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Cristi is graphic artist, librarian, and musician who used ti live in Vancouver, WA. She has an AAT in Web Design and Technology from Clark College, a BA in Music, minors in English and Psychology, and a masters degree in library and information sciences, from BYU. Cristi has authored books for children and adults. author of 5 books, composer, photographer

To Love in a Darkened World

Dear Colleague of Light and Truth,

We, the support team including Gaia and your Family of Light, understand the difficulties you face at this time. The world is in constant chaos as old structures are fighting to continue to funnel the earth’s bounty to support their own interests. Many of you fear, as you have interacted with these same entities in other lifetimes, that they once again will win and that life will continue to be even more difficult for you. Many of you have lost hope that benevolence and fairness can be the vanguard of your existence. Many of you want to step outside of the dense and dark energies that seem to pervade every aspect of your existence. Breathe, Dear Ones, connect your breath to the flow of unity that truly guides all of Creation.leaf heart

You live in a very challenging world, where parameters have been relaxed, and in some cases prohibited, that have allowed inequities and deceptions to be the mainstream perceptions. Indeed it seems that little hope remains for humanity, especially as reported by your mainstream media. Indeed the illusion that human beings are the only creatures of any importance is pounded into your minds, but many of you know it is not true.

There is a greater reality playing out. Many of you feel it in your hearts but don’t know how to interpret it. Many of you yearn to be at Oneness with all peoples, cultures, and life forms that share your world. How do you do it, especially when the feedback you see so often emphasizes an arrogance that demands the exact opposite? Do not be fooled by this illusion that asks all of you to be less then you really are, that asks you to set aside the innate knowing within that all are intrinsically connected and deserving of the bounty that Creation offers all. To claim that only one group is worthy of life’s abundance and that the natural balance offered by the earth is to be exploited and destroyed to serve only a few is antithetical for the good and intrinsic honor of all beings. Continue reading

On Releasing Fear in Turbulent Times

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I am One with all life forms that comprise the earth on which you reside. I am One with the Creator of All That Is, as are you, but many of you have forgotten what this means. What does this mean for those of you who so valiantly agreed to live in a time that seems so tumultuous, yet offers so many beautiful opportunities for humankind? You are loved, unconditionally.cloud

Many of you are losing heart. You see the energies rising that have held you captive to the idea that you must fight against each other in order to survive. You see the continuation of the divisions and thought forms that have kept you from trusting each other. Sometimes it is necessary for the ugly and controlling to rise into the forefront of consciousness in order for the masses to see how it has enslaved all of you. Now is such a time.

Many of you are exhausted. For lifetimes, you have fought against these denser energies that have sought to enslave the human race–archaic ideas that you must give your power away in order to be safe. You lament that the darkness and controlling ideas of fear seem to be rising once again. It creates a deep, internal fear, as you see the lies and controlling ideas seem to take root and grow stronger across the globe. On a very deep level, you exclaim “not again.”

For many of you, to see the apparent transition away from love and the good of all fills you with despair. You remember how you have been beaten and killed in other life-streams when you have fought against that power that deceived the people and took what was not rightfully theirs.

Some of you feel overburdened, especially those who are sensitive to the energies moving deep within the earth itself and also to the conscious changes that are taking place among the earth’s inhabitants and their predominant thought-forms. Change often releases fear and the energy does not disappear on its own. Left to its own devices, and unchecked by conscious thought, fear can spiral out of control, where it becomes a battering ram, that considers itself as the only entity at play. Unfortunately when that happens, even more fear is created and meaningful communication becomes quite difficult, where all can be listened to with respect, dignity, and honor.

Many of you want a magic answer to what is playing out right now on earth. Many want a guarantee that all will be well and nothing adverse will transpire because of the human energies that are emerging and butting against each other. There are often no easy answers in a world of free choice. There is no reboot button that will automatically transform every human being overnight to see the light of love that has the power to set everyone free.


On your planet of free choice, human actions are allowed to manifest as human consciousness unfolds. Can you predict the outcomes of governments and unseen entities that seek to enslave human beings to serving their own needs? No. Can you be aware of what is transpiring and seek to see it from the perspective of your higher mind and heart? Yes. Must you condemn what is transpiring? If you choose, but if you do, know that the Creator does not view life from this perspective. All experience is created from a place of blessing. Indeed, it may serve you well to ask yourselves, what is the blessing that is presenting itself in the moment? In spite of how dark things may seem in the moment, how can you make this blessing real?

Must you disengage from what many of you consider a denser reality? This too is your choice, and it is also an important work; but know, Dear Ones that with greater understanding of the bigger picture playing out on earth, it may not be so wise to withhold the light and wisdom that you have gleaned in setting the denser thought-forms aside. Many of you understand how people have been manipulated to serve a cause that is really the antithesis of the highest good for all. Many of you can effectively be the way-showers to a more inclusive and gentler world–if you choose.

With the chaos that seems to be engulfing your world, it is important to see those who frame themselves as your enemies with compassion–not as less or inferior in anyway–but as fellow human beings travelling through a very confusing world. They too are learning lessons that are equally valuable to their souls. They too participate in this world with the Creator’s blessing.

None of you have all of the answers. Many of you think that you do, but you see, the outcomes of what is transpiring on earth are not etched into stone. Potentials are what you have to shape your future. It is not necessary to grovel in the possibilities of regressing for a time, neither is it necessary to create the perspective that everything is totally beautiful, when things have not had the time to unfold and mature into a place of true beauty. Being grounded in a sense of reality as it presents itself and looking for blessing and gratitude in the moment creates a sense of peace where potentials can be created for the highest good of all.

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

Dear Ones, the human perspective does not see life from the broadest sense. Death to you is feared by many; and life, even if it is miserable, is preferred over experiencing the great unknown, so to speak from your place of illusion of being separate from the love of Source. Yet, you have passed from your physical form many times, and it has been experienced as a great and joyful release.

Much of the fear that you carry with you over these changes centers on a fear of death. Many of you carry residual memories in your energetic bodies that are being triggered by what you observe happening around you. Know that you will always exist and that aside from the illusions of earth, you always know the connection to the ultimate Source, the Great I AM, which is unconditional love. That is your true birthright. There is no need to fear, for you are unconditional love itself, a valued and blessed expression of the Great I AM.



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Human Free Will and Degrees of Truth

Dear Ones,

Many varied truths exist in your human experience. Indeed varied truths exist across all of Creation. How is this so, you may ask? The answer is quite simple. The Creator, in its divine wisdom, desired to explore parts of itself via splitting into different variants of consciousness. In doing so, it determined that allowing experience within the parameters of free will would bring about the greatest good and growth.


Now, the concept of parameters of consciousness and the human idea of free will seem to contradict each other; do they not? How can free will be limited? Humans tend to see free will as the ability to make choices without boundaries. In a sense, this is true, as many divergent and often opposing and conflicting “truths” play out in your world. Yet there exists a parameter upon which these various “truths” exist and jostle against each other.

This parameter or framework, to explain this differently, is that many of the truths playing out on earth, strengthen the illusion that you are separate from, and therefore “less-than” the divine love of Source. The greater truth is that because of the many human truths that you embrace as your reality, you do not believe that you are worthy of aligning with the ultimate benevolence of the Creator, which blesses every breath of your life, without condition. The illusion is that in the human form, you are imperfect, when you are not. You are as a human entity, a perfect expression of the Creator’s love and you contain within your being the Creator’s desire to explore and to understand itself better.

The Creator loves every creation on earth unconditionally and fully. If humans could collectively learn to set aside the fearful linear scripts, which tend to polarize your lives between us and them, you would see society’s throw-aways and those with conflicting values with different eyes. You would know that they too are equally loved and cherished as part of the universal life-force–in spite of the jarring hats they may have chosen to wear in this lifetime.iris

If humans would acknowledge that you too have lived similar lifetimes and have learned valuable lessons because of the difficult experiences, it would not be as easy to point the finger at those who you think are too different and to dismiss their lives as meaningless.   When you learn to see others, in spite of their diversity, as spiritual equals having a veiled human experience–the same as you–it allows you to perceive others from a similar place of identity–that you are all beings of light, loved unconditionally by the Creator, while living in a filtered experience of earth.

And again this is where the many human truths come into play. The more that you can step back and to see how these human “truths”–which are just ideas in people’s minds–yet are often seen as sacred and necessary to physical and spiritual survival–it will be easier for you to take the plethora of human “truths,” which may seem like lies, and to begin to sift through them and to see them differently.

Human free-will is often perceived as the need to build a mental fortress against opposing ideas, to defend and argue one’s worldview as better than another.   Yet, many human ideas or “truths” for one person or group may be the exact opposite “truth” for your neighbor. Even though to you, other people’s “truths” may not be so true, denying people their voice in expressing the validity of their experiences and values, only strengthens the cacophony of duality and furthers the polarization currently playing out on earth. Many of you have forgotten how to listen with compassion and to hold the other in your heart as a spiritual equal, especially if you disagree.

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

Is there a solution, Dear Ones? Oh, there are many solutions and potentials that you face. Do you see the key truth? Your free will, at any given moment, has the power to create the highest potentials where all are blessed. It does not matter if one is religious, or not. All are equally blessed with the Creator’s blessing, in every moment, as you navigate through life with your many choice points. This is the highest truth.

Currently, your world seems to jostle with many chaotic energies, where once-hidden agendas and attempts to control the populace are coming to light. Yes, it often creates fear and anger and brings up many of the human emotions that have enslaved you to ideologies of the past, not only in this lifetime, but also in the other life-streams. For many of you, the current state of affairs brings up remembrances of lifetimes where similar energies and conflicts emerged and did not go so well for you, at least from a human perspective. For many of you reading this, the current events playing out in the world create fear, because you carry a cellular remembrance of how you suffered.

Do not be afraid, Dear Ones. Breathe in the Creator’s breath of Unity as a conscious act of bringing the highest potentials to life. Let this reawakening to the Creator’s ever-present benevolence fill you with the blessing that the Creator bestows on all beings. Remember that the Creator’s blessing of Unity goes before all of Creation, and sets the framework upon which all beings exist and experience life.


Whether you walk with blessing and see life through the heart of benevolence and greater foresight, and seek to exist in joy in a world shaped by duality and opposing forces, or whether you close your eyes to the perpetual blessing surrounding you, is your choice. This is human free will in action. Potentials always exist for you to seek the optimal and highest good of all. May you choose wisely and with the greatest compassion for all beings.

With all my love,



Allowing a Space for Greater Compassion

Dear Ones,

These are interesting times; are they not? Indeed the very fabric of your society seems to be falling apart at the seams, to borrow a well-known cliché. Yet borrowing this cliché has it purpose. Why?



Because you as a collective humanity have woven together a complicated and oft time deceptive tapestry about what is and is not important in life. Governments, political parties and religions have woven their own viewpoint into the collective consciousness, manipulating the people to only see one way as viable. Really, many viable potentials exist, but as long as you continue to only entertain the solutions that play off of fear and lack, and how you are being wronged by the other person, you are only slipping deeper into the unconscious milieu in which you currently find yourselves. Continue reading

How to Bring Unity to Life

Dear Ones,

As your months pass, moving further into what seems to be the ever-increasing chaos of earth, it is hard for many of you to see beyond the turmoil that engulfs your current existence. Ideas and beliefs seem to clash on every corner and so many of you cry out for peace and greater understanding.


There is a greater truth playing out, Dear Ones, and it is this. The darkness that you see as pervading your politics and religious influences is only a mask. The mask is one that reflects the fear of those who have held the collective in a type of mind control. Yes it real, as it plays upon the basic fears of being able to survive and to have enough in life.

The organizations, as they currently stand, create an ongoing scenario, a drama per se, that causes people to believe that the entities are needed for the people to prosper. In reality, the organizations need the people to believe that they are the saviors to all, so that they can continue to receive the money and attention that has kept the institutions well-fed and always looking for more wealth and support from the people who they claim to serve above their own interests.

This has been the state of the planet for some time and yes, it is changing; however, the change comes with growing pains, so to speak. Your internet is allowing alternative voices, which have been squelched by the powerful institutions to speak a truth to a large audience. This is now happening in ways where these dissenting voices have previously not been able to be heard.


This exposure causes the powerful to fear because they realize that their lies and secrets are losing the power to control the populace. It is not a negative thing, Dear Ones, as the old knots that have kept humanity doubting in their ability to work together for the highest good are gradually unwinding. It takes time however for true change to undo the old and to move into a better way that honors the dignity and sovereignty of all human beings.

Those who have controlled the masses for years through their wealth and manipulation of humanity, as well as the monetary systems of your current world, are not going to give up easily and that is at the root of some of your conflicts taking place on earth right now.

More conflict arises from people’s needs being ignored, and the internet also gives them a voice and venue upon which to express those views and frustrations. So it can be said, Dear Ones, that much of what is transpiring on your world today is the rise of sovereign voices that have not been heard. It forces people to see the realities of life that have been ignored for too long by those controlling the media, governments, and religions. Much of what is being communicated is ugly and hard and it cries like a small child to be heard and nurtured in the ways that would be most beneficial to it. People want to be heard and respected.

You have a human tendency to categorize your experience by how well it fits in with your own beliefs. You see what happens in the world and use it to reinforce your beliefs if it feels comfortable to you. If it reflects a different truth, you tend to ignore the plight of others as not affecting you, or conversely may look at the difference as even threatening your own well-being. These divisions have been going on for quite some time and are deeply engrained in the unconscious parts of the human brain. So what is the solution, Dear Ones?

red leaves

How do you overcome the tendency to avoid what does not feel comfortable to you? How do you see your neighbor as valuable when he publicly dismisses everything you hold dear and declares it as a threat to his well-being? How do you manage your own fear that the other may try to destroy what you hold dear? How do you learn to allow for greater humanity when the bridge that divides you does not allow all people to cross the divide to see that life really is not so threatening on the other side as you once believed?

Your technology holds the key to part of this, but it also asks that you are willing to take a step back and to be aware of how you continue to create the divisions that jostle about in your reality. Although your social media is a wonderful tool for spreading ideas and raising collective consciousness, it also has a shadow side that contributes to bigotry and to the continuation of the same types of ideas that have plagued humanity.

All too often, lies are being spread through your social media and your unconscious brain will usually accept them as true if you agree with them. It is good to question, Dear Ones, the source of any propaganda, whether you agree with it or not.

Too often social media is becoming a tool for those on both sides of the bridge to rally their supporters and to refuse to listen to those who do not agree with them. This is counterproductive in seeking the higher good. How do you transcend the tribalism that has caused you to think unconsciously and to only hear what you think is right? When you realize how your own unconscious thinking causes you to not trust your neighbor, then how do you persuade your neighbor to also learn to see you with less fear?

a hummingbird flutters in the air

The unconscious brain creates quite a quandary, does it not? Making a conscious effort to mingle and interact with those who you see as very different than you will build mutual respect. Refusing to add your apparent acceptance of lies and stretched truths on social media will also help to restore a sense of personal integrity and will not feed the tribal mechanisms that wish to divide the world and communities.

It is wise to ask how religions and governments will profit by continuing to create a need for dividing the people. It is also wise to ask if division is even necessary for people to prosper. How can the highest good of all be attained when all voices are not honored and heard equally?

Many half-truths have shaped your reality and it is time to look at your lives more objectively. Take the time to step back and to ask how life can be restructured so that compassion becomes the norm instead of the exception. How can you restructure your own life to reflect what you truly believe and not to be sucked into the opinion vortex that divides you so that you cannot even see your human family for what it truly is–a perfect mirror of you.

Remember, Dear Ones, that you are all beings of divine, unconditional love, and your souls are having a very limited conscious experience of earth as human expressions. Trust that the ability is within each of you to create the highest and most compassionate solutions. Realize that it also requires moving beyond unconscious thinking, which causes people to continue to frame the world as us and them, and to learn to interact in life via the higher heart and mind–which reflects your truest state of being, as souls having a veiled experience of earth.

All my love, Gaia

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How to Listen to Each Other

Dear Ones,

Many events are currently happening across the face of the earth that seem disheartening and even threatening to your established views, habits, and ways of being. The real issue at hand is how do you want to perceive your own life? Do you want to cower in fear and to ride upon the mass hysteria that at times seems to be overrunning common sense, or do you want to create a sense of peace within your own being that speaks deeply from your soul and whispers that all is as it is exactly meant to be.flower

You see, Dear Ones, you are moving through a time of great shifts where it indeed seems that you are regressing into paradigms of violence–ones that feed the mass conscious ideas of tribalism that continue to shape much of your current world.

So who is right and who is wrong? This question is often asked. Many of you have noticed that even those answers are serving to polarize the populace into an even greater division over who is better at perceiving reality than the next person. Yet the truth is that reality is exactly what you perceive it to be. Many human-based truths exist on this planet, all shaped by human consciousness. Continue reading

How to Love Beyond Fear


Dear Ones,

The last few months on earth have been difficult ones for many of you. All are impacted in ways that you may not yet understand. For you see, Dear Ones, that the collective energy of consciousness on the planet is not stagnant and when events occur that seem to shake you to the very core of belief in the goodness of humanity, know that all is not as it seems. Many of you have held great hope in your hearts that as the transition into a kinder and more benevolent earth begins, that it would be instantaneous. For the majority of those inhabiting earth in human form, the collective transition seems slow and much too violent for your tastes.

crystal and flower

Continue reading

The Healing Breath

My Dear Cohabitants of Earth,

I laugh at my partner because she often does not know how to begin the channeled message, as it takes a bit for her to transition to the energy that I convey for communication. Yet there is a larger truth in this action, or hesitancy on her part, because it reflects a misconception that is widely held by human beings, particularly those who have been taught to cut yourselves off from the flow of love and life that comprise the fundamental constructs of your physical reality. For you see, Dear Ones, that you have been taught on every level to see yourselves as separate from the love of the Universe.


You do not realize that the very breath, every breath connects you to the fundamental structure of the universe’s loving influence. Yet even though you connect many times through the day via your own breath, you still continue to be unconscious as to what that means. I sometimes smile at my partner because she thinks that she must stop and set her energies to receive what I have to communicate to her. It is true that in other times, setting much time aside to prepare for communication was the accepted protocol for communicating with the divine. But it was a silly notion, because in reality the divine is you, and has always been you, and to see yourselves as separate from that in any way is part of the grand illusion. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Worlds

Dear Ones, I am Gaia and I am a collective energy of the forces that comprise the universe. Yet I am as small as the atom that vibrates in every physical structure here on earth. I am the beauty of each setting sun that spreads it color upon the landscape, and I am also the darkness of night that moves across the planet, visiting all in equal measure. I am all of these and more and less. What do I mean by this?

sunsetDear Ones, much exists that you cannot understand with your human minds. Much, much, much goes on that you cannot sense or see while in your bodies of flesh and bone. Yet this is part of the mystery that is being human, is it not? To live in a world that seems finite, limited, and unknowable; yet it embraces the infinite in every sense. Your human perceptions cause you to sink into despair and to see things as dark and even hopeless.
Continue reading

The Challenges of Religious Belief

My Beloved Colleagues if Light and Love,

I am Gaia and indeed I embody a collective energy that includes every soul who has ever taken human and other physical form on earth. Every breath that you take resonates with this connection, Dear Ones, every heartbeat declares to the universe that your life on earth is a blessing. Is it not grand, Dear Ones, to know, to feel, that you are a blessing to this planet, indeed to all of Creation?

leaf face

So many of you carry the wound, generated across many life-streams of struggle and illusion that your lives do not matter so much. Many of you have turned to religions to give you a sense of identity that already resides within your cellular structure and within the many aspects that comprise your emotional body.

Many of you have been taught to see life from one specific religious identity, as the most preferred, and the only group that is truly aligned with the highest truth of Source. But yet that belief has encouraged separation and division from the rest of earth’s inhabitants. This belief, although it is claimed as the love of God, is not a love that unifies and seeks universal connection. Continue reading