Beyond Violence into Love

sun through treesMy Dear, Beloved, Colleagues of Light,

We are indeed a great family of light. As Gaia, the vast bearer and grounder of love for this physical earth, I am indeed aware of each and every soul who has human form upon this great living being that is home to all of you. How can I maintain this awareness, you ask? You see, I do not see as humans, for you only see the end result of coming to earth and living for a very short time and then the cycle resumes and you are birthed anew.

Many Lives: One Soul

Most of you see yourselves, as many incarnations of different beings on earth, but when you see from the bigger picture as do I, you see that your ideas of many lifetimes are merely the expressions of your soul in human form. It is all one expression. In this sense, yes, you have been many but you are always one in Spirit, and it is the reason why you have chosen to enter into the density of physicality time and again. You have done this to understand the nuances of light and how it is affected by the perceptions of the lack of light.

In the many lifetimes you have lived on earth, you have played many roles, choosing to reverse roles with those of your soul groups to experience what it is like to be murdered or to be the murderer, to love, or to be the person scorned, to know the thrill of amassing great wealth while abusing the poor, or to know the poverty of mind and heart after suddenly losing everything of value.

Without Human Judgment

Yes, many of you have taken roles that cover the extremes that you currently see playing out on the planet today. Dear Ones, do not judge those who tie bombs to their bodies and kill in the name of God as so foreign to your own experience that you cannot respect their choices. Your star brothers and sisters and I see the games of earth differently.

We see the nun, the shaman, the impoverished beggar all the same. The mother who is so stressed with life that she chooses to kill her own children to free them of the pains of earth–we see her the same as those who work in places of relief to help preserve life and to heal the wounds of war. We see the saint and the murder without condemnation or human judgment. We see all of you, regardless of your current role, as equally and beautifully serving All That Is. You see, for the darkness has existed at is has for the light to be better understood by all, as we once again return to the ONE Oneness.

We see the extremes of human identity and behavior and everything in between those extremes as the same. How can this be so? What type of love can possibly embrace every single human on the planet? What type of love can do this, regardless of what people do? What type of love can see humans as precious, and honored, and valuable against all of the human judgments that tell you that humans are only worthy of the Creator’s love if they act in certain ways? Not so, Dear Ones. Not true at all. The Creator’s love truly is unconditional, and in many ways, it seems illogical in light of current human rules and values. But if you look deep into your hearts, you know the true nature of the Creator’s love, and it indeed extends without condition to all.

A Chance to Heal

I would like for you to feel this for a moment and to understand that I am bringing up this topic today as a healing gift to all of you. It is a gift about balance and learning to see how unity affects the very tragedies and suffering behaviors that humans continue to make real on the earth.

Some of you may ask, “How is their unity in people killing their own children, or who strap bombs to their bodies, walk into a mosque and kill innocent people who are in the act of communing with what they consider to be most holy? How is it possible, Gaia?”

I ask you to take a deep breath with me and to feel the love that is around you in this moment. I ask that you feel the love of your soul deep within your heart. I desire that you feel the truth of what is being communicated. Yes, these violent actions are very difficult for you to judge, for you want to frame the difficult behavior as outside of yourselves and somehow to think that it lessens your ability to have peace and to feel safe.

It is easier to see an offender or someone who has chosen to commit atrocities, especially in the name of God, as less then human and undeserving of the Creator’s love. Oh, Dear Ones, feel this please. It is the actions of these very people that are actually planting the seeds and allowing the consciousness of humanity to rise.

Moving Beyond Violence into Lovesun in trees 2

On a soul level, the devastation being carried out is a profound act of love, but most will not see it as such. How can this be a profound act of love? I will tell you, and it may be difficult for some to hear this with your hearts.

The individual life stream is just a continuation of the love of the soul. When those who come into an incarnation with a purpose to experience the darkness to such an extent that it causes them to act out in horrific ways, the Creator does not judge them as vile or evil as humans are prone to do. There is simply no judgment.

Those who choose to take many human lives are loved just as much as those who are killed by them. Are those who agreed to be overwhelmed by the lack of light and who were in so much pain that they lost hope, any less loved by the Creator? No. Each human experience is unique and honored for what it is–an expression of learning the meaning of living the illusion that one is separate from the love of Source. The Creator simply does not judge human life as humans do.

Today’s Earth

Now, much movement is happening on the earth at this time. Much darkness is being stirred and brought to the forefront of consciousness. When the darkness is stirred and the muddied waters swirl about and create a stench that can no longer be ignored, know Dear Ones that even though the actions of some humans may seem to be the antithesis of love, that they give each and everyone of you a gift.

It becomes a choice point where you can either sink into judgment and see the perpetrators of these atrocities as subhuman and unworthy of the Creator’s love, or you can choose differently. In reality, every person who pilfers, murders, or rapes is loved unconditionally by the Creator. These grand beings offer the opportunity for choice by holding up a mirror for people to decide whether they have had enough of the violence and if it is time for movement in a different direction.

If one chooses to be aware and to see earth from the perspective of a bigger picture, there is also a profound truth here. Each of you has played similar roles in your incarnations on earth. You too have played the outcast or the bully, the killed or the killer, many, many different roles. You too have played many extremes.

Judging with Human Eyesspider web

When you judge and condemn those in your current world who mirror the extreme density of earth to you as carnage, violence, lack of respect, or loss of love, do you not see how you are also connected? When you judge another as unworthy of the Creator’s love, you are also judging your similar lifetimes in the same way. If you have truly forgiven yourself of all past ills, and have chosen to return to the unity and understanding that all experience is loved and accepted by the Creator, unconditionally, then there truly is no need to fear or to denigrate those who are creating difficult lessons in this life-stream, and who at the same time, are giving gifts to humanity for humans to heal and say, “Enough of these old ways that separate and divide us from our true hearts. For we are one heart, and it is time for us to once again return to that awareness.”

The working of humans on earth are strange, for it is one of the few places in where beings have been allowed to push the limits of darkness without interference. That has taken humanity to very dark places indeed, yet it is true that a decree has gone forth that light will be restored and no dark thing will remain unturned.

So many of your human religions have interpreted this as end-time prophecies to mean that unbelievers would lose their lives and that mayhem would spread across the earth. Well, mayhem is here right now, Dear Ones, and the greater light is permeating every human heart and life form on earth. As you have seen, the light does not cause those encased in darkened beliefs to fall over dead, but rather allows people to experience the darkness in a different way, where darkness is an energy that is more abrasive to them and is less appealing. The dark ways of deceit and coercion are no longer supported like they have been with the old energy and rules of earth. The change from density to greater light is what you see transpiring on the planet right now.

Returning to a Unified Heart

It is difficult indeed for humans to see how things are changing and shifting while you are in your shells of biology, for the human mind over the past few millennia has often asked you to see life as a threat and to look at existence from the need to survive. It is time to let that go, Dear Ones. It is time to find ways to support and nurture each other.

Know that the love of the Creator over-lights every human being. When you look at those who you do not understand so well, and who you perhaps fear because of their harshness and eagerness to lash out with force, see them as divine beings of love having a very dark and filtered existence in this lifetime. To see them as another soul doing what you have also done allows compassion to become your awareness.

The miracle behind this teaching, Dear Ones, is that when you can feel compassion and unconditional love for the person you fear; when you are able to create a wave of love that emanates naturally from your heart to theirs, it changes things on fundamental levels. Not only does the other person feel this love as a physical manifestation of energy, giving them an opportunity to move into greater light, but when you extend love to those who have hurt you the most, it also heals you in the moment, restoring love and forgiveness, which in really is a returning to the sacred acknowledgment that the experiences of earth in their totality are held in divine love.

Unifying the PastSun in a Fish Cloud

In finding love in the moment, you also heal your past. The incarnations where you have played in the darkest densities of earth, where you were also hated, reviled, and feared because of your violent ways, also experience that wave of unconditional love from you in this present moment. It is a wave that spirals into time and changes the energy of the past to reflect the greater love and compassion of your present awareness. It is as if you return the gift of greater understanding spontaneously to all of your lifetimes, which in turn allows you to see with greater clarity in those life-streams, creating a hope that opens hearts for allowing greater light in ways, that at the time, were unseen.

This is how the past is healed, Dear Ones, by loving one’s self in the present moment and seeking to see every aspect of your world with unconditional love and compassion. As you move into love in the present moment it changes everything, and moves all existence into the now moment. To continue to give yourself the gift of love in the moment nurtures you on many levels and changes your very physical structure.

Dear Ones, know that these are not easy times. Know that the elementals, plants, and animals respond to your heightened consciousness. They support your every breath with love. The councils of earth and heaven gather round and support your efforts and requests for greater light and clarity. It truly is so.

Know that I have always been by your side, even through your darkest lives, and I walk by your side every moment of every day with the fondness of a benevolent mother for her beloved children who are awakening from a long and deep sleep. Take my hand and let us dance a song of joy, for these are exciting and beautiful times. Should you care to share with me–my deep and everlasting joy in walking this journey with all of you, let us dance.


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