The Face of Love in Turbulent Times: Gaia Speaks

Dear Ones,

Many of you carry a deep sorrow within your hearts at this time, for the perceptions exist that your benevolent world is imploding more and more, even as each day passes. It appears as if the forces behind greed and subjugation of your cultural minorities, and of those that your societies have framed as not mattering, are silencing the calls for greater good.sun

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When Peace Exists: Unity Cannot Fight Against Itself

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and yet I consist of many entities that comprise a greater whole. In this there is much mystery for those who are earthbound and only see the world through the physical senses. For many of you, the stresses of human life have impeded your ability to feel deeply and to be fully alive. This is a travesty, Dear Ones, for one of the greatest gifts of being human is the opportunity to fill your hearts with gratitude and to find joy in the physical vessel that you inhabit.

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The Nature of Divine Love

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia, but I am also the breath of love that permeates the cosmos, as well as all aspects of physical creation on earth. Do you realize, Dear Ones, that the types of separation that define earth are not the only reality? If you could step beyond the veil of forgetfulness that shapes your perceptions of the world, you would know that all are connected to Source, already whole, and that there is no need to create the ideas of superiority that shape much of the discord playing out on the planet right now.deer


Some of you ask how you can remember; how you can shift the veil to know this connection and love that is not seen for what it is? Many in your media and governments do not want you to remember that all are seen equally in the heart of the Creator. The divisions created by their manipulations keep the populace living in fear, and as long as fear directs the out-breath of day-to-day existence, difficulties will continue. Continue reading

Love: The Changing Face of Reality

Dear Ones,

These are difficult times for many of you. You feel the collective dismay, as those who have spread anger and fear roar and puff themselves up into a spectacle that often seems much larger than it really is. Exaggerating negative, fear-filled possibilities, and limiting truths that reflect a more accurate and benevolent picture are some of the most powerful elements of using fear to control the populace. Perhaps it would be well to ask yourself when you encounter news and/ or propaganda that ask you to very afraid of life, how real it is. Perhaps if you remember that your planet has over seven billion people living and loving on it, this will allow you to not be caught into the negative web that currently shapes your media.

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

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To Be Authentic

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I embody the collective energy of the planet, both seen and unseen. You sense only a small fraction of the many activities and dimensions that play out upon this earth.  For many of you, it seems that the old, archaic ways of force and manipulation are gaining power and many are losing hope in the benevolence of man and womankind. Yes, it is time to honor the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine as working together in unity.

Many old constructs’ exist in your perceptions of the world that create an inherent bias. You grow up in an environment that skews the focus of power onto the unbalanced masculine and feminine energy. You have seen the results of what has happened when young boys are taught to deny the vibrant, tender emotions that manifest in hurt and tears. “Be a man and deny who you are. Do not cry or I will give you even more pain.” Many of you carry deep wounds from being told that you cannot be who you really are.

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To Love in a Darkened World

Dear Colleague of Light and Truth,

We, the support team including Gaia and your Family of Light, understand the difficulties you face at this time. The world is in constant chaos as old structures are fighting to continue to funnel the earth’s bounty to support their own interests. Many of you fear, as you have interacted with these same entities in other lifetimes, that they once again will win and that life will continue to be even more difficult for you. Many of you have lost hope that benevolence and fairness can be the vanguard of your existence. Many of you want to step outside of the dense and dark energies that seem to pervade every aspect of your existence. Breathe, Dear Ones, connect your breath to the flow of unity that truly guides all of Creation.leaf heart

You live in a very challenging world, where parameters have been relaxed, and in some cases prohibited, that have allowed inequities and deceptions to be the mainstream perceptions. Indeed it seems that little hope remains for humanity, especially as reported by your mainstream media. Indeed the illusion that human beings are the only creatures of any importance is pounded into your minds, but many of you know it is not true.

There is a greater reality playing out. Many of you feel it in your hearts but don’t know how to interpret it. Many of you yearn to be at Oneness with all peoples, cultures, and life forms that share your world. How do you do it, especially when the feedback you see so often emphasizes an arrogance that demands the exact opposite? Do not be fooled by this illusion that asks all of you to be less then you really are, that asks you to set aside the innate knowing within that all are intrinsically connected and deserving of the bounty that Creation offers all. To claim that only one group is worthy of life’s abundance and that the natural balance offered by the earth is to be exploited and destroyed to serve only a few is antithetical for the good and intrinsic honor of all beings. Continue reading

On Releasing Fear in Turbulent Times

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I am One with all life forms that comprise the earth on which you reside. I am One with the Creator of All That Is, as are you, but many of you have forgotten what this means. What does this mean for those of you who so valiantly agreed to live in a time that seems so tumultuous, yet offers so many beautiful opportunities for humankind? You are loved,

Many of you are losing heart. You see the energies rising that have held you captive to the idea that you must fight against each other in order to survive. You see the continuation of the divisions and thought forms that have kept you from trusting each other. Sometimes it is necessary for the ugly and controlling to rise into the forefront of consciousness in order for the masses to see how it has enslaved all of you. Now is such a time.

Many of you are exhausted. For lifetimes, you have fought against these denser energies that have sought to enslave the human race–archaic ideas that you must give your power away in order to be safe. You lament that the darkness and controlling ideas of fear seem to be rising once again. It creates a deep, internal fear, as you see the lies and controlling ideas seem to take root and grow stronger across the globe. On a very deep level, you exclaim “not again.”

For many of you, to see the apparent transition away from love and the good of all fills you with despair. You remember how you have been beaten and killed in other life-streams when you have fought against that power that deceived the people and took what was not rightfully theirs.

Some of you feel overburdened, especially those who are sensitive to the energies moving deep within the earth itself and also to the conscious changes that are taking place among the earth’s inhabitants and their predominant thought-forms. Change often releases fear and the energy does not disappear on its own. Left to its own devices, and unchecked by conscious thought, fear can spiral out of control, where it becomes a battering ram, that considers itself as the only entity at play. Unfortunately when that happens, even more fear is created and meaningful communication becomes quite difficult, where all can be listened to with respect, dignity, and honor.

Many of you want a magic answer to what is playing out right now on earth. Many want a guarantee that all will be well and nothing adverse will transpire because of the human energies that are emerging and butting against each other. There are often no easy answers in a world of free choice. There is no reboot button that will automatically transform every human being overnight to see the light of love that has the power to set everyone free.


On your planet of free choice, human actions are allowed to manifest as human consciousness unfolds. Can you predict the outcomes of governments and unseen entities that seek to enslave human beings to serving their own needs? No. Can you be aware of what is transpiring and seek to see it from the perspective of your higher mind and heart? Yes. Must you condemn what is transpiring? If you choose, but if you do, know that the Creator does not view life from this perspective. All experience is created from a place of blessing. Indeed, it may serve you well to ask yourselves, what is the blessing that is presenting itself in the moment? In spite of how dark things may seem in the moment, how can you make this blessing real?

Must you disengage from what many of you consider a denser reality? This too is your choice, and it is also an important work; but know, Dear Ones that with greater understanding of the bigger picture playing out on earth, it may not be so wise to withhold the light and wisdom that you have gleaned in setting the denser thought-forms aside. Many of you understand how people have been manipulated to serve a cause that is really the antithesis of the highest good for all. Many of you can effectively be the way-showers to a more inclusive and gentler world–if you choose.

With the chaos that seems to be engulfing your world, it is important to see those who frame themselves as your enemies with compassion–not as less or inferior in anyway–but as fellow human beings travelling through a very confusing world. They too are learning lessons that are equally valuable to their souls. They too participate in this world with the Creator’s blessing.

None of you have all of the answers. Many of you think that you do, but you see, the outcomes of what is transpiring on earth are not etched into stone. Potentials are what you have to shape your future. It is not necessary to grovel in the possibilities of regressing for a time, neither is it necessary to create the perspective that everything is totally beautiful, when things have not had the time to unfold and mature into a place of true beauty. Being grounded in a sense of reality as it presents itself and looking for blessing and gratitude in the moment creates a sense of peace where potentials can be created for the highest good of all.

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

Dear Ones, the human perspective does not see life from the broadest sense. Death to you is feared by many; and life, even if it is miserable, is preferred over experiencing the great unknown, so to speak from your place of illusion of being separate from the love of Source. Yet, you have passed from your physical form many times, and it has been experienced as a great and joyful release.

Much of the fear that you carry with you over these changes centers on a fear of death. Many of you carry residual memories in your energetic bodies that are being triggered by what you observe happening around you. Know that you will always exist and that aside from the illusions of earth, you always know the connection to the ultimate Source, the Great I AM, which is unconditional love. That is your true birthright. There is no need to fear, for you are unconditional love itself, a valued and blessed expression of the Great I AM.



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