The Reality of Belief

Dear Ones,

water reflectionThis is a time of great change upon the earth in ways that are seen and unseen. The Intergalactic Federation, and yes they do exist, are hard at work assisting and building a network of human potentials that will have the outcome of changing your world for the better. Of course, many possibilities exist in what may transpire in the next few years to come. These are exciting and yet unpredictable times, are they not? Know that much exists in the support of earth and the changes to move humanity into the next stage of your evolution.

Free Will and Destiny

Some of you like to believe that the Creator knows the outcomes and how its own creations will play out, so to speak. But if the Creator allows free will, a true free will, how could it possibly control the outcomes of its own creations? Many of your religions have taught that God knows everything and controls the actions of the humans it created. This is a source of much cosmic humor because that belief is the exact opposite of the truest nature of the Creator. Yes there are universal rules and laws that exist to provide structure, but no outcomes can be controlled by a Creator, otherwise, free will would not exist.

So what does this conversation today have to do with your place on earth? As creators of free will in your existence, you have the opportunity to choose to live however you desire. The outcomes of life mirror what you put into it. flowerYes circumstances may arrive which push you into places where you would rather not be, at least from a human perspective, and you always have opportunities to take these difficult moments as choice points for growth. Understand, that you are not predestined to remain in the fallen state of human consciousness where the earth currently stands.

The Fallen State

What is the fallen state, you may ask? It is simply this. To believe that one is separate from the love of Creation creates a huge rift in the psyche–one that has essentially shut down the human’s ability to feel and sense as the Creator originally designed the human experience. As your soul has fragmented itself, as a conscious choice of entering into a world of duality and illusion, your ability to know light and truth has likewise been impacted. Generations of living and seeing life through the lens of fear have taken their toll. Many on earth are so engrained in seeing life as something that is unsafe and to be feared, that this fear limits their ability to see different and higher solutions to life’s problems.

There is no need to continue to see your human family as the enemy. If you will only feel into the reality of who you truly are, as cosmic brothers and sisters, you will begin to understand that there is an eternal connection that binds all of you together as the heart of a great and cosmic love. Yet when you choose to see fear all around you, it is difficult to find love and trust, is it not?

tree and sun

The Chains of Fear

Many of the cabals and powers that have run the financial and social systems of the earth are discovering that the old energies of controlling the populace by fear are becoming less effective. They are pulling out all of the stops and pushing with the old energies of the past, only to find that those energies do not give the results that they once did.

In their efforts to control, the people are pushing back in unprecedented numbers. This scares those who have used force to achieve their agendas, so they push their agendas even harder, not yet realizing that this only strengthens the people’s resolve to no longer allow the atrocities and punishments that have been the ways of a captive earth. I do indeed mean a captive earth, one that has been ruled by leaders and institutions that have taught the people to live in fear and limitation, as opposed to finding solutions that benefit all.

Many channels have talked about this dynamic playing out on earth. It is important to understand that the violence you see, in seemingly increasing frequency, does not mean that all is lost. In fact the opposite is true. Human consciousness, human awareness is causing many optimal changes to happen.

A Matter of Choice

There is no crystal ball upon which the Creator can predict how the future will exactly play out. The future is created each day by every single human being on the planet by the choices they make in the current moment. You cannot blame some being, like the devil for the state of earth. Neither is it effective to cry to a religious-based God to save you, when it is your very actions as humans and your beliefs that cause the issues that you face today. Only you, only humanity can change the ways that you interact with life to lift yourselves out of the darkness that has been your collective experience for the last few millennia.

sunsetHow do you do this? By loving who you are as family on this beautiful planet. By remembering that all have the right to live freely as they wish, by choosing to see the beauty in the other’s heart and mind that you also hold in your own.

It is foolish to blame the state of earth on other people. Collectively, earth is where it is because of the collective human consciousness. The state of earth is exactly as it is intended to be, a time of great change as humanity awakens from a deep sleep, so to speak, where the perceived lack of light has allowed you to slip farther into a darkened state.

Know, Dear Ones, that as futile and hopeless as life may seem at times, that a great and benevolent universal plan is underway, where love and light are being infused into the physical universe once again, reuniting those fragments that have lost their way, restoring an innate sense of unity, and reawakening identity of the true state as a fully conscious and multidimensional being of love. May it be so with each breath that you take.

All my love,


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