The Reality of Belief

Dear Ones,

water reflectionThis is a time of great change upon the earth in ways that are seen and unseen. The Intergalactic Federation, and yes they do exist, are hard at work assisting and building a network of human potentials that will have the outcome of changing your world for the better. Of course, many possibilities exist in what may transpire in the next few years to come. These are exciting and yet unpredictable times, are they not? Know that much exists in the support of earth and the changes to move humanity into the next stage of your evolution.

Free Will and Destiny

Some of you like to believe that the Creator knows the outcomes and how its own creations will play out, so to speak. But if the Creator allows free will, a true free will, how could it possibly control the outcomes of its own creations? Many of your religions have taught that God knows everything and controls the actions of the humans it created. This is a source of much cosmic humor because that belief is the exact opposite of the truest nature of the Creator. Yes there are universal rules and laws that exist to provide structure, but no outcomes can be controlled by a Creator, otherwise, free will would not exist. Continue reading