How to Bring Unity to Life

Dear Ones,

As your months pass, moving further into what seems to be the ever-increasing chaos of earth, it is hard for many of you to see beyond the turmoil that engulfs your current existence. Ideas and beliefs seem to clash on every corner and so many of you cry out for peace and greater understanding.


There is a greater truth playing out, Dear Ones, and it is this. The darkness that you see as pervading your politics and religious influences is only a mask. The mask is one that reflects the fear of those who have held the collective in a type of mind control. Yes it real, as it plays upon the basic fears of being able to survive and to have enough in life.

The organizations, as they currently stand, create an ongoing scenario, a drama per se, that causes people to believe that the entities are needed for the people to prosper. In reality, the organizations need the people to believe that they are the saviors to all, so that they can continue to receive the money and attention that has kept the institutions well-fed and always looking for more wealth and support from the people who they claim to serve above their own interests.

This has been the state of the planet for some time and yes, it is changing; however, the change comes with growing pains, so to speak. Your internet is allowing alternative voices, which have been squelched by the powerful institutions to speak a truth to a large audience. This is now happening in ways where these dissenting voices have previously not been able to be heard.


This exposure causes the powerful to fear because they realize that their lies and secrets are losing the power to control the populace. It is not a negative thing, Dear Ones, as the old knots that have kept humanity doubting in their ability to work together for the highest good are gradually unwinding. It takes time however for true change to undo the old and to move into a better way that honors the dignity and sovereignty of all human beings.

Those who have controlled the masses for years through their wealth and manipulation of humanity, as well as the monetary systems of your current world, are not going to give up easily and that is at the root of some of your conflicts taking place on earth right now.

More conflict arises from people’s needs being ignored, and the internet also gives them a voice and venue upon which to express those views and frustrations. So it can be said, Dear Ones, that much of what is transpiring on your world today is the rise of sovereign voices that have not been heard. It forces people to see the realities of life that have been ignored for too long by those controlling the media, governments, and religions. Much of what is being communicated is ugly and hard and it cries like a small child to be heard and nurtured in the ways that would be most beneficial to it. People want to be heard and respected.

You have a human tendency to categorize your experience by how well it fits in with your own beliefs. You see what happens in the world and use it to reinforce your beliefs if it feels comfortable to you. If it reflects a different truth, you tend to ignore the plight of others as not affecting you, or conversely may look at the difference as even threatening your own well-being. These divisions have been going on for quite some time and are deeply engrained in the unconscious parts of the human brain. So what is the solution, Dear Ones?

red leaves

How do you overcome the tendency to avoid what does not feel comfortable to you? How do you see your neighbor as valuable when he publicly dismisses everything you hold dear and declares it as a threat to his well-being? How do you manage your own fear that the other may try to destroy what you hold dear? How do you learn to allow for greater humanity when the bridge that divides you does not allow all people to cross the divide to see that life really is not so threatening on the other side as you once believed?

Your technology holds the key to part of this, but it also asks that you are willing to take a step back and to be aware of how you continue to create the divisions that jostle about in your reality. Although your social media is a wonderful tool for spreading ideas and raising collective consciousness, it also has a shadow side that contributes to bigotry and to the continuation of the same types of ideas that have plagued humanity.

All too often, lies are being spread through your social media and your unconscious brain will usually accept them as true if you agree with them. It is good to question, Dear Ones, the source of any propaganda, whether you agree with it or not.

Too often social media is becoming a tool for those on both sides of the bridge to rally their supporters and to refuse to listen to those who do not agree with them. This is counterproductive in seeking the higher good. How do you transcend the tribalism that has caused you to think unconsciously and to only hear what you think is right? When you realize how your own unconscious thinking causes you to not trust your neighbor, then how do you persuade your neighbor to also learn to see you with less fear?

a hummingbird flutters in the air

The unconscious brain creates quite a quandary, does it not? Making a conscious effort to mingle and interact with those who you see as very different than you will build mutual respect. Refusing to add your apparent acceptance of lies and stretched truths on social media will also help to restore a sense of personal integrity and will not feed the tribal mechanisms that wish to divide the world and communities.

It is wise to ask how religions and governments will profit by continuing to create a need for dividing the people. It is also wise to ask if division is even necessary for people to prosper. How can the highest good of all be attained when all voices are not honored and heard equally?

Many half-truths have shaped your reality and it is time to look at your lives more objectively. Take the time to step back and to ask how life can be restructured so that compassion becomes the norm instead of the exception. How can you restructure your own life to reflect what you truly believe and not to be sucked into the opinion vortex that divides you so that you cannot even see your human family for what it truly is–a perfect mirror of you.

Remember, Dear Ones, that you are all beings of divine, unconditional love, and your souls are having a very limited conscious experience of earth as human expressions. Trust that the ability is within each of you to create the highest and most compassionate solutions. Realize that it also requires moving beyond unconscious thinking, which causes people to continue to frame the world as us and them, and to learn to interact in life via the higher heart and mind–which reflects your truest state of being, as souls having a veiled experience of earth.

All my love, Gaia

© Cristi Jenkins 2016 Please feel free to share with a link to this post and proper credit.