One Consciousness

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I am truly with you every moment that you draw breath. Do you not know that the elements that comprise the farthest stars in your galaxy also support the life force of earth?


Photo Credit NASA

Why is this important, you may ask? It is because the same consciousness that created the outer limits of the galaxy and universe as you know it, is the consciousness of the Creator. You see the outer reaches of your galaxy as a great distance away from you, as separate from the world and life that you know, but that is far from the truth, Dear Ones.

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Gaia on the Unified Field of Love

Dear Ones,
red leavesI am Gaia and I hold the energy of love for this planet. This is not a role that is only mine, as all of you play a hand in this great gift that we are enabling to transpire in the universe. You see, Dear Ones, that the fundamental energies that construct the universe are based and centered in compassion and love.

This compassion extends beyond your human framework in that it encompasses both the unified connection to each other as individual souls and is also expressed in the embodiment of the One. This underlying field of love connects the very heart of “every” soul who walks in human expression on earth.

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Our Inherent Connection

I am Gaia and my heart extends to all of the sentient beings of earth. Now some of you may ask what are the sentient beings of earth? There are many–both seen and unseen with your physical eyes. They are always felt with your heart. If you will open and receive the waves and particles of love that are emanating all around you, and that indeed move within you, even though you may not be aware of them so much, you will feel their sentience.

The Importance of Feeling

leaf face

Sentient beings have consciousness and every creation on this planet carries the light of the Creator within. There are many levels of existence on this planet of which you are not aware, yet all serve a divine and grand purpose in supporting the experiences of earth. Continue reading

Beyond Violence into Love

sun through treesMy Dear, Beloved, Colleagues of Light,

We are indeed a great family of light. As Gaia, the vast bearer and grounder of love for this physical earth, I am indeed aware of each and every soul who has human form upon this great living being that is home to all of you. How can I maintain this awareness, you ask? You see, I do not see as humans, for you only see the end result of coming to earth and living for a very short time and then the cycle resumes and you are birthed anew. Continue reading

Love in Tumultuous Times

a hummingbird flutters in the airMy Dear, Dear Colleagues and Children of Light,

Do you not see how things are shifting now in your world? Oh there is much movement afoot, is there not? Much darkness revisiting itself upon the planet in ways that are stark and shocking and leaves humanity wondering how you can surpass the ideas and beliefs that cause these great atrocities to manifest and to rear their painful, ugly heads. When will it stop? People do not want this darkness to happen on such a large scale, yet it persists.

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