The Consciousness of Life

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I encompass many different energies and life forms that comprise the infrastructure and living body of earth.  All elements and structures on earth have consciousness. They serve the sacredness of Creation in living in physical form, which in essence, or in a different way of seeing things, manifests via sacred unity and the breath of life.

When you sit on a rock, you sit on a living being.  She may seem solid and unmoving, but if you think about it, she too moves and lives as her atoms move and work together to maintain the physical form that she holds as what you know as a solid rock. Is there divine consciousness in this, Dear Ones? Of course there is. How do the atoms know how to interact to continue to create physical form?  This is divine consciousness at its root manifestation on earth.  This is divine love that manifests itself in every aspect of creation.  This is the divine love that moves the many complex and wonderful workings of your own physical vessels, as well as those of the plants, animals, and structures that work effortlessly to support life on earth–and to provide you with a very keen mirror of your own sacred place in life, if you choose to see it.

You see, Dear Ones, your minds and hearts have been allowed to darken over many years, by design, to the point where most of you have forgotten that you have never been separate from the sacred love of the Creator.  Indeed the very breath of intelligence is with you every moment that you walk on the earth.  Consider also that the breath of divine intelligence and structure also continues when you each lay your physical bodies to rest in the earth. Life continues as structures change forms and return to a state where molecules can support new life on earth.  You are not separate from the processes of life.  Yet many of you have learned to fear the inevitable processes of life and rebirth, instead of embracing the lessons that may come your way, finding how it blesses you, within the timeframe of life on earth.   You are all interconnected to the divine consciousness that not only supports and blesses you while you draw breath, but also continues on after you separate from your body.

Many of you see this as something to be feared. Do not be afraid of what you do not understand so well, Dear Ones.  As the earth, as with the collective body of life and sacred breath that allows the continuation of both life and death of the physical vessels of many beings on earth, a divine parallel exists on what you call the spiritual plane. Part of your understanding of this, indeed the very idea that you are separate and less worthy of life when you are in physical form is part of the grand illusion that comprises the experiences of earth.

Indeed these human beliefs are quite strong in your current world, built within the very structure of your brains to primarily see life in ways that will support your own beliefs.  Over the years, social institutions have manipulated these implicit biases to further cause you to embrace that illusion that physical life is to be feared and that you are separate from the divine while in a physical body. This is behind the fundamental lessons of earth.

As developing humans, you automatically believe what you have been taught in your homes and social structures as true, often seeing yourselves as separate from the universal, loving breath that supports all life equally.  Yet, when you choose to open to the great mystery of life, and begin to feel the unity that equally supports all life on earth and also embraces the divine consciousness that moves and supports the existence of numerous beings on earth, you discover that your human family often tells you that you are in error.

Yet, many of you have sensed and have known the love of Creation in your hearts.  You have felt the love in your hearts that defies the human “truths” taught to you in error.  You are often conflicted when your sense of sacred connection begins to awaken and you are sometimes labeled by loved ones and others as a fool.  Such are the illusions and difficulties of earth, Dear Ones.

When you continue to open to the connectedness of all life, when you remember that every physical structure of earth embodies divine consciousness in its molecular manifestation, you begin to unfold into a greater and more expansive reality–one that allows you to begin to sense and innately know why and how all life is interconnected and sacred in its essence.  When you begin to connect with this sacred knowing, and in a sense, surrender the old human need to be separate in order to live the illusion of human ego, your internal consciousness rejoices.  The consciousness of your cells and atoms experiences more support, in a sense, because you begin to release the illusion that you are separate from the Creator’s blessing that equally blesses all.  You begin to understand in a new way that unity cannot fight against itself, even within your own body, as it too is a vessel of divine consciousness–one that is also cherished and valued immensely by your own soul in whatever illusion you choose to experience.


Indeed, many of your indigenous peoples have kept these sacred truths alive and had to keep the truths hidden. All life is sacred.  All breath is sacred.  Never, ever does the love of the Creator die–never.  It always lives within and without, above and below.  It exists within each of you and everything on earth, in every moment.  So the parallels of life on earth and of what you call the spirit always move in consciousness.

When you pass from your physical vessel, you then understand more fully the purpose of earth and its many lessons.  You then see how the structures of nonphysical existence have existed outside of time.  You understand more fully that you, and indeed all life forms, have never been despised or diminished in the Creator’s love.  You see more clearly how the human illusion of separation from divine love, which seems so real in the moment on earth, makes the realization more cherished that all are loved and connected by the breath of divine love.  This love is real, Dear Ones.  I invite you to open your hearts and minds to this truth and to let it fill your being with the innate awareness that all life on earth carries the divine love and consciousness of the Creator’s vast and expansive love within.

You live and operate in a grand illusion, Dear Ones.  On this planet of free choice, the illusion has been allowed to play out over many incarnations on earth.  Even though many of you may not yet in your human form, understand the true meaning of the sacredness and connectedness of life, many of you yearn deep within the core of your being to return to the knowledge and comfort of knowing that all life on earth is conscious, sacred, and blessed with the ever-present Creator’s love.

Indeed, as you walk in the forests, or deserts, as you smell the robust, yet gentle hint of fresh rain on the breeze, as you immerse your senses into fragrant blooms and feel their cool fingers tickle your face, as you listen to the birds sing and fill your heart with glee, as you watch the puffy clouds dance across the sky, as you feel the soft fur of a faithful companion, as you breathe in the life from the plants and return life to them with each breath, you remember the sacred connection of life.  You are reminded with each breath that the Creator truly has no favorites.


This understanding is deeply comforting to you.  Many of you deeply long to move beyond the illusion of separation and to once again walk in the knowing that you and all life forms are loved without measure, that all life is sacred, and that it is in the highest good of all to return to ways and beliefs that support the unification and mutual benefit of all of earth’s inhabitants.

When you remember that all life is held in equal value in the Creator’s eyes it easier to still live within the human illusion of earth, to seek to live and walk in balance where you constantly remember the delicate, conscious interplay between all life–one that continues into the process of what you call physical death as well, but it is really just a continuation of life, but in a different from.  All life is sacred, Dear Ones.  You remember and feel within your core being that the atoms and structures comprising physicality each move with the blessing of the Creator’s consciousness and love. To believe that you are separate and somehow above this divine consciousness is a very human illusion, indeed.

The difficulties that many of you are experiencing in life at this time remind you that a different way exists to frame life.  May you return to the breath of unity as your conscious companion.  Call upon the divine love that is within and all around each of you–that manifests that all life, that indeed every moment is sacred, to support you with greater consciousness.

As you begin to awaken to the true nature of living life in a way that not only transcends the human illusion of separation, this will gift you with a divine sense of comfort. With each conscious breath you acknowledge divine love within your own being.  This in turn allows you to quietly live as a conscious beacon of love, which without fanfare or bravado, moves within the mystery of unconditional love and sacred unity that many have yet to understand.  Do not be afraid, Dear Ones, to manifest the breath of divine love each day in your lives.

© Copyright Cristi Jenkins 2018, All Rights Reserved

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