The World You Live In

Dear Ones,

You are moving through what seems like a very difficult time. Many of your values that you took for granted, as basic human rights, are being challenged and framed as weak and evil. Core ideals of human dignity and freedom are confronted with extreme beliefs that seem to threaten the very fabric that holds your societies together.

Many of you despair because it seems that the world is losing hope. On the other hand, many look at life through the lenses of an optimism that does not accurately reflect the state of affairs playing out on the planet.

The lies and deceptions that have controlled your society are being exposed in ways where they can collectively no longer be ignored. Your technologies, especially social media, are revealing how easily humans are manipulated to form ideas that pit the human family against each other. With this understanding do you use this knowledge for the greater and benevolent good? When you see this, do you choose to move beyond your own thoughts? Do you choose to release staying in a state of mass hypnosis that has compelled you to believe one way, simply because it is more comfortable?

For many of you, seeing the many layers of manipulation that have been falsely advertised as free choice causes a deep level of stress and discomfort. You fear the worst and yet hope for the best, but you do not see how things can resolve without more human pain and suffering forcing the issue.

So where do you go from here? How do you maintain a degree of awareness of what is happening in the world, yet nurture a heart and mind that sees these events with benevolence, as opposed to fear? Do you take action to change the world around you, or do you try to disengage and envision a world in a better time and remove yourself from the mayhem and discord? The Creator does not judge you either way, but know that choices, decisions, and actions do affect physical reality and how polarized beliefs manifest on earth.

How do you set aside the sense of hopelessness that builds upon the base nature and senseless violence that has fueled the animalistic side of human nature for centuries? How do you deal with life when the very ideals that profit from force and coercion attack the roots of your own identity and what you consider to be most sacred? These are difficult questions to explore.

Many of you balk at the idea that humans have much in common with primates and other animals. Much of your basic structure is the same, including your tendency to use force and hierarchy to compel others to conform. You see how this dynamic plays out across the globe and your media focuses on violence and amplifies the impact of fear that this engenders.

Indeed many of you know in your hearts that there is a better way to navigate life and to build benevolent societies. Many of you want a more gentle and kind world. Many of you think that this benevolence should magically happen because you will it. Indeed some of your human societies are making great strides in implementing more pro-social and gentler constructs into life, but you also see how the influences that have controlled countries by force and coercion are not so willing to give up what has worked in the past, nor to even look for more viable solutions. This makes your heart heavy and you feel the weight of old paradigms impeding the birth of a better way that will ultimately allow all people and indeed all inhabitants of earth to be respected and nurtured in their own authenticity.

Each of you has choices that you can make every day to embrace a better and compassionate path towards your collective future. No one will do it for you. No magic unicorn will arrive on the horizon to change the world. Human perceptions will change in accordance to your actions and beliefs. When you admit how your own beliefs have shaped reality and do not insist on blaming others or circumstances for your own unhappiness, a shift will happen–first in your own lives, and then collectively.

birdCurrently, in your world, no one can ignore the effects of violence, fear, and hatred that play out on the world stage. The beliefs behind these actions are crying out to be addressed in ways that will heal the wounds that have shaped so much of your human society. Many still refuse to see how past atrocities and ideas of superiority over other classes and skin colors continue to cause great resentments and discord in your society.

Many are afraid to look at their own hearts to see how their own fears prevent them from seeing those less fortunate or different with compassion. Your many human beliefs create a knot of identities and denial that makes it difficult for the common and most benevolent good for all to take root and grow.

This is your world right now, Dear Ones. Your polarized beliefs are rising to the surface in great confrontations. Ideas are pushing and pulling each other, creating the stage for all to see the hidden manipulations for what they are. It is your choice collectively to move in a different direction, whether it is with grace, or through suffering is yet to be seen.

Do you embrace the difficulties with love, empathy, and compassion and thus shine the light of a better and more compassionate world in all that you do, or do you concede that it is too much effort and give up in despair? You live in challenging times where life’s waters are muddied by the possibilities for great growth. With time the waters will clear. Do not lose hope, Dear Ones. Do not lose hope.

© Cristi Jenkins, 2018 Please feel free to share the link to this post.

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