The Challenges of Religious Belief

My Beloved Colleagues if Light and Love,

I am Gaia and indeed I embody a collective energy that includes every soul who has ever taken human and other physical form on earth. Every breath that you take resonates with this connection, Dear Ones, every heartbeat declares to the universe that your life on earth is a blessing. Is it not grand, Dear Ones, to know, to feel, that you are a blessing to this planet, indeed to all of Creation?

leaf face

So many of you carry the wound, generated across many life-streams of struggle and illusion that your lives do not matter so much. Many of you have turned to religions to give you a sense of identity that already resides within your cellular structure and within the many aspects that comprise your emotional body.

Many of you have been taught to see life from one specific religious identity, as the most preferred, and the only group that is truly aligned with the highest truth of Source. But yet that belief has encouraged separation and division from the rest of earth’s inhabitants. This belief, although it is claimed as the love of God, is not a love that unifies and seeks universal connection.

The Evolution of Religion

You see, it was not always so, Dear Ones. The early roots of your religions taught that all life was sacred and that there was no division or hierarchy between the physical and the spiritual. Life was seen as a circle, a very ancient and sacred motif, which saw all life as cyclical and revisiting aspects of itself, as it expanded and took on greater understanding of what it meant to act within the breath and heart of the Supreme Creator.

A number of your religions have lost their way from their original intent. Over the years, and as they became more vested in political structures and in furthering their institutional agendas, much of their original purpose was lost. The earliest vestiges of religion connected the human being to the universal breath and flow of unconditional love. Initiates, or those who participated in early religious rituals, understood that the quest for mastery was metaphorical and did not require a literal interpretation of the religion’s content. Knowing self was key and in that knowledge, greater wisdom and understanding was imbued upon the human being.


As time passed, religions forgot the shared connection to each other and to the original Source that exists in Unity. They began to see themselves as separate from those who believed differently and as preferred by a Creator who loves everyone on condition. They forgot who they are and that the Creator does not hold any human being or any life form, for that matter, as greater or lesser, or more privileged than another. They began to believe that the human is born into natural darkness and fear, and that it needed something outside of itself to bring light into their lives.

To Be Separate from Unity is not Truth

They forgot this fundamental truth–that the breath of Unity sent forth by the Supreme Creator permeates every single aspect of Creation. Life was never meant to be a curse, Dear Ones, in any way. The opposite is true. I wish for you to feel this in your heart. Every act, every breath, every birth, every death, every triumph, every failure, every doubt, every success is brought forth in blessing. Every single act that every human does, says, acts upon, and thinks is blessed by the Creator.

a fall leaf on a sundial

So what does this tell you, Dear Ones? Does it tell you that you must continue to denigrate yourselves as a species simply because you did not understand that all life on earth is blessed? Yes, even your mistakes are blessed, Dear Ones. Every error that you have ever made is blessed with the love and wisdom of the Creator.

How can this be a blessing, you may ask? Because you have learned valuable lessons when you have made mistakes. You have learned valuable lessons when you have chosen to confront the very constructs and beliefs that told you that you were only loveable and worthy if you followed certain rules. Such is one of the greatest truths offered to those who have freed their lives from the ideas of sin and punishment often taught within your religions.

The Gift of Personal Freedom

Was it not a great, even a tremendous gift when you came to understand that the Creator’s love transcended those rules and those ideas that taught you to hate and fear those who were different than you? Did you not rejoice when you began to understand and to truly feel that what you had been taught was wrong and to begin to open to the beautiful truth that the Creator loves all of its creations without measure and without exceptions?

As you began to understand this trust and to allow it to shine within your being, it often created pushback from those who knew you. They could sense a huge opening in you and for many it scared them, because it caused them to question their own core values and many were not ready to do so. In the process, you often felt alone and misunderstood as you stepped away from the beliefs that insisted that religion exists to protect and nurture the valuable children of the Creator. Ironically you knew with greater clarity of how this illusion was untrue, yet you also understood a truth that could allow you to interact with your home team, from a new and more compassionate perspective.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 10.55.09 AM

The Price of Authenticity

For many of you, it has not been an easy journey and many of you have had to set aside old relationships of friends and family, not because you felt disdain or condemnation towards them, but because you chose to live life from a higher love that brought the consciousness of Unity into your being. Often the fears held by those who you once loved the most, caused them to decide to cut you off, to push you away, and to see you as an expression of evil.

Their own fears prevented them from seeing the opportunity you presented to expand their concept of love into one of greater Unity. It is an interesting point that many religions in the world are intended to bring people to the highest love of the Creator, yet they have largely become a force for dividing the human family across many cultures. This is beginning to change, Dear Ones.

Do not despair if you have been asked by the greater good to step out of your own past and to be a light-bearer of truth. It is not an easy path to travel, as many of you know, and many of you have done it well. In the bitter and rigid face of fear you have responded with compassion, love, and a deeper understanding of your true self. In this you are to be commended, for your courage and commitment to living with greater compassion.

sunriseIt is my deepest desire, Dear Ones–my colleagues of light and love in the truest sense–that you continue to be the light of love. Do not despair when the darkness seems to gather round. Know that you are surrounded by angels and beings of light who bear you up and support you in your important work that you continue to do. Know that all of the earth’s inhabitants are loved, greatly, and without condition by the most loving and benevolent force in all of Creation. May this knowledge continue to birth and grow within you. You are the seeds of Creator love incarnate.

My fondest blessings to each of you,



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