The Healing Breath

My Dear Cohabitants of Earth,

I laugh at my partner because she often does not know how to begin the channeled message, as it takes a bit for her to transition to the energy that I convey for communication. Yet there is a larger truth in this action, or hesitancy on her part, because it reflects a misconception that is widely held by human beings, particularly those who have been taught to cut yourselves off from the flow of love and life that comprise the fundamental constructs of your physical reality. For you see, Dear Ones, that you have been taught on every level to see yourselves as separate from the love of the Universe.


You do not realize that the very breath, every breath connects you to the fundamental structure of the universe’s loving influence. Yet even though you connect many times through the day via your own breath, you still continue to be unconscious as to what that means. I sometimes smile at my partner because she thinks that she must stop and set her energies to receive what I have to communicate to her. It is true that in other times, setting much time aside to prepare for communication was the accepted protocol for communicating with the divine. But it was a silly notion, because in reality the divine is you, and has always been you, and to see yourselves as separate from that in any way is part of the grand illusion.

Yes this grand illusion of seeing yourselves as outside of the continual patterns of love and consciousness contributes to a sense of disease. How can you believe that you are separate from love when you are not? For you see, Dear Ones, your cells know that you are always connected to love, that the consciousness of Mother/Father God and of the very building blocks of creation dwell within you already with perfect consciousness. Yet many of you believe that you must go into times of sacrifice or of spending large amounts of money to learn how to be one with the Oneness that you already are.

Do you not see how this looking for love outside of yourselves when you already love, itself is part of the illusion? There is no need to look outside of yourselves for greater wisdom or a lasting and beautiful connection to the love of the universe, because it is already you. It is already here.

Many of you, from living numerous lifestreams struggle with surrendering to the love that you already are. You tend to look at your experiences on earth in a linear fashion, and that in a sense, limits your reality. You say to yourselves, “Well, because I have lived 552 lifetimes enmeshed in the illusion of being separate from my own divine love, the accumulation of those illusions are strong and are going to take a long time to undo.” As long as you believe this is true, it will be so.


Healing via Holy Wisdom

There is a different way to experience this, Dear Ones–one that will allow you to heal and bring the balance of unconditional love into your consciousness. In the tradition of Hohkmah, embracing the Holy Mother’s wisdom, all aspects of self, all of her children are invited to come together to feast at the table of life. There they must learn to get along. There they are asked to give up the illusions of who they once thought they were in order to see that they are all loved and valued without measure or condition.

As you learn to offer unconditional love to the many aspects of yourself, which often fight for your attention, when you learn to act as a surrogate parent, so to speak to them, that offers a place of acceptance and honor for every aspect that your soul has chosen to experience, where all may come together in a greater understanding of the one Oneness, which underlies the diversity that comprises Creation. You see, in this sense, this healing and coming together of your own lives, serves as a microcosm of the many levels of Creation currently playing out. The fragmented and wounded parts are now returning to the knowledge of their own Oneness with Source. And so is the grand plan.

The Grand Paradox Behind Being Love

Many of you believe, due to mass conscious belief, that you are unworthy of experiencing and being this love in every moment of every day, yet you already are this love. So how do you believe that you truly are this love? How do you remove the many lifetimes and overlays of belief that you have carried within your DNA, which have confirmed over and over that you are lacking and are somehow unworthy of being your divine birthright, even the Creator’s love? Must you slog through life with the idea that you must continue to suffer because you are less than the perfection that is the Creator? Only if you choose to do so.


Some in your current culture hold the belief that enlightenment is a spontaneous and lasting change of life. Do not compare your attempts to know love with those of others, as it only serves to strengthen the illusion that you are not enough, and that is simply not so, because you are already the perfect, pure and everlasting love of the Creator. Do you not see, just because you do not believe that you embody the Creator’s love, does not mean that it is not so, but the illusion for many is strong, and it continues to impact how you perceive your world. This idea of separation from who you truly are also affects your health because your cells carry the consciousness of the Creator, but they also respond on a very intimate level according to your own thoughts.

Using the Breath as a Healing Balm

I will give you an exercise that if you take the time to practice it daily, even to the point where it becomes second nature, you will begin to understand that you are the love of the universe. Much of the illusion you currently experience stems from the belief that you are separate from the very breath that gives life on earth. Some of your traditions hold that the Creator’s breath is the fundamental component in creating and allowing experience. This is indeed true, and this breath blesses all.


The exercise is simple but profound and is based on finding the conscious breath. When you breathe, breathe with the feeling that you are breathing in the unifying love of the universe. When you breathe out, breathe with the feeling that you are contributing to the great unifying breath of atmosphere that keeps plants and animals alive on earth. Many of you have held the idea that the body’s waste is unholy, but nothing can be farther from the truth. It is all part of the cycle that gives physical life to earth and connects all beings. All parts of you are loved unconditionally. Please allow yourselves to feel the truth of this.

When you begin to understand, to feel that the in-breath is no different than the out-breath in connecting you to life, then a grand alchemy takes place. Why? The remembering changes the body on a cellular level, because it realizes that there is no longer a need to fight against itself. This practice, if done consciously will awaken a newfound, yet ancient sense of belonging, and for many, it will act as a healing balm for the many aspects of self that are now returning to an understanding of Unity. It is time for all aspects of self to come home.

© Cristi Jenkins, 2016, All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to share as long as appropriate attribution is given and the next remains in its original form.

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