Love: The Changing Face of Reality

Dear Ones,

These are difficult times for many of you. You feel the collective dismay, as those who have spread anger and fear roar and puff themselves up into a spectacle that often seems much larger than it really is. Exaggerating negative, fear-filled possibilities, and limiting truths that reflect a more accurate and benevolent picture are some of the most powerful elements of using fear to control the populace. Perhaps it would be well to ask yourself when you encounter news and/ or propaganda that ask you to very afraid of life, how real it is. Perhaps if you remember that your planet has over seven billion people living and loving on it, this will allow you to not be caught into the negative web that currently shapes your media.

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

The powers that have controlled the monetary systems and ciphered money back to themselves are very adept at manipulating the populace. So are many of your religions and governments are at the root of the problem. For centuries they have worked hand in hand to keep human beings in a type of controlled hypnosis and slavery. They teach people to be afraid to live life without being told what to do by the “experts,” and to give away their power to act authentically and freely in life. Then they label this fear as “love and prosperity” and play a great persuasive game–one that hides the truth from the very people that they purport to love.

How can this be love, when that very love enslaves people to support institutions that do not work for the highest good of all and that prosper off of division? How can love be used as a reason to state that one person is less then the next because of how someone looks, thinks, or what culture they belong to? How can love be used to propel people into conflict where they will justify that stealing and harming those who they believe are less worthy as human beings, simply because they are different? How can love bully and subjugate others in the name of divine progress? Unity cannot fight against itself, yet many of the organizations that claim to be based on love encourage division and conflict. How is this love?bird

How can so many human beings become lost in the ideas that love enslaves in order to protect them from the very ideas, which if allowed to unfold, would truly set them free? This is a good question to ponder. Love does not force, but looks for ways to enhance the experience of living life on earth for everyone and every thing. This, Dear Ones, is why much effort is currently invested by those who have controlled the populace in keeping people afraid, because in this fear, many are not as willing to question their beliefs and to allow different opinions and values to be examined, and to thus unfold for the greater good.

These are difficult times, if you believe the hysteria and ilk being portrayed by the media. It is easy to lose hope. Yet there is hope in your world. Think of the many cultures that thrive on the planet. Think of the billions of people who are living life and learning and loving; the many who appreciate and love the beauty of nature; the many that respect the right of all life-forms to live in joy; the many, who like you, want peace and harmony in the world. When you look at the big picture of life playing out on earth, many more people exist on the planet that want love, compassion, and peace to exist than those who try to persuade you that force and division are the only answer. Many are questioning the validity of those who claim that you must support the governments and religious institutions that have promised you protection and prosperity, but only if you continue to give them your allegiance, time, and wealth.


Many on this earth are tired of the games you have played as humans who have forgotten that the Creator loves all beings with equal love and compassion. Many are tired of the ideas that kill and bully and consume life without regard for the sacredness that blesses every single being and every moment of life on this planet with ultimate potentials. Many more people desire peace and to return to a compassionate existence where all are allowed to work together for the highest good of all. Only a very few profit off of lying to the populace, yet they want you to believe that they are many and invincible and that they know best. They profit off of persuading you to trust that only one way exists to perceive life and to function as your individual societies. This is not unity, Dear Ones. Seeing each other as the enemy is not unity. Seeing each other as one huge family is.

Many of you desire to return to the innate knowing that all are blessed, loved, and honored equally by the Creator. Many of you wish that the human veil of forgetfulness would lift so that all could know that the wars and infighting are unnecessary and are not really real at all. Many of you desire to know that the difficulties of earth are part of the game that you play in your limited consciousness state as humans.

Yes, lessons have been learned as you have forgotten that unity asks that egos be set aside, and then gently loved into seeing that there is room for all to prosper. And when all is said and done, you are eternal beings of love and light having the experience of forgetting who you are, at least while on earth. Everyone of you also has the innate capacity to feel the truth of who you all are–souls who are wise beyond measure, and forever One with the Creator, even within in its vast and expanding diversity. May this remembrance of who you are take root within each of you and may you become a new being in this innate knowledge. May you find hope and joy in each day.


© Cristi Jenkins, 2017 All rights reserved. Please share  a link to this post if you are  so inclined.

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