For the Beauty of Earth 3/20/15

At its core, life is best left a grand mystery. It is easier to live and flow with life, when one does not pretend to possess all of the answers, but rather allows what is ripe in the moment–as the wisdom of a soul gifting the highest growth to its human expression.


forest flower

Our Inherent Connection

I am Gaia and my heart extends to all of the sentient beings of earth. Now some of you may ask what are the sentient beings of earth? There are many–both seen and unseen with your physical eyes. They are always felt with your heart. If you will open and receive the waves and particles of love that are emanating all around you, and that indeed move within you, even though you may not be aware of them so much, you will feel their sentience.

The Importance of Feeling

leaf face

Sentient beings have consciousness and every creation on this planet carries the light of the Creator within. There are many levels of existence on this planet of which you are not aware, yet all serve a divine and grand purpose in supporting the experiences of earth. Continue reading

For the Beauty of Earth 3/15/15

water drops on a web


“If you choose to open and to create a space in your life to feel this living web of love every day, you will come to know a deeper understanding for the love of unity that is you, and all life, and literally permeates your every breath. There is no longer need to separate yourselves from the love that comprises the true heart of your existence. Conscious love is light.” –-Gaia