Allowing a Space for Greater Compassion

Dear Ones,

These are interesting times; are they not? Indeed the very fabric of your society seems to be falling apart at the seams, to borrow a well-known cliché. Yet borrowing this cliché has it purpose. Why?



Because you as a collective humanity have woven together a complicated and oft time deceptive tapestry about what is and is not important in life. Governments, political parties and religions have woven their own viewpoint into the collective consciousness, manipulating the people to only see one way as viable. Really, many viable potentials exist, but as long as you continue to only entertain the solutions that play off of fear and lack, and how you are being wronged by the other person, you are only slipping deeper into the unconscious milieu in which you currently find yourselves.So how do you move beyond the chaos that surrounds you? How do you find the seed of common ground that is first believable, but that also shines clearly enough so that all can see that greater compassion is what will heal your world? Insisting that others are at fault for your own unwise actions does not solve anything, because it allows the illusions of lack and separation to continue. Until people begin to look at their own hearts, minds, and actions and to see that creating fear and division is not love, the collective solutions will continue to evade you.cross

To believe that God condones acts of violence in its name is a human construct. Although the Creator allows all expression to take place, the Creator’s unconditional love asks that this same love and compassion be extended to all of the earth’s family. This does not just apply to human kind, but to all of earth’s inhabitants.


It is a grand and indeed self-serving illusion when humans believe that they are loved more by the Creator and that they are the most deserving to live life fully. This illusion has shaped many of your religions and has led many of you to lose track of the true connection that you have with the many life-forms inhabiting the earth.

As long as you disrespect and selfishly insist that human actions have little bearing on the planet, you are guilty of being unwise stewards. Many complain that they prefer better options, but many governments and corporations only provide those measures and alternatives that continue to harm the environment. There are other options, Dear Ones. Do not be fooled when those in power say that you must believe what they say, especially when it is at the cost of the greater good for all.


Human beings often fear what they do not know, and often times the fear prevents the very best solutions from materializing. It is of utmost importance during this time of the collision between old and the new potentials that can result in a better world for everyone, that you do not continue to polarize your views. Even though you may not agree with people, it is important to understand that your heritage, as awakening souls of light, consists of being able to see the good in people, even when you disagree.

Let the seed of finding the divinity in each person become the common ground for creating the greatest good. If you fear someone, find the common ground of wanting to be loved and safe, and let that grow and to create a bond of trust. Too many times the human need to see ones’ self and its group as the best around prevents you from seeing that goodness and a ripeness for positive change exists in those who you may have previously called your enemies.

It is time, Dear Ones to feel deeply into your hearts and to allow your higher minds to shape your perceptions, especially when conflicts arise. Give yourselves the time to step back, to experience the emotions that may well up inside and then ask your higher self the question, “What can I do in this moment that brings harmony and allows the greatest potential for mutual understanding and respect to arise?” Too often, you do not even take the time to ask and to feel the solutions to these types of questions because fear causes you to shut down the higher heart and mind and move into survival mode.



It is time to move beyond the old way of thinking. As you turn to greater acts of compassion and in viewing all humans, even those with whom you disagree, as your spiritual equals, doors will begin to open, and solutions that are around you, will begin to be seen.

© Cristi Jenkins All rights reserved. Please feel free to share as long as the text remains unchanged and a link to the post is provided.

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