The Face of Love in Turbulent Times: Gaia Speaks

Dear Ones,

Many of you carry a deep sorrow within your hearts at this time, for the perceptions exist that your benevolent world is imploding more and more, even as each day passes. It appears as if the forces behind greed and subjugation of your cultural minorities, and of those that your societies have framed as not mattering, are silencing the calls for greater good.sun

Many of you are recalling the cellular memories of previous incarnations, where similar energies and scenarios have existed that have not ended so well for humanity–or so at least it seems from the human perspective. It seems to many of you that you are regressing into chaos at an alarming and rapid pace. Your fear of death and the collective memories of great suffering also contribute to your sense of dread, as the potentials for great change play out in your current world.

For many of you, as you become more aware of the suffering that has been hidden in the past by your one-sided histories, your hearts ache because you see the problems in ways that you have not previously seen them. The alleged return to overt force and to the discordant beliefs that have shaped your earthly reality for years, at least from the human perspective, however, serves a purpose, Dear Ones. It is uncomfortable, but a necessary part of the process in shifting consciousness according to human choice.


These extremes of belief, which for many years have remained hidden from the collective, have been used as a divisive sword. These divisive beliefs have served to cut off people, framed as objects to be feared, preventing you from seeing each other from a place of shared community and benevolence. Though very uncomfortable for some, a growing awareness is emerging that is bringing the darkness and fear-based energies to the forefront of humanity’s consciousness.

No longer is it possible to hide behind the disparities and subjugation of racial and other minorities that have been used by those seeking to maintain control of the populace for their own gain. This clarified dynamic is distasteful to many of you, especially those that wish and work for a more benevolent experience for all of earth’s inhabitants.

Dividing the populace between us and them has shaped human perceptions for a long time and it has proven to move humans even deeper into the illusion that the Creator cannot bless its creations equally. Fear has proven to be a great motivator in keeping people afraid to see the benevolent goodness in the human family.

Cultures have been framed as monstrosities when they are not. To objectify those that are different, as something to be feared and mistrusted, makes it difficult to see beyond the human illusion that prefers to separate and divide the populace, as opposed to finding common ground and beliefs where the need to fear each other no longer exists.

Those that have sought to control the populace have purposely manipulated the idea of love. Many have used “love” as a means to keep people enslaved to very limited ideas, particularly the belief that the Creator favors one nation over another, or one skin color or one religion over another. Nothing is farther from the truth, Dear Ones, but as long as humans insist on excusing differences as reasons to hate and to fear the diverse experiences available to all on earth, it will close doors to mutual understanding.

Looking for different and compassionate ways to see those with different worldviews changes everything. It allows you to see the very opportunities, which have been framed in the past as reasons to avoid the other, as potential catalysts for growth. This births compassionate potentials to arise that move beyond seeing your human family as objects to be feared and mistrusted. It allows you to return to a collective unity in very real and tangible ways.

Many of you have forgotten that unity cannot fight against itself. This does not mean that all must agree on your human rules and ideas of what is or is not important in life. The concept of unity holds that all are connected by the sacred breath of the Creator. All share the same blessing to grow and live in your world of physical reality. No one is excluded from the blessing of unconditional and sacred love. The Creator blesses all equally. Many have forgotten that no one person or culture is more favored or deserving of blessing than the next. All receive equal blessing, regardless of religious belief or culture.

When you look at things that you do not understand from a place of fear and mistrust, you do not allow the power of unity to become the beacon for understanding that it may be. When you see others as objects that are not worthy of the benevolent blessing offered to all, you do not understand the nature of love, for love excludes no one or no thing from the Creator’s blessing. To claim that the love of God pushes those away that do not believe a certain way is not the highest form of love. The idea that the Creator excludes anyone from its love reflects human judgment. The human need to control people refuses to see others as your spiritual and civil equals. All life is sacred. All are connected by the blessing of the Creator that is given to every being on earth.

For you see, Dear Ones, humans often use divisive language to describe your differences as reasons to withhold love and support for each other. This habit is at the root of many of the issues that you are currently experiencing. To move beyond these difficulties, many of which you can no longer ignore as you have in the past, asks that each one of you sees life with greater integrity. It asks that you begin to look at everyday life from the perspective that all life is sacred and that any beliefs that seek to cut off self from the collective sacredness is the very definition of sin.

As such, to truly heal the effects of this “sin” asks that you return to a sense of unity and connection with the truth that all are equally blessed and supported by the Creator. Unity is the core breath of our shared existence. It never dies, in spite of human belief that says it has withered away. To heal the world of its current state, it is necessary for more to ask how each choice will allow for a more benevolent existence for all, and to remember that all life is sacred and connected by the breath of unity.

© Cristi Jenkins 2017, All Rights Reserved.

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