awareness no longer allows the atrocities and dark acts of death and starvation, of bullying one group over another to continue, and to be ignored simply because you were unaware of what was going on. Seeing old patterns of how rulers have manipulated people to follow their lead creates chaos and dissension for many.

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The World You Live In

Dear Ones,

You are moving through what seems like a very difficult time. Many of your values that you took for granted, as basic human rights, are being challenged and framed as weak and evil. Core ideals of human dignity and freedom are confronted with extreme beliefs that seem to threaten the very fabric that holds your societies together.

Many of you despair because it seems that the world is losing hope. On the other hand, many look at life through the lenses of an optimism that does not accurately reflect the state of affairs playing out on the planet.

The lies and deceptions that have controlled your society are being exposed in ways where they can collectively no longer be ignored. Your technologies, especially social media, are revealing how easily humans are manipulated to form ideas that pit the human family against each other. With this understanding do you use this knowledge for the greater and benevolent good? When you see this, do you choose to move beyond your own thoughts? Do you choose to release staying in a state of mass hypnosis that has compelled you to believe one way, simply because it is more comfortable? Continue reading