Your Shared Consciousness

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I carry the energy and heart of the Divine Mother within my being. What does this mean for all of you? The answer is simple, Dear Beloveds; you also carry the love and light of the Divine Mother within your beings every moment that you draw breath.water reflection

Yes it is true that even after you leave your body of flesh and carbon-based reality, that the love of the Divine Mother and Father continues to work with your discarded essence, as it reforms and manifests in different life forms.

Many of you have lost track of the truth that all of physicality carries the love of the Divine Mother and Father within it. Many of you have been taught in your religions that being in a human body of flesh is paramount to all other life-forms and that is simply not so, Dear Ones. The love of the Creator permeates, intermingles and moves throughout all of Creation with the breath of unconditional love and compassion. This love, this energy is in the particles of sand, the molecules of air, the atoms that comprise the vast rivers of blood that course through your bodies and also through the bodies of the animal and plant kingdoms. You can no where in your experiences where the love of the Creator is not already there.

Reality as Connection

You, Dear Ones, as human beings are not separate from the love that shapes Creation, neither are you superior to the life forms that shape and share this world. deerI would that you make space in your hearts to understand this better, to set aside the media and all of the many human voices that want to tell you that you are entities unto yourselves and that you need not maintain a consciousness of how you also benefit and are supported by the love of Creation.

Many are awakening to this great truth. Your cells carry the knowledge of numerous lifetimes of this connection and that consciousness is ever present within you. It has never failed you, as your bodies have continued to function and regenerate on fascinating levels even though you are mostly unaware of the vast processes that take place every second within your being. And how is this so? It is because the love and consciousness of Mother/Father God moves within you and your cells communicate with each other in ways that you currently are only beginning to understand.

A Shared Consciousness

The beauty of this realization, Dear Ones, that this vast ocean of consciousness within you that gives you breath, even in your unconscious state of its far-reaching processes, is also the same consciousness that allows the deer, and rabbits, the birds, the bacteria, all life forms to prosper on earth. The consciousness that allows other life-forms in this physical world is also the consciousness that allows the human body to exist in physical form. There is absolutely no difference in the intelligence that operates within you and within the physical bodies of all life forms on earth.

For some of you, this may come as a surprise or perhaps even though it makes sense in your minds, you have been so ingrained to see human life as superior to that of the animal kingdom, it may be met with resistance. I would ask you, Dear Ones, to sit and breathe with this truth and to truly feel the connection that truly knows no sense of superiority. Human thinking creates the illusion of superiority to other life-forms, and it is time for humankind to awaken even more to the shared connection where all life is equally honored, loved, and supported by the Creator.

leaf heartKnow that every cell, every atom, every particle that allows you and all life forms to exist on earth carries the unconditional love and compassion of the Creator. When you begin to truly understand that every aspect of life reflects the love of Mother/Father God manifest in every creation on earth and in the universe, that remembrance will create a huge shift within your own consciousness and you will truly know that you are never alone and separate from the love of Creation that truly is each and every one of you.

May you remember this sacred truth in its truest clarity. This is my blessing to you.


© Cristi Jenkins All Rights Reserved

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