The Permanence of Love

Dear Ones,

Round Lake WAI am Gaia. What does that mean to you? Do you feel a connection when I speak my name to your hearts? Do you feel the breath of remembrance that causes you to seek the truths within your own hearts that we are all truly connected with each other—in love. Do you feel that there is no difference between you and I? There is no hierarchy where I sit in judgment of anyone. We are equals in light and truth.  Each human being who walks upon this earth is an equal to every being who you may call the grandest beings of light—even the arch angels are this—your brothers and sisters of light.

You often see the arch angels as grand and magnificent beings whose brilliance is beyond your grasp. They see you as equals, as splendid beings of love and light whose soul essences shine brighter than the brightness of your physical sun. How can that be?  The refined energies of your soul’s essence is actually brighter than your physical sun; your physical eyes, for most humans, do not see this brightness.

Yet there are times, Dear Ones when you feel the love of your soul and that love washes through you. It declares the knowledge that comprises your very cells that you are much, much more than who you have been led to belief within the illusion that is earth—so much more. When those beautiful loving waves fill you, you know without a doubt that you are love incarnate and then what happens? The energies change and when you do not feel the love as you did, you doubt your true essence, only to rely on the memory of that beautiful moment.

Just because you cannot feel the love in the moment, does that change that fact that you have felt this love and that you are indeed this love? No. Yet these are the dynamics that human beings must encounter in the physics of earth. For you see, Dear Ones, energies come in waves that effect the consciousness of the planet. Your science is beginning to show how this is so. There are ebbs and flows that some interpret as more loving. There are energies that enhance doubt and fear, yet there are energies that also enhance love, forgiveness and the higher energies that humans have at their disposal to manifest. Many of these energies are based on the magnetics of the planets within the solar system. And they do indeed affect the workings of earth.

Some of you may ask why this is important. It is to help you to put aside the belief that when you do not feel love as you desire, that you give into the human tendency to think that there is something wrong with you. Dear Ones, please hear me with your hearts. The Creator’s love, your soul’s love never ever ever stops loving you. It is what was referenced in many of your ancient mystery schools as being the life the truth and the way. For those who have studied some of these religions, what thing, Dear Human, was the life, the truth and the way? What was the light of the world? It was simply the I AM presence.

Hear me with your hearts on this. The I AM presence is the pure being that holds the energies of many divergent particles of creation into the essence that you know as self. The self has different levels that move in an evolutionary schema that is based on choice without judgment by Source.

You see, to view the soul as anything less than perfect in the moment, to see your own pure essence as anything less then perfect, is the illusion that you create for yourselves as humans. As the astrological energies shift and change, it does affect your ability to feel, yet to use those energies as excuses why one cannot experience the love of Source is part of the illusion.  When the ebb and flow of energies move in and out of your reality, it is your choice to fall back into the illusion of lack of love or to remember your own divinity.

Human consciousness has risen to the point where it is now easier to communicate with your soul essence, than ever before. It is the beliefs of the past that often prevent you from experiencing more unconditional love in your lives. For you see, Dear Ones, that the human brain is conditioned to expect what it knows as predictable and even though it may not serve you so well, repeating the same patterns is very comfortable to your human existence. To move beyond those expectations and to choose to see love where you have been unable to feel it in the past is the key to letting go of the chains that bind humans to limiting beliefs and self-loathing.

When you learn to take the ideas and energies that have paralyzed you in the past and ask to see them from a higher perspective, it changes the energy and allows you to see choices that you may not have even considered a few months ago.

Know that even though the world seems to be in great upheavals, each human being carries within them the Creator Core Seed of love.  As the old energies shift and jostle about with each other, they are also making space for change. Even though you may choose to look at the world with despair, you can also choose to live love in your own heart. As more and more humans choose love and choose to let go of the blaming ways that have fed into your mass conscious conflicts, and in turn look within their own hearts, as sovereign beings who choose to no longer create a war of us and them, these loving energies join together and create a field of harmony that benefits the entire planet.

Be the love that you want to see in the world, one breath at a time, for staying in the moment in the heart of love is always the higher way and it leads to greater evolution as a soul.

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