On Sovereign Divinity

Dear Ones,

grass and sun meetI am Gaia, and I am here to remind you that human consciousness is awakening on a deeper and deeper level–all of us are connected. Now some of you grow weary in pursuing the idea that all is unity and all are One, and therefore, people must avoid conflicts at all costs. Now is this always wise? No. The issue behind this conundrum for some of you is again one of balance.

When one allows balance into his or her life, she allows unconditional love for self to be the foremost perception. When one loves one’s self unconditionally, then it is less likely that he or she will give their sovereign power away. That is the difference between running from conflict or in standing firmly in one’s sense of sovereign divinity.

There are a number of scenarios playing out on the planet where old energies are being questioned–where the energies of force and coercion are not functioning as they have in the past. This is to be expected.

With the turmoil taking place in the world, how can each of you stay centered in a place of love that is immoveable regardless of what goes on around you? Remember that you are each a sovereign being of love. You truest nature allows you to stand in the winds of change and to be the love within your own heart. When you maintain that loving state, the love within you heart radiates out to others as a beacon of solidness, when all else seems to be chaos.

When you maintain the energy of unconditional love in your being, it creates a resonance that is palpable. Others sense your knowing, and it communicates to them on a nonverbal level that all is not as it seems, and yes, that there is great hope for the world.

Do not feel that it is necessary to overtly fight the battles of earth. Creating and maintaining a forgiving and loving heart resonance serves earth and its inhabitants in ways that are vast and far-reaching. Do not be afraid to be love and to stand as a beacon of divine sovereignty. There is no true need to push your will onto others, just be in the quiet, moving sense of your own divinity. Others will sense your groundedness. Your energy field then resonates out to join others who are like-hearted. This combined heart-resonance is also felt by the collective.

In a sense, each of you can be of great service by doing exactly nothing to force the changes of earth. Forcing change only strengthens the energies of duality, of seeing the world as split between us and them. It is time for a new way to approach the problems of earth. Simply be love in every way and in every moment. Then let that energy expand as your gift to yourself and to those around you.

The time of fighting on earth is coming to a close, yet it will take time for the old perceptions to be released to the point where the sovereign love of the people will be allowed to expand into a true expression of each person’s divinity. Now is the time for each of you to no longer fight the ways and old habits of your past that no longer serve you. Offer up the old habits that have prevented love and compassion. Thank them for the lessons learned and step out of them, as the old stories that no longer define you as the enlightened human.

Seek to be the love that allows this transformation each day, Dear Ones. It is time to walk each day within the love that is your truest essence. To walk in one’s divinity, the past no longer defines the present, and the present knows no definitions other than the experience of love in the moment.  Choosing love in every moment changes one’s world in profound and lasting ways. Seek to be the love of your highest nature and the mysteries of universal love will reveal themselves to your heart. Love is the answer, Dear Ones. I am Gaia, and my love is with you always.

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