A Tale of Two Worlds

Dear Ones, I am Gaia and I am a collective energy of the forces that comprise the universe. Yet I am as small as the atom that vibrates in every physical structure here on earth. I am the beauty of each setting sun that spreads it color upon the landscape, and I am also the darkness of night that moves across the planet, visiting all in equal measure. I am all of these and more and less. What do I mean by this?

sunsetDear Ones, much exists that you cannot understand with your human minds. Much, much, much goes on that you cannot sense or see while in your bodies of flesh and bone. Yet this is part of the mystery that is being human, is it not? To live in a world that seems finite, limited, and unknowable; yet it embraces the infinite in every sense. Your human perceptions cause you to sink into despair and to see things as dark and even hopeless.

There is wisdom, Dear Ones, in not trying to understand all that is happening on the earth at this time. Many of your political structures, should we say, are unleashing the controlling mechanisms that have manipulated the populace around the globe for centuries. To see the animus and disdain for those who are different, for many, is frightening for it awakens within your cellular structure memories of when similar energies have been allowed to play out on the planet.

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

Photo Credit: NASA Globe West 2048

For many of you, the outcomes were not so favorable then, and it resulted in much frustration as you fought the forces that used fear and death to control the populace and to essentially force the people to serve the institutions own ends. Many of you served in the opposite capacity, where you cruelly carried out your leader’s plans, and then were ashamed when you saw the grief and suffering caused by your actions. Many of you are experiencing a reawakening of these conflicts as your political frameworks are making room for a new way of interacting.


It is clear that the old ways of coercion and bigotry still have appeal for some. Being able to see theses antics with such clarity, as these controlling forces raise their heads and bellow as if fighting for their last breath, communicates their growing fear that their days are numbered. As more and more people awaken to higher consciousness, the divide between what you call good and evil will seem to increase. Indeed, do you not see this and does is not cause you to fear?

Do not lose hope in the beauty and goodness that is humanity. Yes, there are those who will bully and push people to see their way, but their tactics are not so hidden now, are they? Those who have manipulated the populace to keep them in power, when they have unraveled the very laws that would protect the people’s wellbeing, are now being fed their own foul soup.

For many on earth, it is a turbulent time, yet there exists no criticism or judgment of what is transpiring by Mother/Father God. Indeed, what you are experiencing now is quite typical of planets as they move from darkness into greater clarity and light. Do not let yourselves be caught up in the tendency to blame or scapegoat that which you fear, for it also plays a part, indeed a very important part, in bringing to light what needs to be changed for this world to create greater peace, love, and compassion.


You have collectively chosen to create a darkened world of self-imposed separation from the unconditional love and compassion that is the unified field of Mother/Father God. butterflyThis field is now coming into balance, but in your human world of density, misperception, and illusion, it is going to take time for humans to make the choices that will lead to a more peaceful world. You are seeing and living this transition right now, Dear Ones.



Do not be afraid, but instead choose to hold the light of compassion and love for all those who may be struggling with and still resisting the higher consciousness and compassion that is becoming more and more real each day. See each person as your human family. When a person claims that there is only one way to see life, be patient, and hold the love within your own heart that allows you to know that life is diverse, beautiful, and that enough love exists for all to be understood as a human family. This common thread that unifies all is the unconditional love of the Mother/Father God. This unifying love is ready to awaken in your being, fully and without measure, should you allow it to work its alchemy within you.

©  Cristi Jenkins, All Rights Reserved

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