The True Nature of Love

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and like all of your intergalactic family, we join together in assisting you in your endeavors to bring greater light, love, and peace into your existence. It is not a given fact, although some may feel otherwise, that love, as you say, “must conquer all.” sunsetYes, in a sense the underlying love of the universe never dies, or diminishes. It is found as the fundamental building blocks of all life, yet experiencing this love is a bit tricky for the human being.

Your choices and your thoughts directly influence the degree to which you feel and experience the love of Creation. Yes, on earth, love indeed is experienced on various levels. You see it is played out everyday where the human idea of what love is, sometimes as a form of force, is allowed to create drama, thus offering opportunities to understand what love truly is not, so that the human’s understanding can be heightened by experiencing the dynamics behind the illusion.

Love as a False Paradigm

Institutions and religions have often played off of false ideas of love and have manipulated the populace to that end. Many of them started out with noble ideals but eventually fell prey to greed, or to the realization of how easily human beings could be manipulated by fear that was masked as love. Humanity has a long history of living in the illusion of love, particularly as it pertains to what you call Western religion.

In your religions you are taught that love exists outside of yourselves and is attributed to a being more powerful and knowing who is called God. There is some truth to this, but not to the extent given by many religions. In the early days of religious belief, the idea existed that all life was connected and sacred. Every moment was connected by a sacred breath of unity that never slept and it blessed every being on earth with a continuous connection to the remembrance of the divine.

Over time, this connection became distorted when beliefs were custom-made to fit the changing philosophies of humans. A collective agreement was made that allowed humanity to experience the illusion of what it would mean to believe that one was separate from the sacred, that the physical would be seen as disparate and at odds with the true unity and sacredness of earth.


Your True History is One of Connection

This belief has caused much pain for many of you. Why? You remember those lifetimes when you embodied as plants and rocks, as dolphins, whales and other life forms, as you assisted in anchoring the energies of life into physicality. You carry within you a deep cellular memory of what it means to always be connected to the divine, love, Source, to feel it so strongly within your own being that it was second nature and you never, ever doubted it. But here you are today, Dear Ones, in this chaotic world that is awakening to this connection, but yet does not understand it enough as a collective to move into the change as fast as many of you now desire.

Your bodies remember the love that connected you, yet your everyday world tells you that you are not love at all, or that you must suffer and somehow lack what you need and must seek something outside of you, if you are to be truly fulfilled as a human. It is this idea that love or happiness must come from outside of yourself, which impedes your higher consciousness, when in reality your cells and tissues already carry the love of the universe within you.

The Human Body Manifests Unconditional Love

Most of you know by now that many of your institutions and communications systems have been invested in feeding you ideas that have in many ways kept you ill and unconscious to the root of your true being. What is this root? Your cells, Dear Ones, have never abandoned the knowing that they are a part of a vast universe of unconditional love. Even though your human mind may interfere with, and in a sense temporarily override this cellular consciousness, it still exists and has existed throughout time. This is the key, Dear Ones. Time, as you know it on earth is truly circular. What do I mean by this?

A Tool to Remember Connection

I will explain. As you pass through the cycles of life in this earthly expression, it is much like traveling around a circle. You also revisit the energies and remembrances of other lifetimes as you live in your current incarnation as you move about the circle. If you will allow your consciousness to awaken, you can allow the consciousness of this love that filled you in your many early incarnations with the knowledge of your never-ending connection to Source to become more real and conscious for you in the present life.

love cloud

This is significant, Dear Ones, to see and feel this love as a flowing circle of life, which always continues as a reflection of unity, and to not envision past incarnations merely as a separate linear occurrence. When you choose to experience life as a continuous circle, moving through multiple incarnations, bringing in the awareness of all lifetime as you breathe, it will nurture your cells and restore the remembrance that every bit of you is divine love and that you have never been separate from this love.

The Human as Divine Love

When you understand that you are divine love in every moment of every day with every breath you take, it will change your reality in fascinating and beautiful ways. Do not despair when it seems that humanity has lost its way and when life seems to resist the love that nurtures and supports the choices of all who live on the planet.

The highest form of love does not force its will onto anyone. There are many in your world who insist that it must be so, that the God of your religions must compel people to live a higher life, but it does not need to be. It is this reasoning, simply because religious force is rooted in fostering the energies of duality, that actually impedes the expression of choosing greater love out of free choice, because those choices are motivated by fear or a sense of lack.

There will come a day, not in the too distant future, perhaps in a few hundred years, where people who fear and hate each other in your current world, will lay down their implements for making war and will seek the highest good of all. As each of you remember who you are as vessels of an eternal connection to the unconditional love and unity of Source, you will become a mini-universe of sorts in your day-to-day interactions with an awakening world. Others will sense what you manifest, and it will awaken within them the desire to be the love that they have always been, but have forgotten.

Go with my love and blessings within your hearts and minds each day. I am with you always in perfect love, balance, and unity.

sky shot

© Cristi Jenkins 2015 All Rights Reserved

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