The Permanence of Love

Dear Ones,

Round Lake WAI am Gaia. What does that mean to you? Do you feel a connection when I speak my name to your hearts? Do you feel the breath of remembrance that causes you to seek the truths within your own hearts that we are all truly connected with each other—in love. Do you feel that there is no difference between you and I? There is no hierarchy where I sit in judgment of anyone. We are equals in light and truth.  Each human being who walks upon this earth is an equal to every being who you may call the grandest beings of light—even the arch angels are this—your brothers and sisters of light.

You often see the arch angels as grand and magnificent beings whose brilliance is beyond your grasp. They see you as equals, as splendid beings of love and light whose soul essences shine brighter than the brightness of your physical sun. How can that be?  The refined energies of your soul’s essence is actually brighter than your physical sun; your physical eyes, for most humans, do not see this brightness. Continue reading