On Being the Wisest of Stewards

Dear Ones,

lakeI am Gaia, and I offer my heart and everlasting love each day, and indeed through every moment and breath that you take on earth. You see, do you not, that the seasons of earth have a purpose, if you will understand them from more than just a perspective of how they serve the human being. Oh there is much, much more afoot in how physicality renews itself in the effort to also meet the measure of its own creation– in service to all life and All That Is.

Many on earth do not realize the connection that they have to the physical world. They see the plants and animals as separate from themselves, choosing to see life as a paradigm that allows life, but at the same time also allows for a sense of superior division between humans and the rest of physicality.

Dear Ones, I want you to hear me with your hearts on what I am going to say. This is a very arrogant and foolish way to perceive your connection to the universe, because it cuts you off from the very connection that you share with the most minuscule particles in giving you life. You are all interdependent on the life forms that inhabit the earth. All are loved equally and unconditionally by the Creative Force that gives life to all beings.

Consciousness Connects All Beings

Do you not see without the bacteria, which are often seen by humans as inferior, which in breaking down the physical matter also create new life ? What good does it do to pretend that you are superior to a consciousness that supports your every breath? Wouldn’t it feel better to extend gratitude for these life forms that also give you breath?

Without these conscious beings, who in a very real and beautiful sense, also comprise the family of earth, the plants could not receive proper nourishment, and without the plant kingdom, you and other life-forms would not have the exchanges of breath needed for physical life on earth.

To think that you are not dependent on the earth for life itself is a foolish idea. Many in your world, although they know better in their hearts, continue to deny the responsibility that each person has in living in harmony with the many kingdoms that comprise a very complex and living ecosystem that is the body of earth.

birdThe life forces of earth comprise a body that is shared equally and unconditionally with all beings; the same as the love and light of the Creator is shared equally with all beings. This supportive and renewing connection is how things are meant to be on this earth. The systems are designed to work on their own and to balance the planet. When humans continue to allow the war-mongers and what you call corporate interests to destroy your very home, it is not so wise.

The Human Stewardship

There is a degree to which the planet can adjust to the pollutions and ongoing disregard for life that humankind continues to reap on the planet. Even though my nature is not to judge mankind, I must ask continually why people who are enlightened, continue to think that there is nothing that can be done to stop the destruction of your beautiful home.

My heart rejoices when governments and peoples make choices to work with supporting the lifeblood of the earth. As consciousness rises better choices will be made for the collective. But the human question in front of you today is how long is this going to take you to collectively step into your empowerment as stewards of the earth?

Disregard for life does not honor the highest choices before humanity. The practice is allowed because of the free-will state of earth, but there are also universal constructs that govern your free-will planet. It has been said that actions have consequences. When physical actions continue to thwart the planet’s innate ability to renew and cleanse itself, then perhaps humans need to make a better choice–one that is more conscious and life-affirming for all.

Are you for life or are you against it? Do you consciously support the unifying force of the universe that functions optimally when you see all life as honorable and intrinsically connected? Yes the earth is going through a time of renewal and vivification, but you also have a responsibility to act and to do what you can as enlightened beings to persuade those who currently control the energy grids and systems that move your world to consider wiser options.

There is Always Hope

Just because some prefer to act in an irresponsible manner does not mean that all must follow. The solutions are here within your collective consciousness to put an end to the modalities that pillage what is precious and necessary to all life.

I say this out of love and respect for humankind as my colleagues of light. I offer my unconditional love to all of you as a beacon and a light that you can hold within your own hearts and minds as you walk in physicality on earth. Remember that you are powerful light-filled beings of love having a filtered existence on earth. The choice is yours collectively to rise up and say “enough.” It is your birthright to demand clean air and water and to enjoy the beauty that this planet offers to each and every one of you as a gift from the Creator.

Please understand, that this gift is not outside of you, Dear Ones. It is the consciousness of unity within every minuscule part that comprises your physical and multiple energetic bodies. If you can see your lives from this perspective, you will understand that you are always the totality of consciousness within your own bodies, every moment of your lives.

Know that I love you and am around you to help guide you to a more unified and light-filled existence. I am your sister and your mother in the truest sense. Let us be one in our efforts to unify physicality as the sacred. I will remind you that physicality has always been sacred. Much of humankind has forgotten that the very breath you take is a living reminder of the unifying breath that connects all life on earth with the unconditional love of the One. May you open your hearts and remember how beautiful this connection truly is.


I leave my deepest and most profound blessings with you in this moment. May you make them real each day.


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