On Raising Consciousness

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and my love extends to all who walk this earth, indeed to all beings–those seen and unseen by human eyes. Do you know that your perceptions are but a drop in a vast ocean of consciousness that shapes Creation? butterflyDo you not sense that there is much more to life than what you currently perceive from the perspective of a human being? Do you not know that the love you feel in your most tender moments is only a glimpse of the grandeur that shapes the universe? Do you not sense, Dear Ones, that when you feel these wave essences of unconditional love that you are feeling the spark of the Creator that dwells deep within each of your hearts?

The Nature of Duality

Sometimes you believe that because you are awakening that you are perhaps better than those who still choose to remain and act from a less-enlightened perspective. Sometimes you set yourself up with the belief that you are more loved or somehow special because you believe that you are more enlightened than another human being.

Do you not understand, Dear Ones that this tendency to see yourself as superior to others is at the very root of the duality with its wars and deceptions and those many elements that have plagued humanity for centuries? Do you not realize that when you set yourself apart as better than any other human being that you are playing the game of duality, Dear Ones?

As I have said before divine love is not a hierarchy, especially as humans tend to construct reality. The Creator’s love truly is unconditional and it truly esteems all as loved, honored and valued without measure. If you want to raise consciousness it is important for humanity to learn to see the other person as no less or no greater than one’s self. Why have your cultures created systems which have placed groups of people into the status of less than enough or as inherently being unworthy of the best that life has to offer? Why as enlightened beings, do you continue to see some groups of people as less deserving of love simply because they are not popular in your human culture?

A Truth Behind Human Perception

sunEvery…single… person is a divine being of light and love, Dear Ones, every single person. Do you not feel this with your hearts? When you open your understanding and look the person in the eye who has caused you the most pain in life, can you open your heart and sense that they too are loved just as much by the Creator as you are? Do you not realize the great gifts that difficult people have given you to move beyond the passive ideas of your culture that have often compelled you to see what has not worked for so long in a way where it was no longer fathomable to continue in that direction? Can you not thank them in your heart for the gift that they gave you and feel that they too are divine love incarnate?

Each of you has experienced difficulties in life that have pushed you to examine your own beliefs of who you are. You have experienced heartaches and triumphs and every emotion in between and where has that left you? More conscious, if you have chosen it.

You see, Dear Ones, you often do not see the wisdom of life’s lessons in the moment. They can be beautiful if you allow them to unfold into the wisdom that is your true soul’s essence. You are never alone, ever, and yes your higher essence loves you unconditionally. It stands ready within your own heart and mind to influence you in ways that will truly move you into love and greater understanding. What is this understanding? To walk as an enlightened human in a world that is beginning to return again to unity within the Creator’s Divine Plan of love for its many Creations. For it is decreed, Dear Ones, that heaven and earth are one and the same, and the ebb and flow of Creation are but a fraction of time as you know it.

Reframing Challenges

It may seem at times that this life on earth is more than you can bear. It may seem at times that there is not so much hope for humanity, especially when you only look at what your media outlets portray as important to human existence. Know that the happenings of earth are part of the Divine Plan and it is one of love and greater understanding.

It is true, Dear Ones, that the Divine Plan creates the opportunity for Creation to shrink into darkness and ignorance of the light that permeates existence, only to re-emerge into greater clarity. Moving into greater light and clarity is the current state of earth, its inhabitants, and indeed this entire universe.

Is it not true that when you place yourself into a darkened world where you cannot see to understand your life, that when you work your way out of the darkness into greater clarity, you understand why you were there, simply because you understand yourself a little bit better? So are you not wiser for having chosen that experience?

On Truly Loving Self

cloudThere is no shame in loving all of you, Dear Ones. The more that you can create a feeling of love that you allow to emanate from every cell of your body, the more light will guide you in every aspect of life. Every cell, every molecule has consciousness and it carries the same love of the Creator that formed the stars and the planets that comprise your galaxies. Somehow human beings have been so conditioned to believe that you are separate from this love that you do not allow the love that is your own birthright within your own body to manifest that very love.

When you look in the mirror and see a part of your body that may not look as splendid as it did a few years ago, do you cringe and dislike it, or do you allow love to also be that body part’s existence? The body and soul are not separate at all from the love of the Creator. As long as you carry the belief within your own hearts and minds that the body is somehow flawed and less than the perfect love of Creation, it blocks the flow of loving energy that is your true birthright.

Embracing your birthright does not apply to some time out in the future; it applies to now in each moment that you draw breath. When your entire being truly resonates with the essence of unconditional love, then there can be no separation. As I have said before, unity cannot fight against itself, Dear Ones. It is as simple and as difficult as that.

The Bigger Picture

You, in your many incarnations on earth, have passed through many lifetimes where you learned what it means to create the illusion of separation from love, and now that illusion is beginning to be dissolved, as the light of unity begins to fill your collective consciousness once again. As you begin to love every aspect of your physical body and all aspects of self, you will begin to feel a quickening in your being.

This quickening will change the way that you perceive others as well, for when you know that you are indeed unconditional love, it is not so hard to realize that others are unconditional love as well. Indeed it takes time for the soul essence to work with the human expression to awaken to its own divine nature, but know, Dear Ones, that divine nature is your natural state. Once you pass through the difficulties and darkness that have been your own life, then you will see clearly to understand how each life is precious to the Creator. So is this great truth–be the love that you are, each day, forever.

I am Gaia and leave you my blessing. May we remember together that all is unity and may all beings, as inhabitants of this earth, open to this consciousness.

thank you

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