Gaia on the Unified Field of Love

Dear Ones,
red leavesI am Gaia and I hold the energy of love for this planet. This is not a role that is only mine, as all of you play a hand in this great gift that we are enabling to transpire in the universe. You see, Dear Ones, that the fundamental energies that construct the universe are based and centered in compassion and love.

This compassion extends beyond your human framework in that it encompasses both the unified connection to each other as individual souls and is also expressed in the embodiment of the One. This underlying field of love connects the very heart of “every” soul who walks in human expression on earth.

The Present Reality

Of course when humans are blowing each other up, playing on each other’s fears, and looking for ways to control and manipulate each other, it is difficult to acknowledge that there is a side of every single human expression that holds and emanates this love and compassion. Yet it indeed exists.

So why do I remind you of this at this time when so many atrocities are being played out upon the face of earth? It is because every singly human has the capacity to choose love and compassion in the moment. Will every human do so? It is not likely the case in this present time, as the earth is in a major transition.

A Broader Perspective

I do want to remind you, Dear Ones that no matter how ugly and despicable another human expression may appear to you, he or she is a being of love and light at their core essence and capable of endless compassion. If you could see what you call your enemy in this life as the embodiment of unconditional love, how would that change your perceptions?

The same truth applies to you, Dear Ones. For many of you, there are aspects that you carry with you from this and other life-times that you may not like. As humans, in an attempt to only cultivate the light and what you consider higher energies of love, you have a tendency to ignore those parts of yourself that are needy, fearful, and hostile. Spirit does not see these aspects as any less valuable than those who consciously choose love in the moment.

All experience serves a grand purpose. Have you noticed that those same “unwanted” aspects return to you again and again, as if they are crying out for attention? Love them, Dear Ones. Offer them the heart of compassion and love and watch them dissolve into the essence of unconditional love that your awakened state now offers them. In this sense, you can be the parent to those parts of your experience, which never knew what it meant to be loved, and it indeed changes the past, present and future.

As humans, you tend to frame people as bad or good through human eyes, and then you forget that much more exists to who they really are. No, I am not saying that you should place yourself in situations where it is not wise or safe to be, but I am telling you that when you relate to others in ways that hold unconditional compassion and love for who they are as a soul, they may not act like it makes a difference, but their soul essence responds to the light, to the gift that you offer them by seeing them in your own heart as part of the unified field of love that holds creation together.

A Time of Transition

Many people at this time are struggling to know greater light and truth. They see that the ways of the human past are no longer working for humanity, but many do not yet know where to turn. The media portrays a sense of doom and desperation that betrays the very essence of who you are as beings capable of great love, compassion, and mutual cooperation.

It does not matter that all have not awakened yet to their divinity, for they will in their own time. Every thought that you entertain creates a vibration that either moves you closer to the unified field of love or into a more chaotic field.

There are indeed many communications being spread across the planet right now that continue to create a sense of hopelessness and fear. I tell you to have hope. There will be a time when these types of fear-based manipulations will no longer be supported on earth. You are in the transitional time now of this great shift.

The Higher Nature of Love

flowerFrom a broader sense, the shift into greater love as humans has indeed already happened. It is important, however, to hold the energy of this changed earth where many hearts hold compassion in the moment for your own self. Allow the future to be the now in your own being, to let it visit in the preset moment and to feel the future benevolence of earth and its dealings.

Please understand that, even in extending love, it is contrary to the highest energies of the Creator to force one’s will on another, but force has comprised much of the game board of earth. Please understand this truth, Dear Ones. Expanding love in one’s heart to force others to believe like you or to make you think that your way of doing things is better is counterproductive, because it strengthens the old dualities. When people feel force, they push back, but when they are ready to hear the same truth, then it truly speaks to their hearts. Good intentions often create human drama as it implies that the human expression knows more than the essence of the other’s soul.

Remembering the Soul’s Purpose

Unconditional love flows throughout the universe regardless of human agenda. You do not need to feel that you are changing the world in order to live your soul’s true purpose. It is enough and exactly perfect for each and every human on the planet to love where you are in the moment. Love the connection that you have to All That Is. Love the connection that you have to me and to each other. Love and honor the growing awareness of your true nature. Love the remembrance of who each of you are, as souls of light moving towards your own awakening exactly as it is meant to be.

There is no agenda in love, Dear Ones. Humans think that there is, that people must follow a code of conduct that is larger and wiser than their own hearts. But I tell you, especially in these times when so many people say, “Follow me and I will give you peace and understanding,” that the answers you seek are within the space of your own heart. Open to and love who you are. Allow a space within your own being, where the love of the universe, your own birthright and highest wisdom will be your guiding light.

Trust that your own love and light is enough, Dear Ones. Each soul’s wisdom is enough for every single soul who walks in physical form. As you become aligned with your higher wisdom, so will the collective wisdom increase and you will feel the unified fieldĀ build and support your desires for higher forms of love even more.

Do not focus on trying to change others, but focus on the change within yourself. Know that you are love and with every breath you take you witness to the universe that you are love of the highest order. It is so, Dear Ones. Even with those who murder and maim, and who seem to live life as the very antithesis of universal love, know that the role they play in the grand scheme of earth, in the current moment, is as important as the person who consciously connects to greater love with every breath they take. All are family.

Enhancing the Unified Field of Love

a plantWhen you reflect unconditional love in your heart, others may not hear your words, but they respond to your light. Your essence touches them on a level that you cannot see or hear. When you are able to reflect unconditional love, as a natural expression of your own being, simply because you love and honor yourself with compassion, that is all that is needed. When you reflect great love in your heart, it also connects with those who do likewise and it increases the unified field of love.

The change within is naturally felt by others and it changes the field of consciousness and allows more awareness of compassion to become real for the collective. As the energies change and the vibrational frequencies of earth shift even higher, humans will be capable of feeling in ways that will astound them. The feeling nature will be given more credibility and will be honored for the heart wisdom that it brings.

All is as it should be on earth. Take heart that a grand and benevolent energy moves the true essence of earth and of every being therein.

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