Human Free Will and Degrees of Truth

Dear Ones,

Many varied truths exist in your human experience. Indeed varied truths exist across all of Creation. How is this so, you may ask? The answer is quite simple. The Creator, in its divine wisdom, desired to explore parts of itself via splitting into different variants of consciousness. In doing so, it determined that allowing experience within the parameters of free will would bring about the greatest good and growth.


Now, the concept of parameters of consciousness and the human idea of free will seem to contradict each other; do they not? How can free will be limited? Humans tend to see free will as the ability to make choices without boundaries. In a sense, this is true, as many divergent and often opposing and conflicting “truths” play out in your world. Yet there exists a parameter upon which these various “truths” exist and jostle against each other.

This parameter or framework, to explain this differently, is that many of the truths playing out on earth, strengthen the illusion that you are separate from, and therefore “less-than” the divine love of Source. The greater truth is that because of the many human truths that you embrace as your reality, you do not believe that you are worthy of aligning with the ultimate benevolence of the Creator, which blesses every breath of your life, without condition. The illusion is that in the human form, you are imperfect, when you are not. You are as a human entity, a perfect expression of the Creator’s love and you contain within your being the Creator’s desire to explore and to understand itself better.

The Creator loves every creation on earth unconditionally and fully. If humans could collectively learn to set aside the fearful linear scripts, which tend to polarize your lives between us and them, you would see society’s throw-aways and those with conflicting values with different eyes. You would know that they too are equally loved and cherished as part of the universal life-force–in spite of the jarring hats they may have chosen to wear in this lifetime.iris

If humans would acknowledge that you too have lived similar lifetimes and have learned valuable lessons because of the difficult experiences, it would not be as easy to point the finger at those who you think are too different and to dismiss their lives as meaningless.   When you learn to see others, in spite of their diversity, as spiritual equals having a veiled human experience–the same as you–it allows you to perceive others from a similar place of identity–that you are all beings of light, loved unconditionally by the Creator, while living in a filtered experience of earth.

And again this is where the many human truths come into play. The more that you can step back and to see how these human “truths”–which are just ideas in people’s minds–yet are often seen as sacred and necessary to physical and spiritual survival–it will be easier for you to take the plethora of human “truths,” which may seem like lies, and to begin to sift through them and to see them differently.

Human free-will is often perceived as the need to build a mental fortress against opposing ideas, to defend and argue one’s worldview as better than another.   Yet, many human ideas or “truths” for one person or group may be the exact opposite “truth” for your neighbor. Even though to you, other people’s “truths” may not be so true, denying people their voice in expressing the validity of their experiences and values, only strengthens the cacophony of duality and furthers the polarization currently playing out on earth. Many of you have forgotten how to listen with compassion and to hold the other in your heart as a spiritual equal, especially if you disagree.

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

Is there a solution, Dear Ones? Oh, there are many solutions and potentials that you face. Do you see the key truth? Your free will, at any given moment, has the power to create the highest potentials where all are blessed. It does not matter if one is religious, or not. All are equally blessed with the Creator’s blessing, in every moment, as you navigate through life with your many choice points. This is the highest truth.

Currently, your world seems to jostle with many chaotic energies, where once-hidden agendas and attempts to control the populace are coming to light. Yes, it often creates fear and anger and brings up many of the human emotions that have enslaved you to ideologies of the past, not only in this lifetime, but also in the other life-streams. For many of you, the current state of affairs brings up remembrances of lifetimes where similar energies and conflicts emerged and did not go so well for you, at least from a human perspective. For many of you reading this, the current events playing out in the world create fear, because you carry a cellular remembrance of how you suffered.

Do not be afraid, Dear Ones. Breathe in the Creator’s breath of Unity as a conscious act of bringing the highest potentials to life. Let this reawakening to the Creator’s ever-present benevolence fill you with the blessing that the Creator bestows on all beings. Remember that the Creator’s blessing of Unity goes before all of Creation, and sets the framework upon which all beings exist and experience life.


Whether you walk with blessing and see life through the heart of benevolence and greater foresight, and seek to exist in joy in a world shaped by duality and opposing forces, or whether you close your eyes to the perpetual blessing surrounding you, is your choice. This is human free will in action. Potentials always exist for you to seek the optimal and highest good of all. May you choose wisely and with the greatest compassion for all beings.

With all my love,