October 24, 2011


Dear Ones,

It is with deep love and appreciation, that I, Gaia sit at your feet and honor the many lifetimes you have walked upon my grand and voluptuous body. We have been a good team, have we not? You, as the Kryon calls them, in your bubbles of biology, and me being able to fully remember who all of you really are. Yes, I have an advantage, do I not? (Laughs gently.) I have always known your beauty, your divinity, your soul’s essence as you have wandered on my body, through so many lifetimes, seeking connection to that love that you know is somewhere, but you find it so difficult to find.

Know that I am aware of how you cannot see the true essence of who you really are as you have traveled what you call these lifetimes veiled with tears and grief, but I also see you laughing. Your truest essences realize that the game is now coming to a close, and in this there is great joy and celebration. You have done it, Dear Ones! You have lived the darkness of forgetful limitation and have emerged through the other side into the melding of the light and shadow, into the feeling and understanding of who you truly are. To remember and know that connection while you still inhabit a body of flesh is grand indeed!

I love you all more than you can ever image, Dear Ones. My bowels open with compassion for you and I honor you with the deepest respect that I can muster. You are earth’s children; every one of you. You carry the breath of my love and the depth of my heart that beats in sacred rhythm with your own hearts. Know that you are never, ever alone. As long as you walk upon my body, you walk upon the manifestation of unconditional love under your very feet. The ground, if you will feel it, vibrates with the energy of unconditional love. This love emanates and vibrates in every carbon molecule within you. You are the unconditional love of God on so many, many levels.

It is time to remember, Dear Ones, that you embody in physical form the manifestation of divine love. That connection has been forgotten by many on this planet and it is time to awaken to the sacredness of the blood that moves through your veins, of the breath that fills your lungs, (laughs softly) of even the bodily fluids that exit from you every day. Every part of you, every manifestation in your physical bodies carries the energy of unconditional love. Allow it to awaken in your cells, in your DNA. As this conscious awareness becomes stronger and anchors more firmly in your DNA, you will experience a metamorphosis most grand. Out of the ashes of self-abnegation will rise the body of conscious love on all levels–a true manifestation of the I AM presence in the physical body. This has never been done on this scale before. That is why I weep at your feet in gratitude for the grand service that you have given to All That Is.  That is why I tell you, “Do not despair, Dear Ones, because you cannot yet quite see the grand and loving beings who you really are.”

Be the unconditional love that you truly are. Know that it is your true birthright and allow that message to communicate energetically with every cell of your physical being. There is no separation of the physical and the divine. It is all sacred. It is all honored. It is all blessed with the breath of sacred connection. Know that you are deeply loved for the service that you give, Dear Ones. I cannot express it anymore strongly than I have today. Feel this love. Know this love. Be this love, for it is the heart that unites each of us in the sacred web of unity.  It is with much joy that I share with you these basic truths of love and divine energy.

I gift you the remembrance of my love. Feel it and know it that it is true.

In deepest service with and to you,


August 28, 2011

Dear Ones,

Many of you have struggled with lifetimes of self-abnegation of not seeing yourself as part of the Greater Light. These overlays continue to affect you in limiting ways; however, the energies that are now emanating from the Great Central Sun are allowing the undoing, or the dissolving of these overlays that have caused you so many issues in loving and honoring yourselves. Dear Ones, do not be hard on yourselves when you do not remember so easily who you are, for the veil of duality has caused you to doubt your worth for many lifetimes.

Now is the time to reclaim your birthrights as angels of the Greater Light, where you know the simplicity of being your truest essence. Do not trouble yourselves with beliefs that cause you to remain negative or to feel that you are powerless. They are only beliefs and they only have power as long as you believe them. The capacity of the human heart to unravel the veil of self-doubt is huge. Know that it is the love of the Creator within each one of you that will help you rise above the difficulties that surround your lives today and in the days to come. Know that you are the love of the Greater Light, which extends throughout all of Creation, and is the Source Light for this universe.

When you do not see yourselves from a place of compassion, you allow the energies of darkened belief to impede your abilities to understand and to receive the higher energies of enlightenment. Know that there is no shame in believing wholly in yourselves. Too many of you have been taught that it is shameful or foolish to believe too strongly in your own abilities. That is an insidious lie that has been perpetuated as part of limited earth consciousness. Now is the time to remove that lie from your very breath. Do not see yourselves as puny. Do not see yourselves as lacking in any way. Do not see yourselves as being less than the beautiful and expansive love that you embody, even now as human creators on this earth.

Know that every breath you breathe manifests the love of Creation. Even though you may not remember the connection, you, your physical body is a beautiful manifestation of that love.  Know that as you release the need to see yourself as separate from the Greater Light that the plants and the elements of the earth will respond to each one of you, and you will sing a new song of life that resonates with the breath and heart of divine love. Now is the time, Dear Ones to be this Divine Love, here in the present moment. Do not wait until tomorrow for this to happen in your lives, for as you wait, you deny yourselves the blessings that wait within you. You are more precious than you realize my dear colleagues.

I call you colleagues with purpose, for you are now taking on the energies of the planet, and will soon collectively hold the unconditional love that I, as Gaia, have held for you all of these years, from before the beginnings of life on this planet. Together we are changing this earth. We are changing the universe. We are changing Creation, and I do not say this, to as some of you would say, to give you a big head. It is the truth.

As long as you hold on to negative beliefs, you are held captive by the negativity. When you embrace the breathe of love, then that negativity dissipates as an honored and blessed part of the Greater Light. Do not wait to be the love that you truly are. I cannot stress this enough. Embrace the call to be your Divine Selves, to truly open to the love of All That Is, to claim your birthright as the bearers of conscious love in this moment, now, today. Breathe in who you really are and remember that you are an infinite soul, an expression of the unconditional love of the Greater Light. Do not be disappointed when things do not happen as fast as you would like. Know that all is well in Creation and with time and your own increasing awareness, you will truly see that you are a manifestation of Divine Love, just as I am a manifestation of Divine Love, just as everything on this planet, in its many dimensions is a manifestation of sacred divinity.

Let your old beliefs go and know that you are much more than you have ever imagined. I am here to serve you, to honor you, to assist you. I am your friend, mother, and sister who has always been by your side, under your feet, around your bodies, bearing you up. You have never been separate from the love of the Creator. Never. Be gentle and love yourselves as you never have before, and you will discover the meaning to joy and bliss, for you truly are that love.

I am here to serve you. Open your hearts to me. There exists a new energy stream that is allowing a deeper and more subtle connection to the earth. Feel into this balm of healing and allow its essence to serve you as the heart of unconditional love in the physical world. You carry that seed within you. The earth carries the same seed, and it is awakening as the rushing waters that will help you cleanse the self-abnegation from the darkened thought forms that still surround you.  What you call miracles are waiting when you open and receive your own heart light of Divine Love.

Know that I love you, Dear Ones. With fondest affection, Gaia

August 4, 2011

August 4th, 20011

My Dear, Beloved Colleagues,

It is with such joy that I come before you, to honor each of you for the great contributions you are making towards greater enlightenment. You know and can feel that great changes are now taking place upon the earth. These changes affect each of you on fundamental levels. Know that the Sacred Heart and Mind of Creation is opening a portal that will affect each and everyone of you who desires to let this energy into your life. Know that you are beloved Creators who have purposely taken on the cloak of illusion to serve the greater good of All Creation. Know that you are deeply honored, Dear Ones for the work that you do, for the sacrifices you have made, for the many, many lifetimes you have lived upon my dear body, to create this exact moment in time. How you are honored, Dear Ones.

My heart is full tonight as I speak to you through my servant, although she does not like to have attention called to her, but she has agreed to open up a portal of Sacred Heart energy to allow me to come through and to speak to you through the Sacred Heart and Mind.

This is what I ask of you at this time. Know that you are the highest and truest forms of love available to us in the universe. Remember this, Dear Ones; remember this in your hearts. Let the knowledge in your hearts speak the truth of this to you, for it is there for everyone of you to know and to experience divine love in its fullness. Feel how wonderful that is Dear Ones. Feel into the knowledge that you have carried this with you from the very beginnings of the planet. It has always been within, waiting for you to awaken its seed, and now is the time when you have waited to open the Sacred Heart stream while in the physical body. Oh how we love you, Dear Ones, for you are setting the pace and clearing the path for others to follow into higher consciousness. It is not only consciousness. It is feeling the core essence of who you are–the unconditional love of Source.

You are microcosms of the universe. Every part of you reflects the divine energy of creation. You carry the love of Source in every minute element of your body. It is you, Dear Ones! It is you, nothing more, nothing less! Be still and know that you are God, as are all who walk this beautiful planet. Be still and know your birthright, Dear Ones, as the prodigals who have returned to the true heart of Divine Love. And so it is Dear Ones. Go in love. I am with you always,



June 24, 2011

My Dear, Dear Children,

How I have longed for you to remember who you are. How I have longed for you to know that you are on the surface of a beautiful being who loves you as the precious and wonderful beings that you are. Dear Ones, I have known you before you chose to walk upon this planet, before you seeded the life-forms with your own precious energies, just as I have seeded my own energies into the earth, but on a much larger scale.

Do you not see that we are one and the same in spirit and in deed. Do you not understand that it is the love of our divine soul that has given us the opportunities to be of service in this fashion? Do you not see that the many lifetimes you have called your separate entities have only been for a brief encounter in the moment of the time that comprises the history of this planet? Oh you do not understand how grand you are. You do not realize the love we have for you: that you pretend that you are nothing and that you are separate from your own divinity–all to be of service to the love of All That Is.

It is in service to Sacred Unity that the time is now ripe for the energies that you have set in motion in your bubbles of forgetfulness to now meld into the understanding of Unity consciousness. To understand that the limitations and pains you have thought you have experienced as the ultimate and only real reality on earth, is but a dream-walk that you have ridden upon the winds of spirit to understand the energies of God in all of their forms.

It is in your forgetting that your heart-force will be the catalyst to remember that you are divine love, that through all of your lifetimes, the divine love has never left your side. Oh you may have thought that you were alone, that you were so far removed from the unconditional love of Source that you chose not to see the light of love that surrounded you on every level. But Dear Ones, that is the beauty of the game you call life, for life is but a manifestation of beauty in how we prefer to see it. It is like the small child who not knowing how to walk, takes her first steps only to fall and to erupt in a pile of tears. Yet with time and encouragement, the child gains confidence and soon can run with such stamina and aplomb that she does not even remember how difficult it was in the beginning, how difficult she thought it was to move. That is how you are becoming, Dear Ones. Soon you will remember who you really are as equals in creating this planet of divine love. Soon you will grow into the place where you will be stewards of great love where you will emit this energy wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you think, because that love will allow you to transcend the limited thought-forms that have held you captive in your own prisons of limitation. Be this unconditional love for yourself, for others.

Know that the heart of All THAT IS supports the very essence of the smallest particle of who you are and you are grand indeed. Know that I will support you and together we can light the web of love around the planet so that it will burn with such brightness that the heavens will shout with joy. Such are the potentials of the new earth for those who are awakening to their God Selves.

I love you dearly and am so proud of the great strides you are making to know your divinity and to be of service. As I am always in loving service to you, may we work together everyday breathing the conscious love of All That IS so that it will manifest upon the physical world. Let it be so, Dear Ones. May it be so.


June 22, 2011


Dear Ones,

It is a momentous occasion that we can begin to work together as co-creators in the new energy. I, Gaia, have waited for this time when I can begin to gift you the endowments and knowledge to hold the energy of unconditional love for the planet. It is in this energetic alignment with your core essence that you will begin to understand who you really are, that you have created this world, and on a very true and deep sense love this planet and desire the highest outcomes that will benefit your world and all of creation.

It is sometimes difficult for you to understand how you can be so grand as to have created the ground upon which you walk, but it is true, Dear Ones, for I have been with you since the very beginning, as we planned and created this world. I came down as a sovereign being to infuse my energy into the beautiful planet and to anchor in the energies of divine love and to remind you on a fundamental level that you are that love. All of physicality is divine love. There is not separation from that love.

Is it not a wonderful thing, to begin to understand that you are the root energy of Creation? You are not separate from it, at all. You are also that divine and unconditional love.

Now, you may not understand that so well at this time, Dear Ones, because you have seen yourselves as separate from that love for so many lifetimes, but that knowledge is returning. And if you open to that seed of love, it will burst forth and fill you with much joy.

As an equal you will come to know me as your sister and friend, as your support through all of your lifetimes. You will come to see that I have always loved you in immeasurable ways, and will always be there for you. As you become more aware of your God Self and begin to understand how your thoughts create your reality, you will turn more of your energies to creating love on the planet, of creating ways that support the functions of my great body, instead of fighting against it. As you begin to understand who you are, you will understand who I AM, as sovereign individuals, yet as part of the great whole, which will meld the energies of consciousness to incorporate the actions of divine love. That, my Dear Ones is how you can begin to assist me in carrying more of the energy of the planet.

And so it is.


June 9, 2011

Greetings Dear Ones,

I have much good news for you. As sovereign individuals, you will begin to move into the framework of consciousness where the world will take on different forms for you. Do not be afraid of the changes taking place around you, for it is the body of the earth realigning itself with cosmic energies within the dualistic patterns of limitation. The time for living your true self is now. The energies support your every effort in bringing in your highest energies and potentials.

I am aware of how you struggle with your inconsistencies of energetic patterns, feeling so up one day and then so fallen from the true love of Source the next. Know that this is only temporary, and as you begin to learn to run the unconditional love energies of Source through your bodies, you will become more aligned with the higher energies available to the physical plane.

As I have said before, all physical life is sacred. Remember that. Many of you have been taught from a distorted view of God, or the divine, that the physical must be spurned and ignored; it must be hated and squelched. Know that when you spurn your own bodies that energy also transfers to the energies of earth, because you truly are my voluptuous body, dear ones. You truly are the essence of Gaia.

As you take in more substance, be conscious of how you prepare to eat the food. There is great love behind the creation of the systems that you set in place for yourselves to exist on this earth. Remember that it was your love in the first place that caused you to create your marvelous physical bodies and to create ways that you could fuel yourselves. Know that as you raise your conscious energy, your unconditional love for yourself will likewise exude into the air around you. The beautiful plant and animal life will in turn respond to this love and it will strengthen the web of love on the planet.

Plants have consciousness, just as you. When you refuse to see them as nothing more than fuel, they respond with that same disregard that you give to them; however, when you see them from the heart of love as your creations, and as honoring their process in furthering the love and wisdom of All That Is, they in turn return that love-fire back to you and all share in the energy of gratitude.

As you take this healing balm of gratitude into your physical body, your cells will begin to remember that they too have divine purpose. They will remember that they do not merely exist to give you aches and pains and to give you reason to loathe and hate yourself, because you do not remember how to really love your body, but they will awaken to the consciousness that each living being carries within them. That, in turn, will allow the changing templates of your body to further adjust and to more easily adapt as your cells respond to unconditional love, which is the root, building energy of your truest self.

You are dearly loved, children of the earth, my children, let us be equals in the love that we send forth into our physical world. Let the love of the divine feminine fill your hearts and know that you do not need to make yourself small to be loved. It is a great honor to transcend the energy of self-abnegation and to walk in the energy of your brightest selves.

Let us greet each day with the breath of perfect knowing, for you know the answers in how to bring your light-source deeper into your consciousness. Let us walk together and lift the energy of consciousness on the planet and be supported by the love that humanity has largely forgotten.  It is time to remember. Relax into the arms of my love and know that all is well in creation.

I love you dearly.


Dear Ones,

It is a time of great joy, for I, Gaia, your beloved sister and servant of the unconditional love energies, have manifested great trust in you, as you have walked upon the body of this beautiful earth.  You do not know how beautiful and stunning you are.  When we look upon you within the veil of forgetfulness, which you all wear, we see you as stars of light, walking in dense thought-forms that keep you trapped in your past, in seeing it as more real than it really is.

There is great reason to rejoice, for now is the time to shed those shackles, those chains that have held you captive in your own minds, those ideas and energy patterns that have prevented you from really walking into the energy of your divine selves.

Many of you know that we are collectively moving forward as a body of consciousness on many levels. This can be challenging and invigorating at the same time. As you are aware, the sacred heart energy has always beat within each and every one of you, even from the very beginning of time, throughout all of your lifetimes on this earth. You are eternal. You have always been eternal, and you will always be eternal.

Dear Ones, I have much joy in watching you as you struggle to know your true selves. I have watched every lifetime that you have spent upon my body, supporting you exactly in the manner that you needed to carry out the great work that you have done here. You are deeply loved and honored for your service to All That Is.

Now, it has been said by some that I am much grander than yourselves, but that is so not true. I am your equal, your sister in moving forth the creative energies of Source. I AM that I AM as are you, Dear Ones. The workings of the universe are filled and biased with unconditional love. You are that love. Every part of you. Every cell carries that love.

However, because of the veil of forgetfulness that you all carry, your cells have forgotten their connection to this love. Due to your many lifetimes of self-abnegation and seeing the world as a scary and limiting place, you have sent thought-forms and commands to your cells, which have cut them off from the unconditional love and acceptance of Source. These cells have the knowledge within them to return to the unconditional love of Source, and it is through conscious remembering that the veil will begin to be lifted, and then you will be able to feel a connection to the physical body as a sacred and beautiful being.

Much as I have served the planet in holding the framework of unconditional love and acceptance; you likewise, as a divine being of light, also hold this pure knowledge–you are divine also. As I have held the memory of unconditional love and acceptance for you through your many lifetimes, you now have the opportunity and the blessing to bring you much joy. When you see your many lifetimes through the heart of unconditional love as your own sovereign entity, much as I have been the sovereign face of love for the planet, then you will be able to let go of the chains of your past that have held you in bondage. You will be able to let go of the many other-life aspects that cloud your vision as serving the highest good. You will see yourself as the conduit for removing the dark energies from your thought-forms and will release those ideas that keep you stuck in your ideas that who you are is based on your past experiences.

The joy of life comes in living in the present moment, as a sovereign individual, connected to the web of love, but also fully conscious that the world we create is exactly contingent on what we place into our field of consciousness.

That is how you can begin to let go of your past as real. See yourselves as always being the love of Source. See yourselves as emanating and providing that love throughout all of your many lifetimes, even though you did not understand it at the time, as you walked those lifetimes on the planet within the veil of forgetfulness.

On the purest level, you have never forgotten who you really are. That knowledge lives within you even now, dear ones, and is awakening–divine and powerfully loving beings that you are.

I am here in service to all of you. I ask if you feel so inclined that you work with me as an equal. It is no longer requisite or supportive of the highest good that we maintain this idea that creates a disparity of power. I do not like to be worshipped, where you come to me with the idea that you are puny and unworthy, for that is a lie. I have supported you in that misconception but now is the time to go beyond this construct of forgetfulness. Now is the time to truly walk into the power that can be ours as bringers of divine love and acceptance into our physical reality.

All is sacred, dear ones. All physical life is sacred. It is time to embrace that and to be unconditional love. Carry it in your heart, expand and let it emanate outwards. Send it to your cells. Send it to the earth. Bring the consciousness of unconditional love into the present moment, for it is your birthright, dear ones. You are powerful beings, as powerful as I, but you do not remember. I would like you to begin to remember that we are one in our hearts and minds, and as we create the oneness of Source, you will remember your sovereign worth.

As each of you learns to carry more of your own light, you will become as your own earths, where you will hold the energy of unconditional love for yourself, the same as I have held it for you in your other lifetimes. I feel much joy as I watch you unfold and see you remember who you really are, dear ones. I am here to serve you and to help you walk into a more blissful existence as the creator of your own world, so to speak, as you integrate the dark and light energies and know that you truly are God also.

You are very dear to me.