To Be Authentic

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I embody the collective energy of the planet, both seen and unseen. You sense only a small fraction of the many activities and dimensions that play out upon this earth.  For many of you, it seems that the old, archaic ways of force and manipulation are gaining power and many are losing hope in the benevolence of man and womankind. Yes, it is time to honor the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine as working together in unity.

Many old constructs’ exist in your perceptions of the world that create an inherent bias. You grow up in an environment that skews the focus of power onto the unbalanced masculine and feminine energy. You have seen the results of what has happened when young boys are taught to deny the vibrant, tender emotions that manifest in hurt and tears. “Be a man and deny who you are. Do not cry or I will give you even more pain.” Many of you carry deep wounds from being told that you cannot be who you really are.

And yes, the message is similar for females. Many of you have been taught that you must sacrifice your identity and interpersonal freedom to follow certain roles that have kept you weak and afraid to speak your true voice. Many of you have been taught that you must defer to a male where you may never have equal status. Many men have been taught to see females as less than males, and females have been taught to see men as stronger or more authoritative. And so you must ask yourself the question: How do you undo the many years of these old paradigms that have served to keep you enmeshed in the illusion that men and women are not equal?

You see, Dear Ones, if you look at the world around you, you generally do not observe this same behavior among the animals and insects. birdYou do not see the plants, animals, and insects telling each other that they cannot be who or what they want to be. They do not push each other to be a bear when they are daisy. They act within the breath of the Creator as the blessing surrounds them in being their authenticity.

Humans put on airs and pretend to be who they are not, to fit in with illusions of earth. Your social pressures often push you to behave in ways that when left to yourself you would not behave in such a way. You often don’t act out of fear because of what might happen, and let opportunities pass, that if embraced, have the potential to bring you much joy and growth. You often prefer to stay in the security of pretending to be separate from the blessings and abundance that surround you each moment that you draw breath, because it easier to stay in a place of stagnation, but the choice to move beyond is always yours, Dear Ones. And there truly is no condemnation or judgment in how you choose to live life.

Do you constrict into fear and complacency, or do you allow the challenges that threaten your very identity to become points for growth and understanding? Making the conscious decision to embrace the difficulties and to find gratitude in the moment, for whatever opportunities are presenting themselves, changes the trajectory of your consciousness. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim of life or of other people’s ideas– those who have sought to enslave the populace via mental conditioning and telling you that you have no power–you can release these subtle beliefs.

What does it really mean to be your authentic self? How do you put aside the expectations of gender and culture in living with the courage that sets the things aside that no longer serve you to move into greater awareness?

How do you do that? By bringing gratitude into your life. Look for the blessing each day. Watch how the birds and plant life are content to be in their own element. Watch as they fly and feel the wind creating friction on their feathers. Feel that much more exists to life than your jobs or the many ways that you define and limit yourselves as humans.

See how the elements gathering around you are creating the experience that is akin to eating the sweet fruit in its ripeness. Understand, Dear Ones, that in order to feast on the ripe fruit, that sufficient elements and time must be present for a plant to bear fruit. Patience and allowing life to unfold in its natural state can be a point of love, if you choose to see it as such. Then when your life experience does bear fruit, you must be aware enough to see it for the blessing that it is. Then you may feel that the Creator’s loving benevolence in everyone’s life. Opening one’s heart to this truth is necessary to truly experience the gifts that are all around you.

For many of you, living a life that is more authentic will require letting go of how you have framed yourselves in your houses of denial and blame. You may open the door at any time to claim a more authentic and benevolent you. Know, Dear Ones, that the Creator does not favor one gender over another, or one religion or culture over another. The Creator excludes no one or no thing from its blessing.

Your human constructs have allowed this illusion of heavenly favoritism to become your version of “fake news.” Your authentic being is not confined by social norms or rules. Your authentic self embraces an understanding of self and the connection to the earth, which is also your body, that is deeply personal, wise, and sacred. When you truly begin to understand that you are already sacred and loved beyond measure within your own being, your daily walk will take on joyful meaning, and you will awaken to the Heart of the Creator as your own.


© Cristi Jenkins 2017 All rights reserved. Please share the link to this post freely.

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