On Being the Wisest of Stewards

Dear Ones,

lakeI am Gaia, and I offer my heart and everlasting love each day, and indeed through every moment and breath that you take on earth. You see, do you not, that the seasons of earth have a purpose, if you will understand them from more than just a perspective of how they serve the human being. Oh there is much, much more afoot in how physicality renews itself in the effort to also meet the measure of its own creation– in service to all life and All That Is.

Many on earth do not realize the connection that they have to the physical world. They see the plants and animals as separate from themselves, choosing to see life as a paradigm that allows life, but at the same time also allows for a sense of superior division between humans and the rest of physicality.

Dear Ones, I want you to hear me with your hearts on what I am going to say. This is a very arrogant and foolish way to perceive your connection to the universe, because it cuts you off from the very connection that you share with the most minuscule particles in giving you life. You are all interdependent on the life forms that inhabit the earth. All are loved equally and unconditionally by the Creative Force that gives life to all beings. Continue reading