Our Inherent Connection

I am Gaia and my heart extends to all of the sentient beings of earth. Now some of you may ask what are the sentient beings of earth? There are many–both seen and unseen with your physical eyes. They are always felt with your heart. If you will open and receive the waves and particles of love that are emanating all around you, and that indeed move within you, even though you may not be aware of them so much, you will feel their sentience.

The Importance of Feeling

leaf face

Sentient beings have consciousness and every creation on this planet carries the light of the Creator within. There are many levels of existence on this planet of which you are not aware, yet all serve a divine and grand purpose in supporting the experiences of earth.

There are few places in the universe where the types of illumination are taking place by creating a deep contrast of darkness, as is found here on this planet, yet at each of your core’s essence is a pure flame of creator light, and that light is what enables each and every one of you to know the higher ways. Feeling the validity of this core light will lead you to embrace the love and joy that each of you are truly capable of attaining in life.

Opportunities for Growth

Many of you have felt huge shifts in both your physical bodies and mental states lately. When you look at who you were only 3 or 4 years ago, you often marvel over the changes that have taken place. Indeed, for many, it seems that time has sped up, has it not? You are mastering many energies at once that over many lifetimes have impeded your abilities to love and honor your self.

The darkened seeds that have presented themselves for growth–those that have often tripped you up and caused you to feel helpless in the past, in many cases have been plucked from your own soil, as you have learned to cultivate your life with more light and awareness. Why is this? Because you are seeing from a higher mind and you are learning the juxtaposition or harmonious interaction between the higher mind and your higher heart.

The Intelligent, Unified Self

Your scientists have determined that the human heart has over 40,000 neurons that cause the heart to know and sense things in similar ways to the human brain, but there is a difference and that difference is huge. The heart, Dear Ones, knows things by receiving the most sacred frequencies of life. Have you not held a young creature in your arms and felt the love flow between your hearts? When you look at a beautiful sunset, do you rejoice in your mind? Yes, and you also feel the magnificence in your heart and cells, to where it seems as if you are making love to life. All parts of your body are sentient, having their own intelligence, and your thoughts do indeed influence how they can respond to you.

Many in your world believe that the brain is superior to the heart’s ability to sense and feel and to interpret life, but I tell you that there is no hierarchy in how the human body perceives life. Each cell has an innate intelligence and as sentient beings, it is not only your brains and hearts that experience the world around you, but every cell interacts intelligently with the planet and with the other beings on the earth that are also sentient. Just because you do not see the wind, does that not mean that it exists in loving service to All That Is? Just because you do not see the many cells that move through your body, does that deny the love they carry within them every second in service to All That Is?

Sentient means to be capable of knowing. Waves of energy move through the planet every day. Waves of love communicate to every being on the planet that a divine plan is afoot in directing the experiences of earth. During these times of heightened awareness, which many refer to as your collective ascension, more and more light is moving through each of you. What does this do? It enables you to know things that you did not know. It enables you to know things by feeling their truth. It enables you to reconnect to the unifying breath that is the truest heart and mind of creation, itself. And in that knowing, everything is honored and loved without measure.

Our Inherent Connectionwater drops on a web

The elements, Dear Ones, are sentient: earth, water, air, fire, and space all have their own intelligence. They are not lifeless, inert substances and energies that simply exist without meaning. They too rejoice in their roles of furthering life on this grand planet. They too rejoice when a human sets aside a space in their own hearts where they begin to remember and to cherish the connection that every physical and nonphysical creation on this planet embodies.

When you stand by a large rock on the ocean’s edge and run your hand over the smooth and well-worn surface, do you not feel its magnificence? Do you not feel the honor that it also has for you and the acknowledgement that you are also part of the unified One? When you hold a beautiful and delicate body of yellow-laced petals to your nose, do you not inherently know the grandness that it embodies? Is there any question that you are, in the moment, sharing one of the grandest beauties of physical creation? Do you not feel the essence of love that is here for every one of you to embrace in the moment?

And so it is, Dear Ones, there is a sacred truth that has been forgotten by many on earth. Beauty exists to remind you of unity and that you are all connected by feelings that unify you in glorious ways. Beauty can be captured in some forms, yet it is usually fleeting, as when you see it over and over again; what do you do? You soon forget that what once made the image beautiful in the moment, now is, as you say, “old hat.” Does the fact that you no longer see the beauty in that particular element in life, change its inherent beauty? No, but perceptions can dim one’s abilities to find awe in life and to rejoice in the simple things that connect us all.

How often do you do this in your own lives, Dear Ones? How often do you rejoice in the unfolding of an old lie, only to slip back into criticizing yourselves for some perceived flaw, as you humans are so apt to do? How often do you choose to dim down once again, instead of seeing the beauty that is right in front of you?

Being beautiful is a state of being. It flows and changes and revels in the movement of life. The Creator sees all creation as beautiful. If you open your hearts, you will begin to feel and see this beauty, this connection that you all have as beings gifted with the light of Creation.

Love Unifies Us All

Light can be defined as what is known and darkness is that which is unknown. It is time to open to the knowing that is your birthright. It is time to know and feel the connection to all life on the planet. Yes, even the rocks are sentient and respond to your love. Do they not have atoms that move around their nuclei that seemingly hold the elements together, giving the illusion that they are solid? They are alive and move with the love of Creation just as you do.

photo of vines and skyEverything, absolutely everything you encounter on this planet is filled with life force and with the love that holds it together. There is nothing that does not emanate and reflect the supreme love of the Creator, absolutely nothing. You could not escape this love if you tried. It does not need to be controlled or placed in human boxes to be understood. It does not need to be analyzed, because it simply is the root of creation. It is who you are on the simplest and yet most profound levels.

If you choose to open and to create a space in your life to feel this living web of love every day, you will come to know a deeper understanding for the love of unity that is you, and all life, and literally permeates your every breath. There is no longer need to separate yourselves from the love that comprises the true heart of your existence. Conscious love is light.

I send with you a mother’s blessing. May you feel it in your hearts. Go in perfect love. May your cells rejoice. May your eyes see with greater clarity, and may you know the love this is the breath of life, as the unifying force from the very beginnings.

We are all of this.

Nahomate, my Dear Ones.



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