One Consciousness

Dear Ones,

I am Gaia and I am truly with you every moment that you draw breath. Do you not know that the elements that comprise the farthest stars in your galaxy also support the life force of earth?


Photo Credit NASA

Why is this important, you may ask? It is because the same consciousness that created the outer limits of the galaxy and universe as you know it, is the consciousness of the Creator. You see the outer reaches of your galaxy as a great distance away from you, as separate from the world and life that you know, but that is far from the truth, Dear Ones.

A Greater Cosmic Awareness

For that consciousness that created those stars and systems that you see as separate from yourselves are really one and the same. I want you to feel that truth. Take a deep breath and feel that in your heart. Do you feel a quickening, a feeling that confirms that you are indeed created and exist from the same consciousness that formed the outer realms of your galaxy, long before your physical earth came into being?

Why is it important to understand this? It is not so much important, because on a soul level you already know this connection, but over the course if many lifetimes, your human self has forgotten this connection. Yet when you look up into the sky at night and gaze into the beautiful points of life shining back to you, your heart rejoices, for it remembers the connection, and then what do most of you do?

You feel the connection and your heart is grateful and then you turn your mind to your human life and you forget that you are always connected to the unconditional love that permeates creation. This love does not only manifest on earth, but it is everywhere. You know this truth in your heart.


Why do you forget your connection to love, Dear Ones? So much is given to you in the moment that allows you to truly turn your life into a beacon of love that attracts the benevolence of Creation to you. So many of you will experience love and then you entertain old scripts and ideas that tell you that you are unworthy to know and to be the love of the Creator, but the truth is, you already are that pure, unconditional, compassionate, and flowing love.

The human filter that you carry, in a sense blocks this sensation of ever-present love, as the breath of love presents itself to you in particle waves that have the power to open your understanding to who you truly are. When you feel these waves of unconditional love flow through, there is no doubt in your hearts about how deeply you are loved, how valued you all are, and how you are that love itself.

I would that you remember that you are always love, and that you have the capacity to call that love to you to fill your hearts at any time. Do not fall into the trap where you believe that you must sacrifice something to be worthy to feel the love of the Creator. Those are constructs created over time by people who have not wished for humans to truly know the power that each one holds within their hearts.

On Yeshua, Also Known as Jesus

Embodying divine love is one of the reasons Yeshua became so well known during his lifetime of ministry. Yes, he truly existed, but his life was very different than how your churches have made him out to be. The churches used his essence to cause people to fear their own power and to forget that they too can live the love that Yeshua called to himself.

Do you not understand that Yeshua’s ability to heal was due to the fact that he knew how to balance the body and align the chakras and energy meridians with the pure life force of Creation? He carried a balanced understanding that connected the physical and the sacred as one. Because he lived as a balanced being of love, other people responded to the energy that he carried. Really, he did not heal anyone. He presented the energetic template of the balanced divine human and others were able to, in a sense, duplicate that template and therein healed themselves.

poppy bud

Why I am telling you this? Each of you carries the divine template within your energy field. For those who desire, this template is awakening as spinning points of light that are filling your field with remembrance, and yes even with joy. I would that you allow these points of light to emerge in their splendor, to feel them as just as real, if not more so, than your physical body.

An Integrated Awareness

Even though your physical body may seem solid to you, the atoms and nuclei of your body operate with a large amount of space. When you look at your body as trillions of atoms and nuclei, do you sense that there is much more to how you can perceive yourselves? The same as the other bodies that comprise your physical being on earth, there are many ways to feel and perceive the many aspects that comprise your being.

The templates that are awakening speak to you of a body that moves beyond the physical reality that you currently know. You still remain in the physical world, but the body that has awakened to the divine blueprint of the balanced human begins to feel and experience life in a very different way.

Many of you are preparing to enter into the experience of being a human that has the awareness of one’s divinity and continues to interact in a world that does not yet understand what you represent or the wisdom that you may bring to life. There is no need to push an agenda or your views onto others, as that is counterproductive to the higher energies that you are helping to bring to your reality. There is no need to set one’s self above any other person, for that is a symptom of human thinking that separates and divides.

love cloud

Simply be love and in those times when it is difficult for you to feel the love that you desire, tell your soul that you want to feel its love, that you want to see with clarity, and that you be in alignment with the highest energies of Source. Allow the love to fill you.

Many times I see you cutting yourselves off from feeling the love that is all around you, because of a deep wound and belief that you still carry within yourselves that you are not divine love, or are somehow unworthy of it. Use this as an experiment if you will, and when you feel unlovable, be the love that you already are, and allow your soul to teach you who you really are–shining lights of brilliant love on a mission to usher in a more compassionate existence.

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