Love in Tumultuous Times

a hummingbird flutters in the airMy Dear, Dear Colleagues and Children of Light,

Do you not see how things are shifting now in your world? Oh there is much movement afoot, is there not? Much darkness revisiting itself upon the planet in ways that are stark and shocking and leaves humanity wondering how you can surpass the ideas and beliefs that cause these great atrocities to manifest and to rear their painful, ugly heads. When will it stop? People do not want this darkness to happen on such a large scale, yet it persists.

Those who are sensitive to the energies and fluctuations of earth feel these changes and movement, sometimes profoundly. Even though they do not see what has transpired with their eyes, more and more feel the consequences and the pain deeply within in their human selves. So many are saying enough, enough, ENOUGH!

Know that I feel it too as these energies shift. Yet as the Bearer of Love for this planet, I am also supported by the vast wisdom of beings that comprise the love of Creation–truly by a vast and powerful web of love, as are you.

And so it is, Dear Ones with the difficult energies of this year– it is a time of great shifting and seeing the consequences of old beliefs in ways that have not been so clear in the past. These energies now raise their heads for all to see how the force and fearful manipulations have fed these atrocities for centuries. The energies that are being brought to the forefront now, do indeed weigh heavily upon the collective consciousness, but there is reason to hope amid the chaos, even when the darkened ways seem to cloud and overshadow the existence of almost every human on the planet.

Amidst all of the chaos and turmoil, there is always light, Dear Ones, always the core essence of the benevolent Creator that glows within the heart of every human. When the way seems darkest, and you cannot seem to find the light of hope even in your own lives, take a minute and pause the turmoil in your own mind of what is happening on earth. Create a space that allows the highest energies of Source to remind you of that light within each of you. Ask your light to shine with unconditional love for yourself and those around you, and then allow that love to fill you and to extend it out and to connect with the heart grid that is growing each day around the planet. Feel it. The love is always there for you.

Even though it may not seem like it, more and more people are awakening to love and light each day. More and more are saying, “Enough of these old ways that have caused us to see our neighbor as undeserving of what is good in life. Enough of these darkened ways, which do not allow us to treat and love each other, as we ourselves want to be loved and respected.”

Collective consciousness is changing. Although you may not see it so easily, it will benefit you to make time each day to feel the change. Each day when you arise, breath deeply and feel the love that is growing on the planet, and add your own love to it as a testament to the value that you hold for yourself and the place that you have on the planet as a conscious bearer of light. Do not despair when the way seems dark, for that only strengthens the illusion of being separate from the love of Source. You are never, ever separate from that love, for you are that love innately, and it is always within you. Being human makes it difficult at times to remember that you are always love, especially when you tell yourself that you are unworthy of benevolence and grace. The love of the Creator and of your dear soul and higher essence has never abandoned you, for it is who you truly are.

During these times when the energies are so volatile and raw, I would ask that each of you be gentle with yourselves. Do not judge yourselves as flawed and undeserving of the grandest and purest love of Creation, for all of you are the very heart, the very fiber of that Creation. Remember that you carry the keys of Unity within your hearts, indeed within your very DNA, and it will allow you to return to the inherent knowing that will move you beyond the illusion.

The earth and all of the life dwelling upon and within her also carry the remembrance of Unity, and it supports each human who awakens to their place as bearers of light and harmony upon the planet. There is no reason to fear, for fear is the root of disunity and strife. Where you are all beings of Unity and love within your true being, is it not time to return to that Unity within the grand Unity of the One? For those who ask what this last statements means, it is simply that unconditional love holds the universe together, and the more one can align his or her self with unconditional love and acceptance of life as it is, as the Grand Plan is meant to be in its unfolding and return to divine love, the easier it will be to move beyond the illusion of separation and to move into the Heart of Unity.

Go with my love each day,


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