How to Live as a Being of Love

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia, and I come to you as the energy of a great collective; for indeed that is what the energy of Unity entails; does it not? Many, many entities, life forms and degrees of consciousness come together in the cause of furthering the common good for all beings.


From Human Eyes

As human beings you tend to look at your experiences on earth from an egocentric stance. Years of religious ideas and a general movement away from the truths, which once were evident, have created a rift in your basic and essential understanding that all beings on earth, and in the cosmos as well, are One heart and One mind.

How is this so, you may ask? With so much divisiveness and contention in this world, how can we possibly ever be One? Yes, there are many who scoff at this idea, but they believe a fallacy. The heart of the Creator allows for different expressions. In your world of duality, Dear Ones, you have come to see those who disagree with you as your enemy. They are not. They are your cosmic brothers and sisters.

On a soul level, you are aware and know every human being who resides on this planet. You are connected through the streams of consciousness that comprise the heart of Creation, for you all carry the love of Mother/Father God as a pure and brilliant light within your own being. And it is this light that will show you the way to interact in ways that will nurture greater respect and value for all of earth’s inhabitants.

a sun dog circle around the sun

The Light of Compassion

What is this light? It is a light, which inherently and at your deepest levels of consciousness, asks you to see every being as your spiritual equal. Yes, they may be despised by society and considered to be a lesser class, but those are purely human constructs, Dear Ones–solely the world defined by the human mind. Is this not even more of a reason to extend compassion to those who are different than you or who are despised by society?

For you see, in bearing a heart that allows all beings a place to act in accordance with their own soul’s lessons on earth, without human judgment, you honor them as a fellow traveler in this very difficult world. When you extend compassion, from a place of knowing who you both really are, the human who is not yet awake to his or her own light, knows the truth in his or her own heart. It gives them the opportunity to ponder on their own worth in a different way. Why? Because they feel the love of the enlightened human and that love and compassion speaks to them in a way that they may not understand with their mind, but their heart feels the truth. They sense that they are indeed valued and loved without measure, just like each of you, by the Creator of us all.

A cloud in the sky in a heart shape


The Reality of Love

And so you see, Dear Ones, that living as an enlightened human does not ask that you set yourself up as better than, or in any way superior to those who have not yet awakened to their own inherent light. Seeing yourself in any way that is separate from those who share this difficult journey of earth is also a fallacy. Since you all carry the love of the Creator within you, that loving knowledge knows no separation from its pure Source. No being exists that is less than or greater than any other. In the Creator’s eyes, light workers are no grander than those who have yet to awaken to the truth of who they really are. You are all loved and esteemed equally by Mother/Father God. That is how it has always been and will always be.

And so here you have the great mystery within the grand plan of Creation. You began as beings who had a deep and loving connection to the Creator and to its ever present light. There was no question in your being about your worth and value. As a part of gaining wisdom, you chose to fragment yourself until the illusion deepened and you truly felt like you experienced life from a place of being separate from the love of the Creator.


The Blessing of Eternal Love

Everything carries the love of the Creator, Dear Ones, absolutely everything. Life IS the love of the Creator and every act is created within the realm of its blessing. Because humankind has collectively chosen to go deeper into the illusion, where all seems divided, polarized and is far from the heart of Unity, you are now gifting Creation and yourselves. You are now experiencing the opportunity to rediscover the joy of returning to the arms and heart of Mother/Father God, remembering that every breath that you take is a holy remembrance of that sacred connection. You indeed move within the breath of Unity and always have. To be a human being who is aware of this unconditional love as the life force of Creation is a grand blessing indeed.

As humans, so much of your unconscious existence has focused on letting life act upon you. You have tended to see yourselves as entities that are outside of the natural cycles of the earth and also separate from the unseen energies of Unity and balance that fill the universe. It is time to remember, Dear Ones, with every conscious breath, that you are indeed connected to the Creator’s heart and boundless love. You are all the Creator’s heart–every single one of you. This heart, in its purest form, is love and unconditional compassion for all human expression. It is time to return home to the love of Unity that has always dwelled within your hearts and is now awakening to your truest nature.


© Cristi Jenkins All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to share this post.

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