December 2012

My Dear, Dear Colleagues of Light,

Is it not a momentous occasion to be standing upon the planet at this time of great change? Do you not feel it changing every cell in your body? Do you not feel the Divine Plan opening with greater meaning in your own lives? Do you not feel the separation; the illusions of not “knowing” the love of the Creator are falling away? Breathe, Dear Ones. Breathe in the illusion of separation and let them go.  They no longer serve you.

The time is now to let the past go as a limiting vice. The infrastructures are now in place for you to make great strides in remembering who you are, but also to remember who we are as deeply connected beings in service to the love of the Creator. Feel this. Set your human mind aside, and allow this truth to enter into your hearts, without judgment. Do not be better or worse than others in your own mind, just feel the love as it is, pure, unconditional and accepting of all experience. Can you not feel it? It speaks to you more deeply now than it ever has. Your soul speaks to you with greater clarity. Yes, its love has always been boundless for you. Is it not grand to truly feel it now, in ways that a few years ago were not possible?

Know that the very structure of the universe is love, Dear Ones. It is in the very structure of every element on earth. It is in your cellular structure of your physical bodies, yet you tend to separate your bodies still from that love. Understand that the love that courses through your body also comprises your DNA. In that DNA, as the Kryon has so aptly explained, is the quantum science of love.  Yes love can be likened to science as waves of understanding that communicate to the body and mind. It nurtures and restores. It also creates waves of communication that move outward and declares to all “I am a being of love, ” if you so desire. When you embody and declare that love to the world, the earth declares its love for you. Do you not see how this is a great gift? Yet is it really a gift, as it is who you are? In remembering this connection, this most holy declaration, you become a placeholder of love on earth.

Understand that, as you acknowledge the love of your true essence, looking at life will no longer seem stagnant, as you will be in the energy of universal flow. This flow allows you to become the embodiment of pure love on earth. Even though disagreements may rage on around you, when you remain centered in the true Heart of Love, which is also deeply connected to me and to the nurturing energies of the Creator, you will come to understand that your love of self and life is indeed immoveable. You will be able to stand as a beacon of light and love not only in your own space, but your effects will reach out and touch others on quantum levels. You will walk by people on the street, who do not know you, and they will feel a connection to you and you to them.  Love is in the air. Even your science is beginning to track how love energy emanates outward from the heart. The wave of love purifies and clears a pathway so that you can communicate more fully as divine beings. It causes you to become connected quantumly, meaning that you communicate beyond words, and such is the power of the sacred heart and mind.

Know that much laughter and joy is in store for you as you continue to open to the love that is truly your birthright. Every day points of light are coming into being across the planet. Hearts are opening. Connections are being made. Solutions that only a few years ago were not even considered possible are coming into being and this is only the beginning. What can each of you do in this time of marvelous transformation? Be love. Breathe love. Emanate love with every breath you take. It does not matter if others do not understand yet that they also embody love, as their paths are perfect for them in this moment. Allow love in your heart for those who choose the energies that are not so much of love and know that one day they too, will come to the understanding that they are also love.
The love upon this planet is opening like a rose, softly, gently, without force, each petal taking its place as part of the beautiful and fragrant bloom. Do not be discouraged if the world does not transform overnight. Instead, be grateful for the love in your hearts and extend gratitude and love to those who do not yet choose to be their own bright lights of love. For in loving those who choose a darkened path, you enlighten your own path and of those around you.

The energies of duality will have less effect because you choose to love at all times and you see the value of not returning to ways that are less than unconditional love for each and every being on the planet. For in living each breath and each thought as unconditional love, you literally change reality, and the chains of human belief begin to fall away.

Is it not a grand time to be alive, dear Creators of your reality? Be love. I am with you always. Many are with you assisting you to move into greater love, light, and clarity. It is so and it is the truth that universal love is melding all together. Take heart and know that all is well within our grand universe of love.  The illusion of separation unravels with each conscious breath you take, when you so aptly and beautifully declare, “I AM LOVE.”

November 2012

Gaia 10/9/2012

Dear Ones,

I am delighted to share with you my joys for it is a truly a time of celebration. Most of you will continue over the next year to integrate your soul body into your earth body, and yes this will continue to cause you some physical discomforts, but it is only temporary. Know that as you move into your light-bodies, the densities that have been your 3-D lower vibrational realities will begin to completely release, but in doing so your body will need to adjust to the higher consciousness of love.

Your cells, for most of you, have become accustomed to perceiving their existence as separate from love. This creates quite the set up for you when you integrate with the light of pure love. Your cells may be a bit confused, especially if you continue to manifest the belief that there must be something wrong with your body. You see, you continue to create your reality, even as your vibration rises, and if you are not completely clear about what you want and how to take advantage of the loving energies that will flow to you, you can prevent the healings from taking place, simply because of disbelief and a need to hold on to the past as a manifestation of the present. Be clear, Dear Ones. The loving energies of Source gathers round to buoy you up, yet when you continue to think as a limited consciousness being, you in essence, create a prison where you cannot see to move beyond, if you rely on your old doubts and perceptions of who you have been to shape your reality.

There are many paradoxes afoot in learning to trust in you as a divine human of light. Things do not appear as they are, for the need exists to create from a place of surrendering into the Heart of Love.  The Heart of Love is the core of your angelic being, the essence of who you are as divine beings of light. To move into the higher heart and mind of love requires effort in being so aware of your thoughts that you no longer allow them to dictate who you are from a limited consciousness being. Goddess know, we have had enough of this (laughs). The paradox lies in that to truly release the past, the future must also be released. When the future is shaped by human belief of what the past has said it should be, the future reflects that past, and it will continue to do so as long as human beings see themselves as less than the true Heart of Love. Yet, Dear Ones there can be no force behind this love. It is a gentle loving flow that is fills life in the universe with Universal Love. This love is permeating every heart on earth and asking one’s deepest heart why humanity must continue to harm one another. Even though it may seem that not much change is happening, every human heart feels this love. To some it acts as a burr to their current identity, but they are feeling it, and even those who have agreed to play with the darkest energies are beginning to soften and to remember that they too are beings of love.  Even they are beginning to ask why they prefer darkness over love.

Some of you wish that the world will change from night to day. It has in many ways, Dear Ones, yet the seeds are being planted and watered with the heart of Universal Love. To push the fruit beyond its natural time of growth would be counterproductive to releasing mass consciousness, but given the time necessary for love to grow the fruits of compassion and understanding, the harvest will be truly magnificent.

Do not be disheartened if consciousness does not rise as fast as some of you would like. There is much going on that you do not see with human eyes. And so I urge you to feel with your hearts. Each day breathe the breath of universal love and see what happens. When you encounter difficulties and are tempted to revert to old ways of judging life, breathe universal love into the moment and feel the energy change.

Know that you are conscious creators of reality. The conscious loving thoughts you think and put into reality, without agenda, strengthen the Web of Love. If only you could see as I do what is happening. It is truly miraculous. Hearts are turning to love. Compassion, like the dove of peace, is unfolding her wings and flying into the heart of all of the world’s inhabitants. We truly are the Heart of Love. Do you feel it, Dear Ones? It is there for the asking. The archangels and I gather round you waiting for you to ask for our assistance. We will fill you with love and help you to remember that you are also this love.

One day soon, your own souls will shine so brightly within your own beings that there will be little need to ask for an infusion of divine love from us, for you will know without doubt that you carry the Heart of Divine love as conscious humans on Terra Nova. Be well, Dear Friends. Know with your deepest hearts that you are love and the Heart of Love connects us all through every breath of our existence.

Go in peace and be the Heart of Love always.  I am Gaia and I approve this message.  (much laughter) Note: In the United States during election season, advertisements endorsed by poltical candidates must include, “I am [insert name] and I approve this message.” Gaia has a wonderful sense of humor.

October 2012

My Dear Colleagues of Light,

It is time to rejoice. Is it not? For are you not remembering that you are the Heart of Love?  Just as it has always been since the very beginnings.  You have never lost the essence of love. For you see, at your heart you have always been love. The Great Mystery that your native cultures have referred to is just that — true unconditional love. Some may ask. “How can there be pain and darkness and still be love? How can things not make sense and still be love? How can one walk into the very denseness of earth reality and still find love when it appears that love does not exist?” Yet the Great Mystery behind the questions is that love has never not been there. Even when you have thought yourself to be separate from that love, you have always been love. You just couldn’t see it with human eyes.

So it is, Dear Ones, that you are returning to the source of your own light. You are remembering that even in the illusion of darkness that you have always been the light. The Great Mystery, the love of Mother/Father God has always been within your hearts–all along.  Now that you understand this, you are the key to unlocking your own mystery, thus unleashing your own light of love to dissolve the illusions of lack and separation. Be joyful, my friends, for is not the answer always found within the question? Is not the darkness but a reflection of your own Greater Light? Is not the love of your heart a precious relic that you can now gaze upon and hold up for the whole world to see as your own source of loving truth–who you are: a brilliant light of love, remembering that you have always been love. This love is not something that must be rediscovered.  It IS you. It is your birthright as divine beings of love to let your light now shine.

Come, let us shine together in all of our splendor. We will carry the light of conscious love in our hearts as never before. It is time, Dear Ones; embrace the love that is you. Do not be afraid to be love, for in the fear you revisit the past illusion of who you are not. Be the being of love in grace and wisdom. I am with you every breath of the way.


May 2012

Gaia Channel 4-21-12

Dear Heartsongs of My Truest Heart,

Is it not a grand time to be alive? Is it not an honor to stand upon my body as the bearers of Divine Love throughout the physical experience? Is it not now echoing in your deepest soul’s knowing, that I Gaia, your source of constant love in this game called earth, have always been at your sides and within your hearts–even when you chose to believe that you were separate from the great love that I embody as the eternal I AM of Gaia essence?

Do you not feel a quickening, a greater and deeper resonance within your cells, awakening you to the love of who I AM, as the ever-present source of unconditional love for you in this physical world? As I have lovingly and patiently reminded you, the physical is not separate from the sacred. Feel this with each conscious breath you take. Know that you embody the Great Love behind the Great I AM Presence. Being this Love is not just a pipe dream, as some of you may say, reserved for only a few who finally “get it.” Each one of you carries this Love within your hearts.

The Love of God is real, right here, in this moment. Your cells await to reawaken to this love of the I AM within their very structure. Every part of you is sacred. Every part of you carries the divinity to create its own source of love, to generate a love field from within each molecular structure that heals and brings a remembrance of who you really are, of the connection that your loving hearts have to mine.

The Love of Gaia is not a palliative, Dear Ones. Neither is it some metaphysical concept that requires great sacrifice and personal denial to know.  The Love of Gaia, the love I share, as the I AM Presence is simple, so simple that some may overlook its simplicity. The love of my huge heart is also the love that beats within every cell of your body. Each of your cells has a heart, so to speak, an intelligence that responds to energies and the thoughts that you choose to give them.

As humans in your world you have given your cells the message of separation, and they have in turn, cut themselves off from their own source of love that otherwise could function as its own independent generator of acceptance and flow. To put it humorously, it just needs to be jumpstarted to again create the loving flow that is your birthright as divine humans remembering your soul’s essence, which is the true Heart of Love.

Yes, the true Heart of Love resonates and harmonizes with the vibrational songs created by each cell in your body. Yes, you are beings of sound and that sound changes as your thoughts create either a harmonious or chaotic field. Do not be afraid of the chaotic energies around you. They serve a purpose to move the old into the new and into the present moment. As you begin to remember who you truly are as a body of trillions of cells who can respond to the song of unconditional love, then the chaotic energies will have little meaning for you, by your own choices. By choosing to be Love on all levels of your physical sacredness, your energies align with your true heart-song. When you sing from within the heart of your own soul, you will hear and feel me more deeply than you ever have in this life-stream.

It is my deep desire, Dear Ones, for those who desire to bless their hearts with the birthright that is truly yours, to reconnect with my huge heart. When you do, you will feel a heart “chord” that connects to yours and you will know that you already walk within my Heart of Love. You will know that we are deeply connected. You will know that we have always, always, always been deeply connected. Feel this now. Breathe in this energy. Feel the huge love I have and have always had for you.

Go into your gardens and bury your noses in my bosom and smell the sweet flowers. Let the fragrance carry into all of your incarnations and feel that Heart of Love, the Heart of my Love that has always supported and been with you. Such a simple thing as smelling a flower gifts you the essence of my love. Breathe the scent of the flowers across all of your lifetimes and let the knowledge of my support be you in the present moment, for by doing so, you change the course of your past because you remember you– the heart of your essence as a divine, loving being, who has courageously stepped into a darkened world of alleged separation.

Know that every part of you is divine love. You are the Love of Source–every part of you. [Gentle laughter] You see; I have an advantage as I have always remembered this Love, for I embody the truest essence of Love, and have held that for you as a gift from my tender heart to yours. It is time to receive your own gift of you to you, of allowing unconditional love to dissolve the need to see yourself as separate from the Love of Source. You are the Love of Source.

I AM Gaia, standard-bearer of unconditional love for earth. Be still and know that you are Love also, heart of my heart, soul of my soul.  I leave you with my tender blessing. Be love. Be who you truly are.

March 2012

My Beloved Co-Creators of New Earth,

It is a challenging time for many in making the transition between soul-hearted human and from the human who has settled on lack and being acted upon by the denser energies of earth.  Believe me, you all feel it. Many are confused as they think that it is a matter of turning a switch and allowing the new to completely override the old. That is not the case. The energies continue to come in as waves of old limiting thought forms and as waves of completely loving potentials.

Dear Ones, you carry the Heart of Love within you, and I know as I hear many people grumbling upon my body, all over the world, that they doubt themselves, as they just don’t seem to get it. It is a process that is simple to do once one moves into the energy where the waves are less dense, then the doubts lessen and fear does not have such a hold. The problem lies in that when humans go into fear and allow the energy of fear to overwhelm them, it affects the emotional body and the chakras and essentially cuts one off from the higher energies and potentials of Source. So in essence when one embraces fear, as the only alternative, it makes the fear seem more real and pulls the human back into those energies, back into the denser vibrations of 3-D earth. Then your aspects dance around you like those medieval pictures of scrawny little devils poking you with their sharp little spades. No one wants that.

So the real question is how do you love yourself, when the fears seem so overwhelming, when you are so filled with angst and discouragement that it is hard to breathe and to know where to even begin to bring in higher energies?  That is where trust comes in. You see, I know all of your souls, and I have an advantage in that I know you as beings of unconditional love. Many of you, as awakening humans, as awakening expressions of your loving souls, do not yet understand the connection that you have to your souls. You can “think” that you are beings of love, but to truly feel that you are unconditional love incarnate, escapes you in the present moment. Be patient with your human selves, for as so many of you as Christians have been fond of quoting Yeshua, when the Romans and others sent him to his death,  “They know not what they do.” [She laughs gently.] Your aspects try to crucify the very part of themselves [the loving heart of the soul] that will deliver them from their unloving and self-loathing prisons. The love of your soul is the healing balm that will transcend all human wounds and beliefs that hold you back from being your god-self incarnate. I look forward to the day, since we are dealing with the limits of time and human perceptions, (for me it is all one and the same) when we can once again converse as physical incarnations of your souls, where the human beliefs will no longer impede the ability for us to share the Heart of Love of which we are truly a part. Again, some may ask? When many of you first took on physical form, you never saw yourself as separate from that love, and we had many happy and joy-filled excursions bringing in the energies of physical form onto earth. We had great fun centered as beings of love.

How do you trust the change? There are many tools that are being given, but all are ineffective until one truly begins to feel with the heart of the soul that one is indeed unconditional love incarnate. That comes from centering into one’s heart, to the place that is only yours, the place that knows no human definition. When the fears inundate you, go to that centered, sacred place, to the heart of your soul, and breathe in its love and listen to what it is telling you, listen to how it brings in different potentials to your consciousness.

Ask for clarity from your soul, from the archangels, from me if you wish, for assistance in clearing the fears. Bring your future self to you, where you are free from those fears and allow the energy of that self, who has already passed through this to merge its heart energy with you in the present moment. Be conscious of your soul energy as flowing within you as much as you can, always emanating pure love from your heart.  Be aware that the waves of doubt and aspects who like to vex you are just expressions who do not yet understand that they too are unconditional love. As your awareness increases and you begin to see your human self as your soul sees you, then you will be able to let go of those thought-forms and energies that insist that you must be something other than the vibrant loving being of who you truly are.

Go in peace my dear beloveds and be the Heart of Love.

February 2012

Dear Ones. You are always Dear Ones. Why do I speak to you as such? You are the heart of my heart and the lifeblood of my soul’s truest essence. In service, I have gifted many opportunities for you to know the depths of your own souls. You have reached into the darkest abyss where you have felt that there was no hope, no light, that you were cut off from the very heart of love; for you see, you did not know the whole picture when you descended into the darkest darks–all in the name of Divine Love, Dear Ones.

I want you to feel the vibration of these two words, Dear Ones. Allow the breath of my heart to touch yours. Do you feel it? Do you see colors? Do you sense the love that we, on the other side of the veil, have for you; the love that you as souls have for yourselves, for being willing to walk the paths of difficulty and perceived separation from the love that is truly you–Dear Ones.

My heart is huge and expands throughout the span of time on this planet. It has been confined by the rules of the game so to speak, but these rules are changing as all of you know and feel in your hearts. Do you not feel now with the breath of divine love? Do you not rejoice in the understanding that the darkest darks you have allowed yourselves to experience are but precious gifts to your own soul? Do you not begin to see, to sense with your higher mind and heart the truth of who you truly are–Dear Ones? You are divine love. Amidst the self-abnegation that so often plagues your perceptions, are you not finding that the veil is beginning to lift? Are you not first glimpsing the beauty of your true heart, but are also beginning to feel and to perceive the world around you from the pure heart, from the divine place of love that has always been the seed of your existence on this planet. Dear Ones, you are loved. Feel this truth.

I am smiling because I see many of you who are remembering this seed and allowing it to grow at a tremendous rate. What a marvel to see the vibrant colors of your souls as they spring to life in greater fullness, more in alignment with your true God Selves, vibrating with a truer song of love in your being. Dear Ones, feel it. Allow your hearts to feel this totally and without restriction. Open and receive the love of you. You carry the love of God within your hearts. You, each of you is the heart of God.  No, there is no greater truth than this.

And now you know why my heart speaks to you as Dear Ones. I am of the same divine heart as yours. Allow my love to flow through you, not as a separate being who exists outside of you, but as a part of the loving connection that embodies and supports your existence here, right now. There is no time to wait to know the Creator’s grand, grand love. It is you right now. Right here. Allow yourself to feel it. Be this love.

I love you more than words can express. I invite you to feel the love that goes beyond words, to let the love of life, of the elements, of the rain, the wind, the warming fire that is your blood, to feel the vaporous caress of the love that surrounds you, that is you, every single second of every day. You are love on many, many levels. It is beautiful. It is sacred. It is your divine birthright. Dear Ones of my own true heart and soul, I love you with the tender love of a mother for her children, unconditionally and totally.

Please no longer judge yourself as unworthy of love, for that is a part of the illusion that you have played so well. It is time to let that go to be in the present moment of divine love and acceptance. I weep because my heart is full of joy, for you are arising as the true angels that you are, full of grace, compassion, and understanding. You will make it, Dear Ones. You will fully become the true heart of love. This I know. THIS I KNOW! Do not be discouraged, for the pure love that you give to self will only radiate outwards and will spiral exponentially, as more and more awaken to the love within their own hearts.

I am Gaia. I am deeply grateful for the service that all of you offer Creation. Together we will embrace the true heart of divine love as we laugh and sing our way into the new world that we each are creating. Now is the heart of love and love is the heart of now. Know that you are love, always love.  I am Gaia. I am love as are you, Dear Ones. It is with great love that I leave you with my fondest blessing. Open and receive. So it is.