More on the Nature of Love

a leaf on a carDear Ones,

I am Gaia, and I also speak for the collective energies that influences and work upon the planet. I embrace the elementals as well as the devas and water spirits, the wind sprites, and various other beings who are every bit as much of your existence as you. You may not see them, but they play an important role in creating physical life for you.

Have you ever walked into the woods and suddenly felt a warmth and a knowing that you are not alone, that you are connected by a benevolent energy that moves through you every minute of every day? Have you felt this in the city as well, Dear Ones? Is it easier for you to feel in the quiet space of nature?

For most of you the answer to the last question will be yes. Why is that so? Is not the love of the universe ever present in each moment? It is indeed, but the question becomes why do you not allow yourselves to be nurtured by this love every moment of your life? Why do you need to reserve the time to go to the quiet wooded area to feel the love of the Creator when it is with you always?

It is true that for many it is easier to set aside the demands of life when you are surrounded by nature, and that is a beautiful thing to express– being one in the moment with those beings and forces which support the Creator’s physical manifestation of love on earth.  In no way do I wish to disparage this practice , for the plants and elementals rejoice when the human communes with them and they truly speak to you. That is often what you feel, Dear Ones, when you go into nature. You feel the communication of the elements returning the love you express to them back to you. For it creates a circle of belief and a heart connection that cannot be denied when you truly feel its significance.

Why do I ask you to be more aware of love in every moment? Some of you may fear that feeling love at work or in the grocery store will erode the experience of feeling love in nature, but I ask you to open to the possibility of being love wherever you go. It is who you truly are.

As you become more adept at carrying the energy of unconditional love wherever you go as a natural expression of your being, others will take note. They may not understand what they feel at first, just as you may not have understood what you felt in communing with nature. But others, when they encounter the human who carries the love of the Creator truly in their being will feel a resonance with them. Even though their brain may not comprehend what they feel, their heart will hear, Dear Ones. They will feel, on a quiet and unobtrusive level, that the root of existence can truly be unconditional love and union with the benevolent forces that comprise this world.

In this time of year where many celebrate the ideas of love and family, know that there is a quiet peace that can always be your personal connection to Source. This connection can be unmoving, even in those times that appear to be the darkest or the brightest. Know that this love never ever diminishes. Human perceptions are what cause this love to appear very different than what it really is.

Universal love truly is unconditional and it is the force that holds the universe together. Yes, it may seem a bit ironic that universal love is seen as a force which acts upon something to create an outcome, but when one understands that the love of the Creators accepts all experience without judgment and loves all of its creations without exception, then the chains that have kept humanity muddled in strife and posturing over who is more loved by God melt away. All are loved unconditionally by the Creator–the Christian, the Muslim, the Atheist, the saint, the addict, the murderer–absolutely every being on earth.

During this time of celebration of love on earth, I ask that you feel the love of the universe in your heart for all people and truly allow them to become you in the sense that you are all one family of earth. That is the highest truth there is. Be love, see love, share love with each other and help each other remember that the highest purpose of life is not a competition, but a blessing to all humanity. I leave you with the tender kiss of my heart to yours.

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