A Benevolent World

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia, and I have often stated that you live in very interesting and turbulent times. Indeed the very fabric of your societies seems to be fraying and coming apart from many different directions. Old patterns of fabric are fading and some completely disintegrating as new and brighter patterns emerge out of the old. Many of you are taking old threads and reweaving them into brilliant tapestries.

The increased awareness brought about by the internet makes things seem even more difficult and evil than they sometimes are, yet this increased awareness no longer allows the atrocities and dark acts of death and starvation, of bullying one group over another to continue, and to be ignored simply because you were unaware of what was going on. Seeing old patterns of how rulers have manipulated people to follow their lead creates chaos and dissension for many.

As people realize how they have been duped, so to speak, it creates anger and a sense of helplessness at times, but it also creates choice points. Many of you want a more benevolent world, and you are perplexed that these choice points seem to cause many to hold onto what gave them a sense of stability in the past, as the only way to move forward, even though they admit that the current direction of events is not sustainable if it continues as is. Many choose to hold onto fear as the answer to your issues. Many want a more benevolent and kinder world but are unwilling to let go of the very ideas and beliefs that prevent greater benevolence and supportive unity.

Your emerging technologies are also illustrating how fear is used to divide the populace, to in essence ignore asking how people may come together for the common good. Many believe that the common good must remain in the old way of doing things, where there is never enough benevolence or resources to bless everyone equally.

Many insist on denying the inherent blessing that is every being’s birthright on earth, simply because they do not want to let go of the illusion that they are more preferred by providence than anyone else. In doing so, they refuse to acknowledge the collective benevolence that can heal the many wounds that continue to rage upon your existence because they are afraid to see a different light as illuminating the way towards greater sacred unity. They do not know how to move beyond their own fears.

Many have yet to understand the true love of the Creator in their own hearts and minds. Understand that no condemnation exists in this assessment, for all choice is allowed without judgment by the Creator. If you truly felt that the Creator loves all beings unconditionally and that in your core essence you are love itself, there would be little need to denigrate or put down others that do not meet their definition of a very conditional and humanized form of love. As the embodiment of love itself, you would naturally seek to grow and nurture the love that supports and nurtures all beings.

Yet you live in a world where sacred unity in many ways has been forgotten. How do you offer the olive branch, so to speak, to those that insist that god must be a force of battle–that it must wage war as an act of feeding human ego where the Creator’s love must be earned? How do you move beyond the fear created by erroneous beliefs that are allowed to be heard as truth by many, simply because free expression is allowed on earth? How do you collectively move towards the idea that the Creator blesses all equally and has no favorites, yet allows humans to live in such a grand illusion where humankind can pretend to know more than god itself?

You are now seeing with greater clarity how those in power continue to manipulate the populace and to use fear as their greatest motivational tool. You are also seeing the degree that you have been taught to ignore abuses and to only see a limited spectrum of what you want to believe is true. You are also coming to a greater understanding of how, as beings with limited consciousness, that you limit your own perceptions and actions by seeking information that confirms your own beliefs.

In seeing how you limit your perceptions and have cut yourself off from the sacred unity that naturally brings all of you together in harmony and benevolence, the grand illusion of human existence also becomes clearer. In this, the awareness creates even more choice points. How do you let the old perceptions fade away, without fear, so that new perceptions may be given voice and sustenance to benefit all? How do you create the belief that all are safe enough to move forward in life where benevolence and kindness will be the rule of existence instead of the exception?

Such is the fascinating game that you play as humans, where you pretend to see an inclusive view of life, yet you do not see the greater picture playing out where all may unite in a sacredness, or spirituality that truly excludes no one or no thing.

© Cristi Jenkins, 2018 All rights reserved. Please feel free to share a link to this post.


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