To Love in a Darkened World

Dear Colleague of Light and Truth,

We, the support team including Gaia and your Family of Light, understand the difficulties you face at this time. The world is in constant chaos as old structures are fighting to continue to funnel the earth’s bounty to support their own interests. Many of you fear, as you have interacted with these same entities in other lifetimes, that they once again will win and that life will continue to be even more difficult for you. Many of you have lost hope that benevolence and fairness can be the vanguard of your existence. Many of you want to step outside of the dense and dark energies that seem to pervade every aspect of your existence. Breathe, Dear Ones, connect your breath to the flow of unity that truly guides all of Creation.leaf heart

You live in a very challenging world, where parameters have been relaxed, and in some cases prohibited, that have allowed inequities and deceptions to be the mainstream perceptions. Indeed it seems that little hope remains for humanity, especially as reported by your mainstream media. Indeed the illusion that human beings are the only creatures of any importance is pounded into your minds, but many of you know it is not true.

There is a greater reality playing out. Many of you feel it in your hearts but don’t know how to interpret it. Many of you yearn to be at Oneness with all peoples, cultures, and life forms that share your world. How do you do it, especially when the feedback you see so often emphasizes an arrogance that demands the exact opposite? Do not be fooled by this illusion that asks all of you to be less then you really are, that asks you to set aside the innate knowing within that all are intrinsically connected and deserving of the bounty that Creation offers all. To claim that only one group is worthy of life’s abundance and that the natural balance offered by the earth is to be exploited and destroyed to serve only a few is antithetical for the good and intrinsic honor of all beings. Continue reading