When Peace Exists: Unity Cannot Fight Against Itself

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and yet I consist of many entities that comprise a greater whole. In this there is much mystery for those who are earthbound and only see the world through the physical senses. For many of you, the stresses of human life have impeded your ability to feel deeply and to be fully alive. This is a travesty, Dear Ones, for one of the greatest gifts of being human is the opportunity to fill your hearts with gratitude and to find joy in the physical vessel that you inhabit.

Why do many of despise the vessel that is holy in every aspect? Why do you see the need to separate the spiritual from the physical, emotions from thoughts, the soul from the body? They are all the same, Dear Ones, representing the body and aspects of what it means to be a human that is unified in all aspects of self.

This is a difficult concept for some to image because your cultures and religions have largely taught that that body must fight against the soul, that heart is separate from the mind and can never be at peace, that the very love of the Creator that fills the earth and the universe with ample opportunities for growth and learning is naturally disconnected from the human experience. You are taught that you must suffer to earn the love and blessing of the Creator. Not so, Dear Ones, not so.

So what does it mean to look at the many disparate parts of your self, many that you have chosen to frame as waging war against each other and to find peace? How do you take an existence that you have largely labeled as either good or bad and remove the judgment and criticism? When you do this, what is left?

That is the question that you have long ignored. What is left when you dismiss the ways that you have fought against your very self that have defined who you once though you were? These are not easy questions to ask, but ones that are necessary for humans to move forward into the realm of greater potentials and benevolence for all beings.

In ancient cultures, peace was defined differently than how many of you see it today. Peace did not necessarily mean an absence of conflict, but it asked that allowing the fullness of potentials be allowed to grow, like a seed of equal opportunity which could, if given the necessary water and attention, bear delicious fruit that could be enjoyed by all. The ancient definition of peace is far from the forced aggression that is wielded upon others in your world. Forcing other humans to submit to more powerful entities is not waging peace, as it fails to acknowledge the inherent worth of all beings.

Now, how does this concept apply to the fragmented parts of yourselves that you allow to fight against each other? Do you not see that you often choose to fight with yourself when there is no need? Unity cannot and does not fight against itself.


Look at how you perceive the many aspects of self. Do you see your mind as impeding your ability to be spiritual? Do you need to shut it down in order for your heart to open? Can you embrace your heart and your mind at the same time? Yes. Does it need to be a battle? Only if you choose it to be so. When you find peace within, aspects of yourself are no longer at war with each other.

Do you see your body as preventing you from being more in tune with the Creator if you are large of stature or possess traits that your society claims make you inferior? Can you learn to listen to your own inherent worth as opposed to letting others tell you how your life should be lived? When you feel the full gamut of emotions that shape your human experience, do you shrink in shame when you acknowledge that you experienced anger instead of love? Can you accept all emotions as sacred, as the gift of being human, and learn what they have to teach you?

Unity does not fight against itself. Peace accepts the opposites of life and allows the human mind and heart to find the value and growth that the opposing forces present. Peace looks for the ways that all sides of the issues and beliefs can be heard and reshaped where that understanding brings benevolence to all. Peace, as the fullness of potential, always looks for the greater good and does not cower in fear, and it speaks the truth of the inherent worth of all Creations sharing this planet. Nothing is excluded from the Creator’s love, ever. It is time, Dear Ones, for the shadows to give way to the light of love and benevolence that is rooted in the potentials of earth.

Much human-made noise exists in your cultures–voices that tell you that you must fight against everything to truly know peace and security. How much do you let the din impact the way that you perceive yourself and your world? Finding reasons to fight against neighbor, country, or within one’s own self does not work, because the peace it brings is false and short-lived.

True peace asks that all be honored at the table of life as having equal merit. The challenge is to change perceptions and to hollow out a space, if necessary, where those things and people that you have hated and feared can be brought together with the goal of creating benevolent solutions for the benefit of all. It is not so hard to do this, but the human noise is so loud at times, that people forget to feel with their hearts and to see with their higher minds and to remember that all are members of ONE cherished family.


© Cristi Jenkins 2017 All rights reserved. Please feel free to share the link to this blogpost.


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