How to Optimize the Highest Good for All in the Coming Year

Dear Ones, I am Gaia, and it is all about love; is it not? Some may notice a theme in the messages I deliver via this channel. They are often about loving and releasing old patterns and habits of seeing the world in ways that prevent you from shining within the beauty of your own light, as divine souls having a filtered human experience.

heart cloudMany of you now understand the basics of the plan for humanity where you willingly seem to separate yourselves from the light of Creation, believing that you are separate from Source and each other; when in reality there could be nothing farther from the truth. You are deeply and inherently connected in ways that you may not fathom. Each cell within your body is patterned after the same divine blueprint that shapes the cosmos.

The Unity Behind Love

Each of you, when you look at the structure of your cells will realize that you indeed carry the wisdom and structure of the universe within your physical body as well. So how can you be separate from the unity and love that has created the universe when you carry that very universe within you on the deepest and most profound levels? It is simply not possible, yet many of you continue to believe the illusion that you are somehow unworthy of this love that serves as an ongoing manifestation of divine love within your own vessel.

Do you not see, Dear Ones, that the Creator is not something that exists outside of yourselves? GlobeYour soul is not something that is outside of you, but it is also within you and is pleased when you open to its loving embrace and invite it to work with you on a day to day basis. Many have been taught, via your religious institutions, that the soul is separate and is an external force that is greater than its human expression. That is simply not true, Dear Ones, for your soul and you are one and the same. There is no separation between the human expression and the soul, unless you choose to believe it is so.

Walking in Heightened Awareness

It is true that the divine plan which is now unfolding into greater unity is allowing a greater transference of energy between the physical expression and the light body energies embodied via the soul. In this sense it indeed makes the process easier to work with the soul in allowing its wisdom to filter through the denseness of the physical expression. What does this mean? Simply that it is easier to incorporate the soul’s wisdom into your day to day activities. This wisdom not only extends into seeing life with greater clarity as you seek to create an inner and outer world of greater harmony, but it also applies to the very minute structure of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

When you consciously carry the light of your soul as a soul-embodied human, it changes things on a fundamental level. Even your cells and nuclei rejoice, because in a sense, they are too are coming home to unity with the vast structure that is the human body. When your cells feel the love of your soul as it is allowed to flow more freely within your own body, the consciousness within your own cells responds to its more natural state–which is one of existing and acting upon the basic foundation of unconditional love and compassion that shapes the universe.

The Key to Navigating Life in the Coming Year

The more that you can remember to connect your thoughts and actions to the loving flow and to the idea that all is as it should be in Creation, and then to move within the wisdom carried within each of your hearts as beings of love and light, the easier it will be for you to traverse these challenging and sometimes frustrating times. Many of you yearn for the times that you deeply remember, where all is unified and knows that it is part of the One Oneness. In that Oneness there is great diversity, yet there exists an underlying sense and innate knowing that Oneness is the heritage that unites us all.


So in your world where the television, governments, and media constantly remind you that the world is not safe and that you must continue to fear each other in order to protect your own selves, know that much more is afoot in undoing the old separation that indeed serves as a source of frustration for you in your desires to create greater love and harmony in life.

The Blessing of Conscious Love

Over this coming year, I would urge you as your equal and server of All That Is, to take time each day to create a field of unity within your very being. Ask that your cells become balanced and unified. Ask that all aspects of your being be in alignment with the highest energies of the Creator and with the highest good and let that alchemy naturally unfold.

Unity cannot fight against itself on any level. As you bring more harmony and unity into your own life, what you need for your highest progression in this lifetime will manifest for you. It may surprise you and be something very different than what the human self once thought it needed. Trust that the progression of earth and your human family is unfolding as it should.

You are deeply loved and honored for your courage in agreeing to reincarnate on a planet that presents many difficulties, but also presents many opportunities for learning and growth. Remember each day, Dear Ones that you are indeed beings of love, and when you remember to see and feel that in your own eyes and in the eyes of others, doors will open for humanity that cannot be shut by the old beliefs that have held humanity captive.

I give you my love and deepest blessing. May we move in loving light.


© Cristi Jenkins All rights reserved. This content may be freely shared, as long as the copyright information is included in the body of the text and the text remains unchanged.

2 thoughts on “How to Optimize the Highest Good for All in the Coming Year

  1. Cristi, I just read your message in the November Sedona Journal of Emergence. I am grateful that you/Gaia talked about the Intergalactic Federation. I just found out a couple of years ago that I am a member of the Federation and this reference that the I.F. are: “assisting and building a network of human potentials that will change your world for the better” has given me new insight and great joy. How beautifully our connection with the All unfolds.
    With deep gratitude,

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