How to Listen to Each Other

Dear Ones,

Many events are currently happening across the face of the earth that seem disheartening and even threatening to your established views, habits, and ways of being. The real issue at hand is how do you want to perceive your own life? Do you want to cower in fear and to ride upon the mass hysteria that at times seems to be overrunning common sense, or do you want to create a sense of peace within your own being that speaks deeply from your soul and whispers that all is as it is exactly meant to be.flower

You see, Dear Ones, you are moving through a time of great shifts where it indeed seems that you are regressing into paradigms of violence–ones that feed the mass conscious ideas of tribalism that continue to shape much of your current world.

So who is right and who is wrong? This question is often asked. Many of you have noticed that even those answers are serving to polarize the populace into an even greater division over who is better at perceiving reality than the next person. Yet the truth is that reality is exactly what you perceive it to be. Many human-based truths exist on this planet, all shaped by human consciousness. Continue reading