Understanding Hierarchy

Dear Ones, I am Gaia and today I want to talk to you about hierarchy. Now, from the human perspective, you seem to think that hierarchy means power and dominion over the lesser life forms. It is so much a part of your limited existence that you tend to create everything with hierarchal labels.

stepsThere is a good and a bad, and then greater and lesser versions of these labels. Your religions have created heavens and hells, where the “good” and “bad” and those in between will be categorized and placed into neat little human boxes. You tend to create a vision that is quite limited and often does not accurately reflect the highest energies of Source. And yes, I just used a qualifier that could also be seen as hierarchal, but it is not really the case at all. The highest energies involve making the highest choices where love and growth are freely provided to all. This unifying connection to Source is ever-present and consciousness reflects that.

The Bigger Picture

Let me explain something to you. The love of the Creator, of Source, is not hierarchal. It does not place one group of beings over another, nor does it give favor to any group or being. This is not how the Creator loves or expands its own mind and heart.

When humans look into space, they tend to see the vast expanse of creation as physical planets and star systems. I tell you that much more is going on. The particles that create physical matter are all biased in love. GlobeThey all have consciousness. This consciousness does not know hierarchy. It knows the love the Creator, as its breath and depth of existence. The same as within your own bodies, the consciousness that each cell manifests, with its atoms and nuclei, also have the same unifying consciousness as the stars in your galaxy. This is quite a connection, is it not?

All consciousness is part of the unified field of Source. There truly is no separation from unconditional love. Every being and elemental, every particle carries the intelligence of the Creator within it. So I ask you, Dear Ones, how can there be hierarchy when we are all ONE breath that extends throughout Creation?

There Are no Favorites

Humans tend to see archangels, and your star brothers and sisters as more intelligent and favored by the Creator. I am no more favored by the Creator than you. I am a servant of All That Is as are all of you. When we are all serving together to expand the wisdom of the universe, how can there be a hierarchy? How can one creation be more loved or important than another? It is simply not possible for the Creator to love anyone or any being less than another. I want you to feel this in your hearts. It is simply impossible for the Creator to not love everything totally and without condition. This, Dear Ones, is the true nature of the universe.

The Wounded Family

So many of you do not understand what unconditional love is. You have been taught by your churches and governments to fear other people. You have been taught to fear your own wisdom. You have been taught to see the person across the street as evil because she does not share your beliefs. This is so far from the truth, Dear Ones.

Because many of you have been taught to hate and to fear life, you have difficulties opening to seeing life from a more compassionate perspective. The human heart is not limited in its capacity to reflect the love of Source, yet it is limited by human belief. Your heart, and the intelligence that causes it to emanate love to other beings and even out into the universe, carries the unconditional love of the Creator as its own internal source of light.

The Collective Illusion

You have collectively told yourselves for many years that the Creator’s love is beyond you, that it is outside of you, that it is way too big for you to fathom what that love is like; yet, the truth is, Dear Ones, that you carry this love as your birthright within your very heart. Even though it may have been dimmed by misuse and by not cultivating the inherent divinity that you share with all of Creation, the seed is within your own heart to remember that you are the love of the Creator incarnate.flower

This pure love sees no human, or archangel, or galactic counsel as any more or less valued. There is no hierarchal perspective in the mind and heart of the Creator. You and every other human, every animal, every plant, every wisp of wind, are loved unconditionally by the Creator. Human teachings and perceptions have taught that this is not so, but it is.

Within the embrace of the Creator there is no room for favorites. It would be well for more of humanity to remember this fact. Yet there are many who choose to see life as separate from the love of Source, and there truly is no nonhuman judgment how people choose to manifest their lives.

A Solution

Each of you can make a difference here and now. Remember that you are love–all of you, and that the same original breath of Creation that formed the very beginnings of your universe has not dwindled, and it is with you still. You can be this breath of unconditional love in your everyday life.

When you are tempted to negatively judge the murderer or thief, or perhaps a difficult family member, remember that they too are the breath of love. Loving those who society scorns defies human logic; does it not? Remember that the very person who may stand before you as an example of what society says must be punished and condemned is not judged by Source as the human world will judge them.

You see, every soul that lives on earth is a soul of divine love. The earth-walk and role one chooses to play in life in service to the Creator does not matter, for the human expression of every soul is each learning valuable lessons and also acting as a mirror for others to likewise learn valuable lessons. Do not judge those who are different than you, or who make you afraid, as less deserving of the Creator’s love.

The Healing Power of Love

Even though your views of life often frame people and lives as good or bad, that consciousness limits your beliefs. Why not release the need to see people as good or bad and to see all people as loved equally and unconditionally by Source? I will tell you a secret, and it is based on a universal, energetic law. When you can hold unconditional love in your heart for another–one who people say should be hated and feared, and even put to death, it allows a space of healing for them.

You do not need to minister to them or to even make contact. Simply emanating unconditional love can change the energetic template surrounding those who are despised by society. This in turn gives them opportunities to open to different perspectives, if that is in alignment with their soul’s highest wisdom for this life expression.

Think of the many young people who are engaged in terrorizing others on the planet right now, and who see their own martyred death as a great reward. Many humans react to their actions with anger and fear. If more would emanate unconditional love to those who need it the most, it could create an energetic field that could open different perceptions and alternative opportunities for change.

water reflectionUnderstand that there is no force in this. Simply send unconditional love, without any agenda to be around those who are choosing fear and hatred. Release it like a clear bubble of light and let that love surround them and be there for them, should they choose to make different choices.

Free choice is honored above all else on earth, and to try to force “love” onto others strengthens the design of duality and causes people to push back. If unconditional love, however, is offered as a gift without attachment or agenda, then that energy allows the person to receive that gift should they choose to seek it. Unconditional love has the power to heal many wounds, as it reminds you of the original breath of unity, in which you are all rooted and have sustenance.

© Cristi Jenkins

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