More on the Nature of Love

a leaf on a carDear Ones,

I am Gaia, and I also speak for the collective energies that influences and work upon the planet. I embrace the elementals as well as the devas and water spirits, the wind sprites, and various other beings who are every bit as much of your existence as you. You may not see them, but they play an important role in creating physical life for you.

Have you ever walked into the woods and suddenly felt a warmth and a knowing that you are not alone, that you are connected by a benevolent energy that moves through you every minute of every day? Have you felt this in the city as well, Dear Ones? Is it easier for you to feel in the quiet space of nature? Continue reading

For the Beauty of Ego

A tree appears to hug the sun

Dear Ones, to cut off a part of your existence as unworthy of the love of Creation is also part of the illusion. The human ego is merely a tool for giving you the experiences of earth. Do not hate it. Do note despise it. Love it as a valuable part of your experience. Do not shut the door on your own humanness in an attempt to step outside of your past. When you truly make peace with your heart and with those parts of you that sometimes tie you in knots, but which also connect you to every other human being on the planet, then you will see more clearly.

All life can be a walk of compassion with the understanding that comes from knowing and loving self as a being who accepts life as perfection in the moment. There is no judgment of how well you think you may have squelched the ego, for in doing so, you are just denying a side of yourself that has served you well. The problem, Dear Ones, is that you do not always see how the ego has served you because you do not see the big picture over time. Let go of the need to denigrate any part of who you are in your entirety as a human being. There is never shame in seeing with greater clarity, for clarity brings more compassion. ¬†–Gaia