How to Love Beyond Fear


Dear Ones,

The last few months on earth have been difficult ones for many of you. All are impacted in ways that you may not yet understand. For you see, Dear Ones, that the collective energy of consciousness on the planet is not stagnant and when events occur that seem to shake you to the very core of belief in the goodness of humanity, know that all is not as it seems. Many of you have held great hope in your hearts that as the transition into a kinder and more benevolent earth begins, that it would be instantaneous. For the majority of those inhabiting earth in human form, the collective transition seems slow and much too violent for your tastes.

crystal and flower

Some teach that it is wise to remain in a state of disconnection to the realities that continue to shape your world. You are counseled by some to hold such a high vibration that you are beyond the everyday strife that still fights as human values. Many, and there is no judgment by Source in this decision as well, choose to let their ego become a part of this practice, to see themselves as somehow better than those who have not yet awakened to the yearnings within their own hearts for a freer and more loving relationship with earth and the human family. This is what you call base human nature–to see one’s self as preferred or as somehow better than the person you do not understand so well or who manifests a difference that is uncomfortable to you.


Some of you may not realize this, but thinking in this manner, from a place of ego, also creates a sense of disconnection from life. By seeing self as disconnected from the rest of your human family, as somehow above them, it continues the illusion of the very separation from the love of Source that you want so much to overcome. All experience is equally valued and honored by the Creator. Much of your collective transition at this time deals with re-evaluating the human ideas that have kept consciousness at bay, so to speak, because of the need to see experience as “us and them.”

You see, Dear Ones, it behooves you to understand the importance of clarity of thought and action in creating the foundation for bringing more love, light, and harmony into the world; yet, to be so outside of the realities of day to day life on earth does not serve you so well. Perhaps it would be wise to ask a different type of question. How can I, as an enlightened being carry this greater harmony into my everyday dealings in life, into all aspects of my being human? How can I be love and unobtrusively offer hope when many around me are struggling to find hope? How can I fully bring this enlightened vibratory field completely into the physical reality of being in a body?

The answer is simple, yet complex. From the soul’s perspective, being love in the physical world is simple because it sees its human expression as the embodiment of love as a constant state, even when the human expression does not fully understand that there truly is no separation from the unconditional love that is the essence shaping all of Creation. flowerFor the human who struggles to see itself as always existing in this love, but whose human programming has caused it to suffer because of fear and its own shadowed perceptions, it may not be so easy to bridge the gap into the understanding that all experience is and has been supported and based on love.

Many of your religions have taught that the human being is sinful in nature and that human actions must be categorized into a type of behavioral hierarchy that favors and rewards certain actions over others. This has caused many of you to forget, Dear Ones, that all life, all experience begins in blessing. This is the true way of the Creator. Every single action that every being has taken on earth has been in the Creator’s blessing. Even those who have chosen to come into life to experience and in many cases become enslaved to the darkest and most violent energies, and who have acted from those energies are still blessed in their experience.

All human choice is supported by the Creator. What does that say about your collective experience?

Do you realize what this means, Dear Ones? Do you realize that your human constructs of right and wrong may not reflect the higher truth? Do you realize that each one of you has journeyed on this planet in many incarnations and you too have chosen to live the life of the murderer, or thief, the zealot, the abuser and abused, or the person crippled with disease or famine? Do you not realize that when you see those things that stir the deepest fears for you in life, that they are often those very things that you have experienced in other life streams?

Do you not see, that parts of you truly understand why choosing to live a darkened and violent life did not serve you so well? There is no need to be afraid of this part of your self. Do you not see how this understanding of those things you consider to be vile and beneath you also connects you to the collective experience of humanity played out over many lifetimes? Do you not sense the wisdom that these experiences have gifted you? Do you not sense the bigger picture?

garden blissHow can you see anyone as less then your own existence, especially when you understand that you have a shared legacy of choosing to live in darkness and then learning to emerge out of it with greater clarity, understanding, and wisdom? In having lived and known firsthand the fears behind the messages that cause others to wound self and their human family, you also hold the key to providing the answers–the healing balm for those who have temporarily lost their way. Listen and feel it, Dear Ones. You have more in common than you think.

Do not be afraid of living life, Dear Ones. The soul is not separate from its human expression. I urge you to feel this truth, and to breathe this knowledge deeply into your being and to let the alchemy of unconditional love shape your perceptions into one of unity with all things. Yes, difficulties will continue to be a part of earth, but when you consciously carry the light and energy of unconditional love vibrating in your cells and physical body, you will feel a tremendous change come into your consciousness. Feel your feet touching the earth as you breathe love and compassion. When you understand that all levels of your being reflect and operate on unconditional love and compassion, then that alchemy will also extend to how you see the world around you.

All my love,



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