The Nature of Divine Love

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia, but I am also the breath of love that permeates the cosmos, as well as all aspects of physical creation on earth. Do you realize, Dear Ones, that the types of separation that define earth are not the only reality? If you could step beyond the veil of forgetfulness that shapes your perceptions of the world, you would know that all are connected to Source, already whole, and that there is no need to create the ideas of superiority that shape much of the discord playing out on the planet right now.deer


Some of you ask how you can remember; how you can shift the veil to know this connection and love that is not seen for what it is? Many in your media and governments do not want you to remember that all are seen equally in the heart of the Creator. The divisions created by their manipulations keep the populace living in fear, and as long as fear directs the out-breath of day-to-day existence, difficulties will continue.

Many of you have been taught that to fear god, institutions, different cultures, or even your neighbors is love. How can this be so, when the very breath of existence equally blesses all? Can one person steal this blessing from another? No. Can one person claim that he or she is favored by the Creator because of belief and hog all of the blessings? Yes, but this may be true from the human mind, but this belief does not align with the blessing of love that is bestowed on all inhabitants of earth.

Many of you, in your human minds, have forgotten that the love of the Creator does not judge and condemn life. The Creator does not do this. Many of you have forgotten that even though you may experience differences of belief, that the Creator allows for all human expression and has no favorites.

All beings are loved unconditionally–the religious, the atheist, the secularist. The human labels, which you use to separate and describe each other as too different to be seen as equally blessed, infuse fear and misunderstanding into your minds and hearts. These labels cause you to forget that there is no reason to fear and hate each other.

Within the Creator’s heart, there is no love to be earned or reward to be gained. There is enough love and acceptance for all people and beliefs. These human divisions do not matter to the Creator, because the Creator’s love is unconditional–truly unconditional.

All life is sacred. All life is blessed. All are loved fully and without measure. No thing or no one, no race or creed, no minority or class, no insect, or plant is excluded from the benevolent love that literally blesses every breath that every being, everywhere, experiences. To claim that some are inherently more deserving of the Creator’s love is human illusion and is simply untrue. Heavenly favoritism does not exist, except in the minds of humans.

You all have the choice to live and to consciously choose whether you will or won’t acknowledge the blessing that surrounds you. And even in these choices, if you choose to shut yourself off from consciously acknowledging the blessing and love available to you, the blessing and benevolence still exist, waiting for the time when your heart is ripe to receive the sweetness that has always existed, but which has remained hidden to you.

So many of you have been wounded by the misguided sense of love that has been taught in your religions as the only true way to know the Creator. Many have felt the sting of being told that God can never truly love you without religion, but yet you have known deep in your hearts that this untrue. Many of you are saddened by the religious walls, which purposely divide your human family and communities, and which in turn, deny the love of the Creator that equally blesses everyone. The Creator’s love truly extends unconditional compassion and acceptance to all.

The Creator’s love surpasses the failings of human judgment found at the root of your religious institutions. Many of you chose to experience the conditional love within religion, being made to fear the expression of any love found outside of the worldview. Yet in leaving the religion, and its frame of beliefs, you came to know that the Creator’s love is not confined within any religion’s walls. In this, many of you have discovered great freedom in coming to understand that the Creator’s love is not restricted by human belief of what religions claim can only be one experience of the divine.

The Creator’s love can never be confined within the walls of a church or only to its members. To claim that one must embrace religion to know God is untrue. You are all the inclusive, sacred breath of Creation, and you will never be separated from the love of God, for it IS you already, and has always been you. No one is ever separate from the Creator’s love. Human illusion tells you that it is so, when it is not.

May your hearts open to the benevolent heart of the Creator’s love that flows through the confinement of human thought and leads you to greater wisdom and joy.

© Cristi Jenkins 2017 All rights reserved. Please feel free to share a link to this article.

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