Navigating Through the Collective Fear

Dear Ones,

It is not possible to exactly foresee the future in how humanity will choose to take the many options available at this time, and to act on them.  As much as many of you want to be told that the future, as you say, is set in stone, it is not.  Free choice determines the outcomes of your lives as limited-consciousness humans sharing this beautiful earth as your beloved home.

Indeed, it seems to many of you, as if the powers of darkness and limitations that have controlled numerous aspects of your reality are surging and being reinforced. Many lies are being told that continued subjugation and control are the only acceptable realities available to you–that the strong-arm of force will continue to enslave you to serving those whose actions do not have the common- good in mind.

This is an illusion, Dear Ones, but a good one, as it has been used across time to subjugate humankind through fear.  The sense that you are essentially powerless to change the aspects of your world, especially in benevolent ways, which matter to ALL people, has been a common theme used to lull you into a sense of acceptance of these lies. 

But what is the underlying communication that is sent to you with these messages of doom and gloom–those that divides people and hypnotizes you into closing your eyes to the greater truth?  Must you give away your power to those that continue to abuse the members of your human family, spending much time and money in the process, creating fear and division in persuading you that they really serve your best interests?  Must you continue to embrace the fear that keeps you controlled by this grand illusion?  We urge you to look closely at what you are being told is your only reality. Is it really so, Dear Ones?

Better and more beneficial ways exist to live in this world.  Deep within, the truth of this resonates with all of you.  You are not enslaved to the ideology that has dictated your social consciousness for decades.  The fact that many of you are coming together and demanding pro-social change, both infuriates and causes fear in those controlling the social structures of your multi-faceted societies.  When you ask for change that benefits all beings as equals, deserving of the blessings of life that the Creator offers to all, it challenges the old social constructs of society.  Many of you are intensely aware of this dynamic, as you have lived through numerous incarnations where these ideas have played out.  Many of you have died in the process of fighting this lies in other life-streams, and the overlays created from this, cause an added level of fear to manifest in your perceptions.  Yet, you long for the time when greater benevolence will be the vanguard of your shared existence on earth.

Much is being revealed at this time that many of you find extremely distasteful.  The many ways that corporations and governments have polluted and disregarded the health of the planet, at your potential peril, speaks to you in the most deeply, fundamental ways.  For many of you, to see how the planet and the environment, which is your home, has been treated as a garbage bin of toxicity is deeply disturbing.  It fills you with a sense of despair, because you know that better ways exist to live on earth, but current structures prevent a common-sense approach to preserving a better way of living on earth.  This growing awareness, though uncomforatble, is necessary in order for change to come about.  Ignorance of how you have been manipulated and filled with the ideology that you have no power to effect benevolent change for all, has served as an effective tool to keep the collective-good in check.

How do you proceed from here?  Many erroneously believe that merely envisioning this change will bring it about.  We do not prescribe to this belief and it has not supported our experience in working with free choice.  Envisioning benevolent change for all is important, but it is also equally important to act on how you want your world to change in the current moment.  Actions create the energies and vision that anchor-in benevolent change on the planet.  Despairing over the current course of affairs only serves to limit you abilities to act in ways that can truly change the collective consciousness and course of affairs on earth. The latter has been a convenient secret of those that have controlled your consciousness as human beings. 

The time is ripe for benevolent change.  Seeing the many ways that you have been manipulated is uncomfortable, yet an awareness of this discomfort causes many to demand better and more benevolent solutions for all.  It is necessary to become aware of the many ways that humankind has been manipulated and controlled by public entities, in order for the collective door to open for more benevolent change.

As much as this growing awareness causes despair, anger, and a sense of hopelessness in those that wish for a more benevolent world, your day-to-day commitment to live with kindness and benevolence is sorely needed.  In a world where your media celebrates the ugliness of humankind, your willingness–in spite of this pernicious programming– to live with kindness and social benevolence in your minds and hearts, changes your reality–powerfully and meaningfully.

Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourselves. Offer compassion to those–especially when you strongly disagree with each other.  As more and more of you choose to walk in a world of greater compassion and benevolence, to move away from the dark lies that have shaped a world of collective fear, a great potential exists for you to see changes that will honor the collective good for your human family.

Be this benevolent love in your own lives. Be a living and vibrant beacon that shines compassionate and benevolent change with each breath that you take.  In this, great hope will become the vanguard for your human family.

You are dearly loved.– Gaia Collective and Hathors

© Cristi Jenkins 2018 All rights reserved. Please feel free to share a link to this blogpost.

thank you

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