A Message for Turbulent Times

Gaia Group Message

When we present insights to you and the challenges you face, we speak as a unified whole. Indeed we are individual pieces of Creation with conscious thought and will, yet we come together in solidarity to offer support to you in these very confusing and turbulent times. Many of you are burdened by what you see happening in the world.

You do not like what you see, how those in power, which have run the roots of your monetary systems for decades, seem to be gaining even more strength.  This is difficult for many of you to see because you know the importance of working together to maintain a healthy environment, where all creatures may live optimally.  Yet when you are faced with decisions by officials that wantonly discard the common good for all beings, in an attempt to profit off of the populace of which they are supposed to serve and protect, it creates huge dissonance within your being.

Some are told to ignore the ideas that are playing out in the world as unsubstantial and to merely observe how things transpire for the greater good. Some are told that this is the enlightened way to deal with the difficulties. We believe that this is not so wise.

Doing nothing to stop atrocities committed by those in power allows the behaviors to proceed unabated. In your world of free choice, often times the butting of beliefs against each other serves to show the folly of what is believed.  As long as people are afraid to speak up or feel that there is nothing they can do to present a greater truth, it creates an imbalance.   These perceptions often contribute to old belief patterns that have allowed leaders to steal from and further subjugate the people they supposedly serve for their own nefarious purposes.

This creates a conundrum. How do you protest and ask for change and stay safe? Many of you carry memories from other life streams where you died at the hands of those in power, simply because you spoke the truth. Because of this, many of you are afraid to speak out for the common good. Many of you do not want to die again or to see your family suffer for doing so. doorknob

We understand these fears and the body overlays that present themselves when you confront what may be wiser action in your current state of affairs.  We want to clarify that we do not judge or condemn your decisions or the fears that you carry within you, but are stating this, in order to give context to you and to communicate that we understand the human perspective under which you operate. Many of us have stood in similar situations where you now stand.

Indeed many of you despair over the divisions that are being played out and strengthened by social media and by the movement that seemingly is forcing the collective backwards in time. Many of you rejoiced, only a few years ago, that social norms seemed to be moving towards greater collective compassion that embraced racial and cultural diversity.  Then to see the political landscape roar back into the collective consciousness, where racial and cultural privilege returned in a blatant effort to keep groups of people in fearful submission, caused many of you to lose hope.

Human beings are social by nature, whether it is in creating divisive identities or in creating more unified and prosocial identities.  The choice and power is yours in collectively deciding to move beyond the prisons in your own collective minds or to remain in a bubble of seeing the world as either supporting your own beliefs or not.  Believing that one set of beliefs must trump the beliefs of those that do not support one’s own, in order for people to get along and to respect each other, has been a lie that has been used for centuries to keep people in mental bondage. This bondage has used fear to manipulate the populace into believing that no other viable way exists to live life, other than one’s own.

How do you overcome your body’s biology that automatically causes you to see your own group as correct and the other as wrong? It is a conundrum made worse by the polarizing effects of media and the fact that many of your communities do not come together where diverse ideas can intermingle, thus allowing a greater wisdom to emerge through collective and respectful dialogue.  We ask you to be aware of your own biology and how it causes you to only see what you want to see as correct.  Be aware that others also operate from this same biological compulsion to be awake, but to also be asleep to how your own brains cause you to see only parts of life.

Realize that greater consciousness asks that you self-reflect on your own tendencies to see the world as divided between the enlightened us and the less-enlightened them. Realize that loving self asks that you know yourself well enough to step back and obverse the ideas that pressure you to behave a certain way.  To make authentic choices, however, that will better serve the unified whole, even when those decisions may not be so popular with those around you; it takes courage, Dear Ones.  To self-reflect with a degree of emotional integrity that allows you to admit how you have been mistaken about life, may not be so pleasant to see, but doing so eventually sets you free from a degree of the illusion under which human rules operate and feed off of fear and pressure to conform to your social norms.

People can have differences of opinions and can still get along and work for the common good. This is the truth that is staring the collective in the face. The question needs to be asked more frequently why people choose to see the other as the enemy. Who and what does it really serve? What is preventing you from seeing the other as part of your human family– as spiritual and civic equals, deserving of the best that life has to offer all?

Whether you embrace the truth that you do have the collective capacity to change perceptions and to work towards building bridges every day, in spite of your differences–even in small and simple ways–it is your choice.

Be grateful for those things that are gentle, kind, and wise in your life, and when the moment is right share the wiser ways, without force, with those that may choose to see you with suspicion and fear.  We also urge you to seek to understand and unify the conflicting voices within your own being.  Learn to love those parts of yourself that have caused you to hate and fear the whole of your own being.  Explore and learn to honor the parts of self that you have ignored and discover the greater meaning that its experiences have brought to you.

Learning to see all parts of self as integrated into the unified whole of one’s true being, where the many and multifaceted aspects of self are accepted into the wisdom of living life, will allow a compassion to emerge–one that will see beyond the human differences that currently divide human existence.

© Cristi Jenkins 2018

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